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[edit] Files


[edit] LibeEID

[edit] c2d

[edit] cex2dex

[edit] GUI for the console handicapped

http://www.ps3hax.net/2012/07/ps3tools-gui-edition-v2-6-released-cex-2-dex-added/ download mirror

[edit] dump_rootkey

alternative for the 'acquire PCK1' step, without need for OtherOS/Linux.

(needs 3.41, the 341-downgrader.pup works fine).

[edit] gameos method explained

#include <ppu-types.h>
#include <ppu-lv2.h>

/*! IIM interface syscall. */
#define SYSCALL_IIM_IF 868
/*! IIM interface. */
#define IIM_IF(cmd, a1, a2, a3, a4) \
	do{ lv2syscall5(SYSCALL_IIM_IF, (u64)(cmd), (u64)(a1), (u64)(a2), (u64)(a3), (u64)(a4)); }while(0)

/*! IIM_GET_DATA. */
#define IIM_GET_DATA 0x17002
/*! EID0 index. */
#define EID0_IDX 0

int main(int argc, const char **argv)
	u8 eid0[0x1000];
	u64 size;
	FILE *fp;
	//Get EID0.
	IIM_IF(IIM_GET_DATA, EID0_IDX, eid0, sizeof(eid0), &size);
	//Dump to usb or wherever you like...
	return 0;

Source: http://pastie.org/4365689 by naehrwert

[edit] eEID_RKDumper

alternative for the 'acquire PCK1' step, without need for OtherOS/Linux.

(works fine on 3.55, e.g. Rogero V3.7 (mirror / MD5:8f8166b25d6bed891f292c77de5c4b28)


  • install package and run it
  • It will then black screen (no GUI) and restart the console automatically
  • FTP (other otherwise) retrieve your eid_root_key / PCK1 from /dev_hdd0/tmp/eid_root_key

[edit] Guide(s)

In short: changing Target ID of console inside decrypted eEID0

[edit] Semi Guide / Shortlist