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Name Errorcode Returncode Remarks
NW-31141-0 0x80410101 Internal error
NW-31142-1 0x80410102 No resources are in wait state
NW-31143-2 0x80410103 Internal error
NW-31144-3 0x80410104 Blocking canceled by abort function / An error has occured
NW-31145-4 0x80410105 Internal error
NW-31146-5 0x80410106 Internal error
NW-31147-6 0x80410107 Internal error
NW-31148-7 0x80410108 Internal error
NW-31149-8 0x80410109 Invalid libnet ID specified
NW-31150-0 0x8041010A Internal error
NW-31151-1 0x8041010B Internal error
NW-31152-2 0x8041010C Insufficient memory (kernel)
NW-31153-3 0x8041010D Attempted to use an area reserved by the system
NW-31154-4 0x8041010E Invalid argument specified
NW-31155-5 0x8041010F Abort process called while target is not in wait state
NW-31156-6 0x80410110 libnet already initialized
NW-31157-7 0x80410111 Internal error
NW-31158-8 0x80410112 Internal error
NW-31159-9 0x80410113 Target device does not exist
NW-31160-1 0x80410114 Internal error
NW-31161-2 0x80410115 Internal error
NW-31162-3 0x80410116 Invalid argument specified // Undefined error // Restart the PS4 system.
NW-31163-4 0x80410117 Insufficient space in socket table
NW-31164-5 0x80410118 Internal error
NW-31165-6 0x80410119 Internal error
NW-31166-7 0x8041011A Internal error
NW-31167-8 0x8041011B Internal error
NW-31168-9 0x8041011C Size specified with dst is too small to store string
NW-31169-0 0x8041011D Internal error
NW-31170-2 0x8041011E Internal error
NW-31171-3 0x8041011F Internal error
NW-31172-4 0x80410120 Writing side of socket already closed. // Connection to server failed. Try Internet connection test at [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection]. If you are able to connect, but still get the error, the server is likely busy. Please try again later.
NW-31173-5 0x80410121 Internal error
NW-31174-6 0x80410122 Internal error
NW-31175-7 0x80410123 Internal error (same as EAGAIN)
NW-31176-8 0x80410124 Attempting to establish a connection
NW-31177-9 0x80410125 Socket is already in use
NW-31178-0 0x80410126 Internal error
NW-31179-1 0x80410127 Invalid send request (NetSendto() should be used)
NW-31180-3 0x80410128 Message size is too large
NW-31181-4 0x80410129 Unsupported protocol type was specified
NW-31182-5 0x8041012A Option is not supported
NW-31183-6 0x8041012B Invalid protocol family
NW-31184-7 0x8041012C Internal error
NW-31185-8 0x8041012D Invalid call for that socket
NW-31186-9 0x8041012E Unsupported protocol family was specified
NW-31187-0 0x8041012F Value of specified address family is not supported by socket protocol family
NW-31188-1 0x80410130 Attempted to bind to bound port
NW-31189-2 0x80410131 Invalid address specified
NW-31190-4 0x80410132 Interface is down
NW-31191-5 0x80410133 Destination is unreachable
NW-31192-6 0x80410134 Internal error
NW-31193-7 0x80410135 Connection was aborted
NW-31194-8 0x80410136 Connection was reset. // Restart the PS4 system. / The connection to the server has been lost.
NW-31195-9 0x80410137 Memory limited
NW-31196-0 0x80410138 Specified connection is already established
NW-31197-1 0x80410139 Specified connection does not exist
NW-31198-2 0x8041013A Shutdown in progress
NW-31199-3 0x8041013B Too many multicast addresses specified
NW-31200-6 0x8041013C Timeout occurred (indicates a protocol timeout unlike EAGAIN) // Failed to update the system software due to connection error // Step 1: If you have access to a PC, follow these instructions to update your system software using a USB device. Step 2: If you don't have access to a PC, try Internet connection test at [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection] and make sure you can connect to the network. Step 3:If you are able to connect, retry updating at [Settings] > [System Software Update]. Step 4: If you're unable to connect, the network may be experiencing issues. You can check the status of the PSN here. Turn off other devices that are connected to your network to reduce stress and try the update again.
