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Wall of Shame[edit]

Copying both PS3/PS4 DevWiki without any permission[edit]

  • https://twitter.com/PlayStationHaX/status/884033863521062912
  • Register function doesn't work and it looks like from the Battlefield in Berlin 1945
  • Hosted by the same IP from psxhax (this site is such a shame in general)
  • Both this stupid wiki domain and psxhax are blocked now (and yes I will have my eyes catched on this)
  • There will be even more things changed on root that this won't happen a 2nd time, especially not from such a shame site
  • In a few minutes, CloudFire, domainsbyproxy, one.com and godaddy.com will get a abuse notice from my side
  • Visit playstationhax.xyz - better site, better design, better content, better pizza


How to (NOT) do a professional PS3 reflow! (to the bin)

CELL BE loose (PS3 goes directly off with RLOD)



NiceOne: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkl52du4bjdejfc/2015-06-10%2013.02.30.mp4?dl=0