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DECR-1400(A/J)[edit | edit source]

The DECR-1400 seems to be a collection of components from other consoles all thrown together, the top shell is from a CECHB, the bottom shell is from a CECHA/E/C with the glossy black trim of a CECHB, the wifi/bt board & heatsink from a CECHA/E/C, the PSU is from CECHG, and the BD is from a CECHL/M/P/Q.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Submodels DECR-1400A / DECR-1400J
Type 0x09
Motherboard DEB-001
Flash Storage 1x 16MB NOR
CELL BE / RSX 65nm / 65nm
South Bridge CXD2984GB
Syscon CXR714120-302GB
CP -
BDemu Harddrive
GameOS Harddrive 160GB
Bluray Drive YES
HDMI Ports 1
OtherOS PARTIAL (Until System Firmware 3.20 included)
USB Ports 4
GbLAN Ports 2 (1 for debugger)
Flash Readers No
PS2 mode NO (No Emotion Engine or Graphic Synthesizer on the motherboard, no ps2emu software in the official firmware)
PS1 mode NO (No ps1emu software in the official firmware)
WiFi802.11b/g YES
SKU Release date June, 2009
downgradeable Min. praxis 260.001
Other Uses the same metldr/bootloader builds as CECH-2000 units.

Pictures[edit | edit source]