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PS1 Emulators versions (experimental table)[edit]

This needs a table with emulator versions "by firmware version" with the firmware versions at table headers and checksums of the files inside cells, the style of this table is inspired in coldboot sounds and syscon packages and needs to satisfy this requirements:

  • Most important problem is ps1_netemu.self probably had lot of revisions, is good to have the checksum of them (MD5 prefered if posible, because we have been using it in other wiki pages and tables), this means is not posible to display all that MD5 in the same table row because will be very wide (maybe more than a 1080p monitor) so is needed to prevent this problem by aligning the checksums vertically (btw, if someone considers is better to use other checkusms such sha1 because is used by some internal funcion as a check or something like that... feel free to suggest it, i have no problem to replace them and i think there is going to be room to show several checksums for every file inside the table, so if someone has a good argument to use/add other checksums please tell)
  • Second most important problem is the columns at the table header with the firmware "ranges" (groups of... since firmware X.XX up to Y.YY firmware) depends on when the files where updated, if no file was updated in between 2 consecutive firmwares then can be grouped together, otherway is not posible (in this case is going to be needed to rebuild the table columns and probably to add or remove columns and this involves realign everything properly again), this is going to be a pita but it works pretty fine in other tables. To see the chronological order of the PS3 official firmwares releases you can take a look at System Firmware
  • The table shows the information of the ELF files in his decrypted format (after being decrypted by using scetool, from .self to .elf). The ROM is the original file because is not encrypted
PS1 Emulators versions
File Name Size
Firmware Emulator info Notes, notable changes, etc...
1.00 1.02 1.10~1.60 1.70 1.80~2.01 2.10 2.16~4.11 4.15~4.80 4.81 Revision Contents Others
10.296.408 C5FE03742A951194C336EE33783F5CD6 No Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? No v1
2.765.616 2123E3D6A8E81647CB41F51AFEE6CCD6 No  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes
 ?  ? No Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? No v1
2.913.656 8765A00EE467B8635A13ECCBB1F85B89 No  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes
 ?  ? No Yes  ?  ? No v1
2.649.272 0C76DE974439B12546EA494639C8EE9A No  ?  ? Yes
 ? CRC32:D5FF6273 No Yes  ? No v1
524.288 81BBE60BA7A3D1CEA1D48C14CBCC647B No  ? Yes
  • Firmware 2.10 - Added ps1_newemu.self and ps1_rom.bin (CRC32:D5FF6273 / CRC16:111D file is same as in 4.11 and all versions in between)
  • If someone wants to post some info about this files to fill the table but doesnt wants to deal with the complexity of the table post it here below the line and the info will be added to the table/s later

  • PS1 emus
    • ps1_emu.elf (decrypted), size=10.296.408 bytes, MD5=C5FE03742A951194C336EE33783F5CD6, used in firmwares: 1.02 (and others ?)
    • ps1_emu.elf (decrypted), size=2.765.616 bytes, MD5=2123E3D6A8E81647CB41F51AFEE6CCD6, used in firmwares: 4.81 (and others ?)
    • ps1_netemu.elf (decrypted), size=2.913.656 bytes, MD5=8765A00EE467B8635A13ECCBB1F85B89, used in firmwares: 4.81 (and others ?)
    • ps1_newemu.elf (decrypted), size=2.649.272 bytes, MD5=0C76DE974439B12546EA494639C8EE9A, used in firmwares: 4.81 (and others ?)
    • ps1_rom.bin (original), size=524.288 bytes, MD5=81BBE60BA7A3D1CEA1D48C14CBCC647B, used in firmwares: 4.81 (and others ?)
  • PSP emus
    • psp_emulator.elf (decrypted), size=419.520 bytes, MD5=7CAB26645B1A85CEE42FA09017F93737, used in firmwares: 4.81 (and others ?)
    • psp_translator.elf (decrypted), size=283.120 bytes, MD5=9B4BDB209B5C82A0DF5E885AE03F7F5A, used in firmwares: 4.81 (and others ?)

Game compatibility lists[edit]

There was some game compatibility tables here that was intended as a layout with lot of game names but no info about them that was never used

The info has been moved to: Talk:PS1 Emulation/Old PS1 Game Compatibility Lists