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The PS3 has multi language support, languages can be selected on XMB Settings column and are associated with a language number code from the table below

Language settings are stored inside XRegistry.sys and are managed by sysconf_plugin.sprx/rco strviewer_plugin.sprx/rco. See Discussion page

Language Dependant Files

XMB Languages

Language Code Language Name Firmware support
two-digit two-letter ISO-3166 Localised English PSP PS3 PSV PS4
00 ja ja 日本語 Japanese 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
01 en en-US English (United States) English (United States)
02 fr fr Français French 1.50
03 es es-ES Español (España) Spanish (Spain)
04 de de Deutsch German
05 it it Italiano Italian
06 nl nl Nederlands Dutch
07 pt pt-PT Português (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal)
08 ru ru Pyccкий Russian
09 ko ko 한국어 Korean 2.00 1.50
10 ch zh-Hant 繁體中文 Chinese (Traditional) 2.70 1.60
11 zh zh-Hans 简体中文 Chinese (Simplified)
12 fi fi Suomi Finnish No
13 sv sv Svenska Swedish
14 da da Dansk Danish
15 no no Norsk Norwegian
16 pl pl Polski Polish 3.10
17 br pt-BR Português (Brasil) Portuguese (Brazil) 4.00
18 gb en-GB English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
19 tr tr Türkçe Turkish 4.30 2.00