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another clone? -> FAKE![edit]

Infinity dongle

This clone turned to be fake and Matrix team was not involved.
To quote:
Matrix Team, producer of popular products suchs as Matrix Infinity, Matrix Glitcher Series, Matrix Freedom PCB etc. would like to clearly state we are not involved in any way in the announced ‘Infinity Dongle’ for Playstation 3. If this product is not a fake the people behind it are clearly trying to profit from Matrix Team excellent reputation in both production quality and product support to improve their sales.

naehrwert : Reversing TB – Part 1: The VM[edit]

source: naehrwert : Reversing TB – Part 1: The VM

Thanks to oct0xor we could get our hands on the decrypted TB payload (stage 2). Of course the first thing to do is to fire it up in IDA, our favourite tool of the trade. The entry code of the payload looks like this:

1337C0DE00000000 _start:
1337C0DE00000000 .set var_58, -0x58
1337C0DE00000000 .set arg_10,  0x10
1337C0DE00000000         mflr      r0
1337C0DE00000004         bl        loc_1337C0DE00000008
1337C0DE00000008 1337C0DE00000008 loc_1337C0DE00000008:
1337C0DE00000008         mflr      r3
1337C0DE0000000C         lis       r4, 0 # 8
1337C0DE00000010         addi      r4, r4, 8 # 8
1337C0DE00000014         subf.     r3, r4, r3
1337C0DE00000018         beq       skip_reloc
1337C0DE0000001C         li        r6, 0
1337C0DE00000020         oris      r6, r6, 0x1337
1337C0DE00000024         ori       r6, r6, 0xC0DE
1337C0DE00000028         lis       r4, 1 # 0xA848
1337C0DE0000002C         addi      r4, r4, -0x57B8 # 0xA848
1337C0DE00000030         lis       r5, 1 # 0x10D18
1337C0DE00000034         addi      r5, r5, 0xD18 # 0x10D18
1337C0DE00000038         subf.     r5, r4, r5
1337C0DE0000003C         beq       skip_reloc
1337C0DE00000040         srdi.     r5, r5, 3
1337C0DE00000044         mtctr     r5
1337C0DE00000048         add       r4, r4, r3
1337C0DE0000004C reloc_loop:
1337C0DE0000004C         ld        r5, 0(r4)
1337C0DE00000050         srdi      r7, r5, 32
1337C0DE00000054         cmpw      r7, r6
1337C0DE00000058         bne       skip_rewrite
1337C0DE0000005C         clrldi    r5, r5, 32
1337C0DE00000060         add       r5, r5, r3
1337C0DE00000064         std       r5, 0(r4)
1337C0DE00000068 skip_rewrite:
1337C0DE00000068         addi      r4, r4, 8
1337C0DE0000006C         bdnz      reloc_loop
1337C0DE00000070 skip_reloc:
1337C0DE00000070         std       r0, arg_10(r1)
1337C0DE00000074         stdu      r1, -0x80(r1)
1337C0DE00000078         std       r2, 0x80+var_58(r1)
1337C0DE0000007C         lis       r4, 1 # 0x17E40
1337C0DE00000080         addi      r4, r4, 0x7E40 # 0x17E40
1337C0DE00000084         add       r2, r4, r3
1337C0DE00000088         bl        payload_main

In the first loop it will relocate itself using 0x1337C0DE as an identifier for the upper 32 bits and rewrite that to the actual base. The disassembly above was already loaded using 0x1337C0DE00000000 as base. While scrolling through the data section at the end of the payload one quickly figures out that the RTOC is 0x1337C0DE00017E40.

As I was analyzing the code I found a sub that was basically just a really big switch with random looking case values. Once I reversed the sub at 0x1337C0DE00002578 and some of the following ones and analyzed their usage in the switch sub, I knew that I was looking at a fricking virtual machine.

1337C0DE00002578 vm_push_word_0:
1337C0DE00002578         ld        r11, off_1337C0DE00010128 # stack_ptr
1337C0DE0000257C         ld        r9, 0(r11)
1337C0DE00002580         addi      r0, r9, 4
1337C0DE00002584         std       r0, 0(r11)
1337C0DE00002588         stw       r3, 4(r9)
1337C0DE0000258C         blr

Paranoid TB developers even used XOR-tables to obfuscate the VM instructions and data. The virtual machine is mostly stack based but the instructions let you work using registers too. The next thing to do is to reverse all the instructions and write a disassembler and emulator. Here is some code to unscramble the embeded vm binary for further investigation. I’m going to write more about this topic in the future.


