SLB2 structure

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SLB2 structure[edit]

PS4 SLB PUP container format - SKFU
 /* file structure of SLB goes as following, if unpacking make sure you use 64 bits little endian on windows os */
 typedef unsigned char u8;
 typedef unsigned long int u32;
 typedef unsigned long long int u64;
 typedef struct{
 	u32 offset; //1 block is headersize (512 padded)
 	u32 cryptSize;
 	u64 reserved; //probably file alignment
 	u8 fileName[32];
 } fileEntry;
 typedef struct{
 	u32 magic; //SLB2
 	u32 version; //1
        u32 flags; // 0
 	u32 fileCount;
 	u32 blockCount;
 	u8 reserved[12];
 	fileEntry files[10];
 } slb2_header;

SLB2 files to play with[edit]