NW-31201-7 0x8041013D Connection request was denied
NW-31202-8 0x8041013E Internal error
NW-31203-9 0x8041013F Internal error
NW-31204-0 0x80410140 Did not reach other side
NW-31205-1 0x80410141 Network unreachable
NW-31206-2 0x80410142 Internal error
NW-31207-3 0x80410143 Internal error
NW-31208-4 0x80410144 Internal error
NW-31209-5 0x80410145 Internal error
NW-31210-7 0x80410146 Internal error
NW-31211-8 0x80410147 Internal error
NW-31212-9 0x80410148 Internal error
NW-31213-0 0x80410149 Internal error
NW-31214-1 0x8041014A Internal error
NW-31215-2 0x8041014B Internal error
NW-31216-3 0x8041014C Internal error
NW-31217-4 0x8041014D Internal error
NW-31218-5 0x8041014E Internal error
NW-31219-6 0x8041014F Internal error
NW-31220-8 0x80410150 Internal error
NW-31221-9 0x80410151 Internal error
NW-31222-0 0x80410152 Internal error
NW-31223-1 0x80410153 Internal error
NW-31224-2 0x80410154 Internal error
NW-31225-3 0x80410155 Internal error
NW-31226-4 0x804101A0 UDP or TCP was attempted in the ad hoc communication mode
NW-31227-5 0x804101A1 Internal error
NW-31228-6 0x804101A2 Internal error
NW-31229-7 0x804101A3 Network disconnection occurred owing to system suspend
NW-31230-9 0x804101A4 Internal error
NW-31231-0 0x804101A5 Internal error
NW-31232-1 0x804101A6 Internal error
NW-31233-2 0x804101A7 Internal error
NW-31234-3 0x804101C8 libnet not initialized
NW-31235-4 0x804101C9 Insufficient memory (library)
NW-31236-5 0x804101CA Internal error
NW-31237-6 0x804101CB Internal error
NW-31238-7 0x804101CC Internal error
NW-31239-8 0x804101CD libnetctl error was returned
NW-31240-0 0x804101CE Insufficient memory (library)
NW-31241-1 0x804101DC Internal error
NW-31242-2 0x804101DD Resolver was in use
NW-31243-3 0x804101DE Insufficient memory (library)
NW-31244-4 0x804101DF Invalid DNS response
NW-31245-5 0x804101E0 Internal error
NW-31246-6 0x804101E1 DNS server not specified
NW-31247-7 0x804101E2 Timeout occurred
NW-31248-8 0x804101E3 Unsupported function requested by server
NW-31249-9 0x804101E4 Invalid response from server
NW-31250-1 0x804101E5 Temporary error from server
NW-31251-2 0x804101E6 Inquired host name does not exist
NW-31252-3 0x804101E7 Inquired function is not implemented
NW-31253-4 0x804101E8 Inquiry denied
NW-31254-5 0x804101E9 Inquired record does not exist
NW-31255-6 0x804101EA Invalid alignment
NW-31302-9 0x80412101 NetCtl library not initialized.
NW-31303-0 0x80412103 Over maximum number of callback registered.
NW-31304-1 0x80412104 Specified ID is not found.
NW-31305-2 0x80412105 Specified ID is not found.
NW-31306-3 0x80412106 Invalid code specified.
NW-31307-4 0x80412107 Invalid address specified.
NW-31308-5 0x80412108 Network not connected.
NW-31309-6 0x80412109 Information not available.
NW-31310-8 0x8041210D Network disabled.
NW-31311-9 0x8041210E Disconnect event occured by disconnect request.
NW-31312-0 0x8041210F The specified type is invalid.
NW-31313-1 0x80412111 Structure size specified in size member of the structure is invalid.
NW-31314-2 0x80412115 Ethernet cable is unplugged.
NW-31315-3 0x80412116 Deauthorized by access point.
NW-31316-4 0x80412117 Could not receive beacon from access point.
NW-31319-7 0x80412183 Could not allocate memory.
NW-31323-2 0x80412187 Not executed due to processing of connect or scan.
NW-31332-2 0x80412190 The specified SSID is invalid.
NW-31333-3 0x80412191 The specified number of SSIDs is invalid.
NW-31337-7 0x80412199 Could not get scan information due to processing of scan.
NW-31339-9 0x8041219D The specified BSSID for getting scan information is invalid.
NW-31340-1 0x8041219E The value of size member variable of specified structure is invalid.
NW-31341-2 0x8041219F There is no scan result.
NW-31367-0 Could not open wireless device. // Restart the PS4 system.
NW-31446-8 0x80431001 Before library initialization
NW-31447-9 0x80431020 Library is already initialized
NW-31448-0 0x80431021 Connection error // PSN or the game's server may be temporarily unavailable. Please check the status of the game's server via its website. You can check the status of the PSN here.. This is likely a temporary issue, so please try again later.
NW-31449-1 0x80431022 Insufficient free memory space
NW-31450-3 0x80431025 The specified element does not exist
NW-31451-4 0x80431061 Invalid scheme was specified
NW-31452-5 0x80431063 Unused
NW-31453-6 0x80431064 Response is invalid // Delayed server response. // Try Internet connection test at [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection]. Check that the internet status is valid.
NW-31454-7 0x80431065 The specified request has not been sent yet
NW-31455-8 0x80431066 Request API was called after request transmission
NW-31456-9 0x80431068 Connection error // PSN or the game's server may be temporarily unavailable. Please check the status of the game's server via its website. You can check the status of the PSN here.. This is likely a temporary issue, so please try again later.