Q: Is this posible on other dongles from the FW3.41 days like Blackcat and Teensy?
A: Dongles are bad and obsolete, mkay :P (once you have the key/algo, you don't need any dongle at all)

Q: Are they (TB team) just stealing the dev eboots?
A: You can only rumor which source they use to resign the content to lock-in their DRM. But ofcourse those very same DRM-less files can be resigned for 3.55 too (as has been done numerous times in the past). Piracy is bad, but pirates using DRM to make sure they get the money and not genuine developpers is even worse (especially when they lock you into a single firmware that has even less to offer than generic MFW and makes you loose OtherOS++ too).

Q: Is it possible that they (TB team) have an FPGA setup to read the PS3's RAM, upgraded the PS3 to the latest FW and dumped the RAM after the PS3 loads a game. Then extracting decrypted EBOOT.BIN from the RAM dump?


Disc Dongleless
'Kind Of' DiskID Notes
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30613, BLES-01392 Yes
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars No No Yes Yes BLUS-30850 Yes DUPLEX
Alice Madness Returns Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30607, BLES-01265 Yes DUPLEX
Armored Core V Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60012, BLES-01440 Yes EXEtrimALL
Assassins Creed Revelations Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30808, BLES-01467 Yes DUPLEX
Asuras Wrath Yes Yes Yes BLES-01227 Yes
Atelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60348, BLUS-30941, BLES-01593 Yes N0DRM
Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30735, BLES-01221 Yes N0DRM
Ape Escape No No Yes Yes BCES01186 Yes
Batman Arkham City Yes Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30538, BLUS-30817SA (Limited Edition), BLES-00926 Yes
Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60408 Yes N0DRM
Binary Domain Yes Yes Yes BLES-01211 Yes N0DRM
Birds of Steel Yes Yes Yes BLES-01397
Blades of Time Yes Yes Yes BLES-01395, BLUS-30833 Yes N0DRM
Blazblue Continuum Shift Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30576 Yes N0DRM
Bleach Soul Ignition Yes Yes Yes BCJS-30077
Bleach Soul Resurreccion Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30769 Yes N0DRM
Bodycount Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30562, BLES-01314 Yes
Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2012 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30843 Yes N0DRM
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30838, BLES-01428, BLES-01430 (Hardened Edition) Yes
Call of Juarez: The Cartel Yes Yes Yes BLES-01352, BLUS-30795 Yes N0DRM
Captain America Super Soldier Yes Yes Yes BLES-01167, BLUS-30642 Yes
Carnival Island Yes Yes Yes BCUS-98271 Yes N0DRM
Cars 2 No No Yes Yes BLUS-30725, BLES-01328 Yes
Catherine Yes Yes Yes BLES-01459, BLUS-30428
Child of Eden Yes Yes Yes BLES-01114, BLUS-30669 Yes RangerRus
Dance! It’s your Stage No No Yes Yes BLES-01266 Yes DUPLEX
Dark Souls Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30782, BLUS-30807 (LE), BLES-01396, BLES-01402 (LE) Yes
Dead Island Yes Yes Yes BLES-00749, BLUS-30790, BLUS-31026 (GOTY) Yes
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30763 Yes
Deus Ex Human Revolution Yes Yes Yes BLES-01151, BLUS-30476, BLUS-30733 (AE) Yes
Devil May Cry HD Collection Yes Yes Yes BLES-01228 Yes DUPLEX
Dirt 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01287, BLUS-30724, BLUS-30975 (CE) Yes
Dirt Showdown Yes Yes Yes BLES-01578 Yes DUPLEX
Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30727, BLUS-30783 (Premium), BLES-01225, BLES 01225 (Premium) Yes
Disney Universe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30823
Dragon's Dogma Yes Yes Yes BLES-01356, BLUS-30720 Yes EXEtrimALL
Driver San Francisco Yes Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30536, BLES-00892 Yes N0DRM
Dungeon Siege 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01161, BLUS-30510 Yes
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01301, BLUS-30703 Yes
Eyepet and Friends Yes Yes Yes BCUS98235 Yes
F1 2011 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01311, BLUS-30772 Yes
F.E.A.R. 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-00963, BLUS-30511 Yes
FIFA 12 Yes Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30809, BLES-01381
FIFA Street Yes Yes Yes BLES-01493 Yes E3
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60382, BLES-01269, BLUS-30776 Yes
Gal Gun Yes Yes Yes BLJM60434
Game of Thrones Yes Yes Yes BLUS30939 Yes EXEtrimALL
God of War Origins Collection Yes Yes Yes BCUS-98289
Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30755
Grand Slam Tennis 2 Yes Yes Yes BLES-00709 Yes
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Yes Yes Yes BLES01116, BLUS-30674 Yes
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01307, BLUS-30768
Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60992 Yes N0DRM
Idolmaster 2 Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60444
Jak & Daxter Collection Yes Yes Yes BCUS-98281
Janes Advanced Strike Fighters Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30333
