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Type 0x01
Motherboard TMU-520
Flash Storage 2x 256MB NAND
CELL BE / RSX 90nm / 90nm
South Bridge CXD2973AGB-4
Syscon CXR713F120A
BDemu Harddrive 400GB
GameOS Harddrive 400GB
Bluray Drive YES
HDMI Ports 2
OtherOS NO
USB Ports 6
GbLAN Ports 4 (1 for debugger)
Flash Readers Yes
PS2 mode NO (No Emotion Engine or Graphic Synthesizer on the motherboard, no ps2emu software in the official firmware)
PS1 mode NO (No ps1emu software in the official firmware)
SA-CD NO (The Bluray Drive is compatible but no software exists to play the discs in Official Reference Tool firmwares)
WiFi802.11b/g YES
SKU Release date 2006
SDK / Firmware support 0.80.004
downgradeable Min. praxis <=0.80.004
Other contains prototype components, hardware is much closer to DEH-R1040 than CECHAxx.
Based on DECR-1000 With an additional Sister board to the CP and a 00 paired CPU
Console Type QA flagged  SD