NW-31457-0 0x80431069 The specified authentication type unknown
NW-31458-1 0x8043106A Invalid version was specified
NW-31459-2 0x8043106B The value specified in method is invalid
NW-31460-4 0x8043106F The specified request is for the HEAD method
NW-31461-5 0x80431070 Internal error
NW-31462-6 0x80431071 Acquisition API was called by the transaction in which Content-Length is not


NW-31463-7 0x80431072 Acquisition API was called by the transaction in which Content-Length is not


NW-31464-8 0x80431073 Too large a response header was received
NW-31465-9 0x80431075 Failed to SSL communication
NW-31466-0 0x80431080 Interruption API is called
NW-31467-1 0x80431081 Internal error
NW-31468-2 0x80431084 Failed to establish the connection to the HTTP Proxy
NW-31469-3 0x80431085 Internal error
NW-31470-5 0x80431100 Invalid object ID was specified
NW-31471-6 0x80431104 The buffer size is insufficient
NW-31472-7 0x804311FE Invalid value was specified
NW-31473-8 0x80432025 The specified header field does not exist
NW-31474-9 0x80432060 The specified header field does not exist
NW-31475-0 0x804321FE The specified header field does not exist
NW-31476-1 0x80433060 Invalid URL was specified
NW-31477-2 0x80435060 Server certificate is invalid
NW-31478-3 0x80435061 Failed to SSL handshake
NW-31479-4 0x80435062 Some communication error occurred during SSL communication
NW-31480-6 0x80435063 Internal SSL library error
NW-31481-7 0x80435064 HTTP PROXY server returned an error before SSL communication
NW-31482-8 0x8043506B called API with prohibited options
NW-31483-9 0x80436001 Invalid DNS response
NW-31484-0 0x80436002 DNS server not specified // Restart the PS4 system.
NW-31485-1 0x80436003 Timeout occurred // Restart the PS4 system.
NW-31486-2 0x80436004 Unsupported function requested by server
NW-31487-3 0x80436005 Invalid response from server
NW-31488-4 0x80436006 Temporary error from server
NW-31489-5 0x80436007 Inquired host name does not exist
NW-31490-7 0x80436008 Inquired function is not implemented
NW-31491-8 0x80436009 Inquiry denied
NW-31492-9 0x8043600A Inquired record does not exist
NW-32626-9 0x80770001 Library was not initialized
NW-32627-0 0x80770002 Library has already been initialized
NW-32628-1 0x80770003 Context ID is invalid
NW-32629-2 0x80770004 Any argument is invalid
NW-32630-4 0x80770005 Option argument is invalid
NW-32631-5 0x80770006 Mux mode argument is invalid
NW-32632-6 0x80770007 There is not enough memory
NW-32633-7 0x80770008 Internal RUDP error
NW-32634-8 0x80770009 RUDP connection was reset
NW-32635-9 0x8077000A A connection request arrives but the pending connection queue is full
NW-32636-0 0x8077000B Timeout occurred before connection establishment
NW-32637-1 0x8077000C Rudp protocol version is different between the peers
NW-32638-2 0x8077000D Transport type is different between the peers
NW-32639-3 0x8077000E Packet with a different quality level was received
NW-32640-5 0x8077000F Thread related error occurred
NW-32641-6 0x80770010 Internal I/O thread already in use
NW-32642-7 0x80770011 Operation not acceptable
NW-32643-8 0x80770012 Message too large to be sent on this context
NW-32644-9 0x80770013 The context has not been bound yet
NW-32645-0 0x80770014 Blocking operation cancelled
NW-32646-1 0x80770015 Invalid vport was used in RudpBind
NW-32647-2 0x80770016 Blocking operation timed out
NW-32648-3 0x8077001 An already used vport was used in RudpBind
NW-32649-4 0x80770018 Internal vport resources are exhausted
NW-32650-6 0x80770019 Socket related error
NW-32651-7 0x8077001A Buffer too small
NW-32652-8 0x8077001B Received data is not an RUDP packet or is corrupted
NW-32653-9 0x8077001C There is another context that has the same socket connected to the same remote


NW-32654-0 0x8077001D Socket is already bound
NW-32655-1 0x8077001E Polling for this context already exists
NW-32656-2 0x8077001F Poll ID is invalid
NW-32657-3 0x80770020 Too many contexts
NW-32658-4 0x80770021 Operation is in progress
NW-32659-5 0x80770022 Common event handler has not been registered
NW-32660-7 0x80770023 Payload is too large when setting option
NW-32661-8 0x80770024 No more data to read from the peer
NW-32662-9 0x80770025 Connection is already established between the peers
NW-32663-0 0x80770026 Connection was closed due to keep-alive timeout
NW-32664-1 0x807700FF Rudp didn't free all of its allocated memory
NW-34347-1 0x80431076 Insufficient stack size