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Package Structure[edit]

File Header[edit]

While most of the PS4 is little endian, the package file header still uses big endianness as the headers are based on their PS3 predecessors.

 typedef struct {
   uint32_t pkg_magic;          // 0x000
   uint16_t pkg_revision;       // 0x004
   uint16_t pkg_type;           // 0x006
   uint32_t pkg_unk;            // 0x008 - unknown field
   uint32_t pkg_file_count;     // 0x00C
   uint32_t pkg_table_ents;     // 0x010
   uint16_t pkg_sys_ents;       // 0x014
   uint16_t pkg_unk;            // 0x016 - unknown field
   uint32_t pkg_table_offset;   // 0x018 - file table offset
   uint32_t pkg_ent_data_size;  // 0x01C
   uint32_t pkg_unk;            // 0x020 - unknown field
   uint32_t pkg_body_offset;    // 0x024 - seems to always be 0x2000
   uint32_t pkg_body_unk;       // 0x028 - unknown field
   uint32_t pkg_body_size;      // 0x02C
unsigned char pkg_padding[0x10]; // 0x030 - 16 bytes padding unsigned char pkg_content_id[0x24]; // 0x040 - packages' content ID as a 36-byte string unsigned char pkg_padding[0x10]; // 0x064 - 16 bytes padding unsigned char pkg_unknown[0x8C]; // 0x074 - unknown data
/* Digest table */ unsigned char digest_entries1[0x20]; // 0x100 - sha256 digest for main entry 1 unsigned char digest_entries2[0x20]; // 0x120 - sha256 digest for main entry 2 unsigned char digest_table_digest[0x20]; // 0x140 - sha256 digest for digest table unsigned char digest_body_digest[0x20]; // 0x160 - sha256 digest for main table }


The file table contains a pointer to a list of files in a package file when the package is of "CNT" magic, this pointer can be found as a 32-bit unsigned integer at 0x2B30. File names are separated by null bytes, and packages typically contain the following files:

param.sfo - contains information critical to the app / game
playgo-chunk.dat - contains data regarding playgo (see Playgo)
playgo-chunk.sha - contains hash of playgo (see Playgo)
playgo-manifest.xml - contains manifest for playgo (see Playgo)
pronunciation.xml - contains word definitions for PS4's voice recognition software
pronunciation.sig - signature of definition file
pic0.png - small game preview icon
pic1.png - large game preview icon
icon0.png - small icon
icon1.png - large icon


Title XML[edit]

The PS4 fetches information about pkg files (including where to download them) from an XML file. This XML file contains information such as if the latest patch is mandatory, the latest package version, the manifest, as well as param.sfo information. Below is an example of a typical title XML file:

<titlepatch titleid="CUSAXXXXX">
 <tag name="37" mandatory="true">
<package version="01.xx" size="" digest="" manifest_url="" content_id="" system_ver="" type="cumulative" remaster="false" patchgo="true"> <delta_info_set url="" />
<paramsfo> <title></title> ... </paramsfo> </package>
<latest_playgo_manifest url="" /> </tag> </titlepatch>


  • The 'size' attribute of the 'package' node is in bytes
  • The 'system_ver' attribute of the 'package' node should be converted to hexadecimal for system firmware version
  • The 'delta_info_set' node may or may not be present depending on the package


It should be noted that PS4 package files have a maximum size of 4GB (or 4096MB), therefore large (most) games are split into chunks or pieces. This is kept track of in the manifest file, which contains json fields which document things such as the size of the final package after the chunks are spliced together, the digest of the final package, the number of chunks, as well as information for each chunk such as the pkg url, offset for splicing, size of the file, and the sha1 hash value of the individual chunk.

originalFileSize: [size]
packageDigest: "[sha256 digest]"
numberOfSplitFiles: [num]
  url: "[url of pkg chunk]"
  fileOffset: [offset]
  fileSize: [size, often 4294967296 until last chunk]
  hashValue: "[sha1 hash of chunk]"

Sample Packages[edit]


  • Amazon/LOVEFiLM App
  • Headset Begleit-App
  • IGN App
  • Maxdome App
  • Netflix App
  • SingStar App
  • VidZone App
  • YouTube App


  • 20th Anniversary Dynamic Theme
  • AR-Roboter Dynamic Theme
  • Rechtecke Dynamic Theme
  • Papierskulptur Dynamic Theme
  • Spiralen Dynamic Theme


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