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Is the default Theme that comes preinstalled (but not applyed) in path dev_flash/vsh/resource/theme/01.p3t in a System Firmware installation

Present since 2.00 in all TargetIDs (CEX, SEX, DEX, DECR, ARC)




Version Size MD5 Remarks
2.00-2.36 1792976 b6f2c86178ad957a2227ab3500e0fbf5
2.40-2.43 1958928 60a1aa8c7619d286f618aeaef0378f3d
2.50-2.60 1966848 fe3a6293c258c84b41718797f2b8ef16
2.70-2.76 1969456 9904f3019740ccf1c7c42f97cad8f83f
2.80 1969456 b3fea01f4e6a2e07fcb8659ab101ddf6
3.00-3.01 1969520 ad38080b2d420021b93d2c032e748d15
3.10 1969584 eb0b53aa518c06a5d0eb77a40d5e803d
3.15-3.30 1982160 7a741b57e436c1396d7d89a79b1ec047
3.40-3.61 1992880 d91c9f3e8f08d452a1fc25ec6dba1bd1
3.65-3.74 2016688 f0cb7c073279346e07b37d7e82a7ee39
4.00-4.26 2016912 b146c0e1c22319ed644c221c8cd362fd
4.30-4.76 2016992 004eb57d4d3a520be18642dcc9e9e057
Note: 12 variants

Version speculations[edit]

The firmware versions where sony added a new icon in the XMB includes an updated 01.p3t theme with the new icon redesigned to match the theme style

01.p3t versions should match with the versions of Icontex.qrc where an icon was added (but not necessarily with the ones when an icon was updated)