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WebKit/Userland Exploits[edit]

Int32 bug[edit]

WebKit/536.26 exploit on System Firmware 1.760.000 and lower (patched in 2.000.000)

CVE 2014-1303[edit]

WebKit/537.73 exploit on System Firmware 2.040.000 and lower (patched in 2.508.000)


WebKit/??? exploit on System Firmware 3.550.000 + 3.70 (Phat PS4 NOT PRO) and lower (patched in 4.000.000)

heap buffer overflow in butterfly access on uaf_target[edit]

WebKit/??? exploit on System Firmware 4.070.000 and lower (patched in 4.500.000) (mirror at

Additional Information[edit]

On FW <= 1.76, you could map RWX memory from ROP by abusing the JiT functionality and the sys_jitshm_create and sys_jitshm_alias system calls. This however was fixed after 1.76, as WebKit has been split into two processes. One handles javascript compilation and the other handles other web page elements like image rendering and DOM. The second process will request JiT memory upon hitting JavaScript via IPC (Inter-Process Communication). Since we no longer have access to the process responsible for JiT, we can no longer (at least currently), map RWX memory for proper code execution.

Kernel Exploits[edit]

NamedObj Type Confusion (namedobj)[edit]


Write-up of the < 4.06 kernel exploit

The Bug[edit]

Type confusion in the namedobj system once exploited can lead to an arbitrary free() allowing an attacker to craft a use-after-free situation to obtain code execution in ring0.


Yes in 4.06 FW

Dynamic Library Prepare Close (dlclose)[edit]


Analysis of sys_dynlib_prepare_dlclose PS4 kernel heap overflow (by CTurt with the help of qwertyoruiop)

The Bug[edit]

Integer overflow in the sys_dynlib_prepare_dlclose() system call can lead to a heap overflow causing memory corruption, allowing an attacker to obtain code execution in ring0.


Public release by kR105


Yes in 2.00 FW

BadIntegerReturn (badIRET)[edit]


Hacking the PS4, part 3 - Kernel exploitation (by CTurt)


Public binary

The Bug[edit]

Allows an attacker to corrupt the GS base address and obtain code execution in ring0 by abusing the IRET instruction.


Yes in 2.00 FW

Additional Information[edit]

It seems at some point after the 1.76 FW, ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) was enabled in the kernel. This means that to properly exploit the kernel to escalate privileges, an information disclosure vulnerability will most likely be needed to defeat ASLR and locate the kernel in memory.

First Steps[edit]


A possible exploit has been found in VidNow App in the Playstation Store App .

PATCHED: Sony has hotfixed this exploit via content hashing the file while in transit.

UPDATE: Some have managed to reverse the hotfix but the method is not known - the PS4 checks the content

        hash HTTP header from the HMAC header.


A possible exploit has been found in the SnagFilms App in the Playstation Store App.

Arbitrary code execution in memory has been demonstrated, although so far the system will throw an exception in the programs memory before the payload finishes loading.

If you craft a small enough payload and/or a payload that load's without causing an exception in program memory you can most likely get code execution working.