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Gigabit LAN[edit]

The PS3 has 1 Gigabit Ethernet port. The port accepts Auto-MDIX (automatic medium-dependent interface crossover), so no need for special crosscables when hooking up the PS3 direct to the PC.

Gigabit LAN chips used[edit]

A sample of the GbLAN chips in different PS3 models:

Ports Size Speed Voltage Packaging Manufacturer Serial Number Description
8 (3 used) 20x20mm Xtal X3501: 25MHz 3.3V/1.9V/1.2V 144-pin TQFP Marvell Alaska 88E6108-LAR1 Used in earlier models (up to CECHGxx/SEM-00x)
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Marvell Alaska 88E6106-LKJ1 Used in later models (CECHHxx/DIA-00x)
- - 125MHz 3.3V, 2.5V or 1.8V 64-pin QFN Marvell Alaska 88E1118R-NNC2 Used in Slim models (CECH-20xx/DYN-00x)
- 6,5x6,5mm - - 48-pin Marvell Alaska 88E1310-NNB2 Used in Slim models (CECH-25xx, CECH-30xx)

Jumbo frames[edit]

From Linux perspective (under OtherOS <=3.15), the old drivers set the MTU to 2308, while newer versions set the MTU of 1518. This could be a hypervisor restriction (needs research).

MTU is set with vsh using syscall net_ioctl (libnet)

On 3.41 firmware, with a modified ps3_gelic driver, frames of 1624 bytes can be sent and frames of 1628 bytes can be received.


Frame type Layer 1 overhead Layer 2 overhead MTU Layer 3 overhead Layer 4 overhead Payload size Total transmitted Efficiency
Standard preamble
8 byte
12 byte
frame header
14 byte
4 byte
1500 IPv4 header
20 byte
TCP header
20 byte
1460 byte 1538 byte 94.93%
old gelic 2308 2268 byte 2346 byte 96.68%
new gelic 1518 1478 byte 1556 byte 94.99%
mod gelic 1624 1584 byte 1662 byte 95.31%