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SCEI PS3 SDK - Playstation 3 Programmer Tool Runtime Library


[edit] Generic Warning

Generic Warning
Please do not link to files, leaks etc. We support developers and love the hardware to tinker with. :)

[edit] Generic contents

   ├── Readme_*.txt
   ├── version-SDK                     Release version file
   ├── license                         Trademarks and Licenses file
   │    ├── license_*.txt
   │    └── others
   ├── info
   │    ├ *.txt
   │    ├ old\XXX
   │    └── RefToolHW_operating_instructions
   ├── SDK_doc\jp(en)\pdf\
   │    └── development_basic
   ├── host-common
   ├── host-linux                      Linux version of utility
   ├── host-win32                      Windows version of utility
   ├── target
   │    ├── bootrom                    Flash Memory image file (ebootrom)
   │    ├── images                     executable image files (system files)
   │    ├── common
   │    │    └── include
   │    ├── ppu
   │    │    ├── include
   │    │    └── lib
   │    └── spu
   │         ├── include
   │         └── lib
   └── samples

[edit] Operating Systems Supported

  • Linux (until version 210.001):
    • Red Hat Professional Workstation (Linux 2.4.21)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations (Linux 2.6.9)
    • SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 (Linux 2.6.8)
  • Windows:
    • Windows XP Professional SP2

[edit] SDK versions

[edit] 090

[edit] 093

[edit] 094

[edit] 096

[edit] 100.002

[edit] 101.001

[edit] 102.002

[edit] 102.003

[edit] 110.006

[edit] 131.002

[edit] 132.002

[edit] 132.003

[edit] 150.004

[edit] 154.001

[edit] 154.004

[edit] 160.008

Public leaked

[edit] 170.003

[edit] 180.002

[edit] 180.006

[edit] 180.007

[edit] 181.001

[edit] 181.002

[edit] 190.002

[edit] 190.003

[edit] 192.001

[edit] 192.007

Public leaked

[edit] 200.002

[edit] 200.007

[edit] 200.008

[edit] 210.001

[edit] 210.004

[edit] 210.005

[edit] 220.002

[edit] 230.001

[edit] 230.003

[edit] 230.004

[edit] 230.005

[edit] 240.001

[edit] 240.002

[edit] 240.003

[edit] 240.005

[edit] 240.006

[edit] 240.007

[edit] 250.001

[edit] 250.005

[edit] 270.001

Public leaked

[edit] 280.001

[edit] 280.002

[edit] 280.003

[edit] 280.004

[edit] 300.001

[edit] 300.003

[edit] 310.001

[edit] 320.001

[edit] 330.001

[edit] 340.001

Public leaked

[edit] 341.001

[edit] 350.001

[edit] 360.001

Public leaked

[edit] 370.001

Public leaked

[edit] 400.001

Public leaked

[edit] 420.001

Partial Public leaked

[edit] External reference / guides

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    • SPU Runtime Management (SPURS) - Working with the SPU (i.e., management and deployment of tasks and jobs).
    • SPU Data Management - Understanding SPU data management.
    • Low Level Sound (raw,wav) - This article covers foundational audio code to output raw sound samples from the Playstation 3, with explanations of the low-level Sony sound libraries. Higher-level libraries will be introduced and concepts such as audio mixing and routing will be touched upon within this tutorial. Additionally, this tutorial will cover the parsing of *.wav audio files and the code to play them back will be created, which builds upon the basic code covered in the first section.
    • Networking - A beginners guide to the theory behind digital networking with reference to writing network code for the Sony Playstation 3. An example of using the Sony http library to request and process a web page from the internet is also covered.
    • Packaging and Deployment - Distributing your program on the PS3...

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