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I suggest addition of the method to add the PSN account of any user to a console.

involving modifying the Xregistry.sys to add the account to the console. here's a guide I made which might help with logging into debug networks now.

---adding a np account to an existing PS3 account--- make a new user account on your PS3.

log into your PSN account with it.

use this to get the Xreg; (put USB stick into the rightmost slot known as slot USB_000)

copy it to your computer (and make a backup of it just in case you mess something up)

open it with this;

find string with your PSN user name ( /setting/user/<userid>/npaccount/accountid ) <userid> is a string of numbers stating which account (based on the order it was created. therefore the highest number will be the one you just made) this is.

from your new account string copy the PSN user email from there to the /setting/user/<userid>/npaccount/accountid string with your old PSN account in it. make sure to also copy the checksum

save the xreg.sys to your memory card where the backup was.

use the tool on your PS3 to replace it.

exit the app after it says it's done, reboot the console, cross your fingers

your PSN ID should be in the sign in window.

anyone with a still working sp-int or prod-qa account, please upload your Xregistry.sys for testing. --Popman 20:29, 3 June 2012 (MSK)