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For PS1 PSV saves, the file name is NOT a UTC timestamp. It's the game product code(plus BA for US, BE for PAL, and unknown for Japan appended to the front) plus the game's "identifier"(as called in memcardrex) in hex bytes, so for example:

I made a Chrono Cross US PSV file, and here's the file name: BASLUSP0104155534348524F3030.PSV. So we have BA, for US games, SLUS P01041 as the product code, and 55534348524F3030 which is hex for USCHRO00. If one changes the file name to anything else, the PS3 claims the data is corrupted. But if you change the file name back to the proper format, it will copy over again as long as the binary data inside is intact/not tampered with.

As for the 40(0x28) byte signature, it changes based on the current time of the PS3 when created, it seems like. Here are two identical Chrono Cross saves for comparison: Hope this helps defeat the silly signature that Sony imposed.