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KES-400A - lateral-top

KES-400A is the laser mounted in KEM-400AAA slide, in Blu-Ray Drive model BD-400 with daughterboards BMD-001, BMD-002, and BMD-003. Used in CECHAxx, CECHBxx, CECHCxx, CECHExx CECHGxx PS3 models (all retail Fat PS3's manufactured before october 2007)

It has 1 lens with 2 laser diodes, one for CD/DVD and one for BluRay. It was infamouslly known for being prone to failure, this failure was caused by a mobile "glass prisma" that "bounces" the two laser beams (it works as a mirror located in between the laser diode and the disc surface), after this model the mobile part was removed and the laser beams are separated by using 2 different lenses

Other Sony devices with a KES-400A laser[edit]

Sony Blu-Ray Player BDP-S300

  • Notes:
    • The motors (disc spin motor and tray in/out motor) are compatible with PS3 too
    • The rest of the drive (slide, daugther board and mechanicals parts) are not compatibles with PS3