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2011 Ketteiban Yes NoRePack
Just Dance 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01522
Kidou Senshi Gundam Extreme VS Yes Yes Yes BLJS-10131 Yes NoRePack
Kidou Senshi Gundam UC Yes Yes Yes BLJS-10154 Yes NoRePack
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Yes Yes Yes BLES-01251 Yes
Kung Fu Panda 2 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30634
Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30794
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Yes Yes Yes BLES-01239, BLUS-30744
Lord of the Rings War in the North Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30421, BLES-01181 Yes
Madden NFL 12 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01320, BLUS-30770
Major League Baseball 2k12 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30931
Mass Effect 3 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30853 Yes N0DRM
Max Payne 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-00942, BLUS-30557 Yes DUPLEX
Meikyuu Touro Legasista Yes Yes Yes BLJS-10157
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30847, BLES-01419 Yes
Monkey Island Collection Special Edition Yes Yes Yes BLES-01413
MUD FIM Motocross World Championship Yes Yes Yes BLES-01551
Mugen Souls Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60456
Musou Orochi 2 Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60147 Yes NoRePack
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Yes Yes Yes BLJS-10156 Yes EXEtrimALL
NBA 2K12 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30830
N.C.I.S. The Game Yes Yes Yes BLES-01460 Yes N0DRM
NCAA Football 12 Yes Yes BLUS-30745
Need for Speed The_Run Yes Yes Yes BLES-01298, BLUS-30757 Yes N0DRM
NeverDead Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30654, BLES-01303 Yes DUPLEX, EXEtrimALL
NHL '12 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01357, BLUS-30791 Yes
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Yes Yes Yes BLJS-10150 Yes for update 3.0
Ninja Gaiden 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01524 Yes E3
No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30652, BLES-01101 Yes
Nurarihyon no Mago Hyakki Ryouran Taisen Yes Yes Yes
One Piece Kaizoku Musou Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60416 Yes EXEtrimALL
Order Up Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30904
Phineas & Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30726
Portal 2 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30732, BLES-01222 Yes
Pro Evolution Soccer 12 Yes Yes Yes Yes 0ac
Prototype 2 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01532, BLUS-30756 Yes EXEtrimALL
Puss in Boots Yes Yes Yes BLES-01240, BLUS-30731
Rage Yes Yes Yes BLES-01378, BLUS-30485 Yes
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Yes Yes Yes BCES-01141, BCUS-98175
Rayman Origins Yes Yes Yes BLES-01386, BLUS-30836 Yes N0DRM
Record of Agarest War Zero Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30686
Red Faction Armageddon Yes Yes Yes BLES-00991, BLUS-30585
Resistance 3 Yes Yes Yes BCUS-98176, BCES-01118 Yes
Rugby World Cup 2011 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01358
Rune Factory Tides of Destiny Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30759 Yes N0DRM
Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Yes Yes Yes BLES-01421 Yes N0DRM
Saint Seiya Senki Yes Yes Yes BLJS-10152
Saints Row the Third Yes Yes Yes BLES-01342, BLUS-30666
SBK Generations Yes Yes Yes BLES-01647 Yes N0DRM
Sengoku Basara 3 Utage Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60389
Sengoku Musou 3 Empires Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60990
Shadow Of The Damned Yes Yes Yes BLES-01276, BLUS-30653
Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Moushouden Yes Yes Yes BLAS-50413
Silent Hill Downpour Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30565 Yes E3
Sniper Elite V2 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01290 Yes DUPLEX
Sniper Ghost Warrior Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30796 Yes DUPLEX
Snipers Invisible, Silent, Deadly Yes Yes Yes BLES-01327 Yes DUPLEX
Sonic Generations Yes Yes Yes BLES-01236, BLUS-30612 Yes
Soul Caliber V Yes Yes Yes BLES-01250, BLUS-30736 Yes N0DRM
Spider-Man Edge of Time Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30760
Splinter Cell Trilogy HD No No Yes Yes BLES01146 Yes
SSX Yes Yes Yes BLES-01437 Yes N0DRM
Start the Party Save the World Yes Yes Yes BCES-01273
Street Fighter X Tekken Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60350, BLES-01252, BLUS-30722 Yes N0DRM
Summer Stars 2012 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01528 Yes N0DRM
Super Star Kartz Yes Yes Yes BLES-01373, BLUS-30799 Yes N0DRM
Super Street Fighter IV (Arcade Edition) Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30793, BLES-00770 Yes
Supremacy MMA Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30706
Syndicate Yes Yes Yes BLES-01371 Yes DUPLEX
Tacchi Shiyo Love Application Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60444
Tales of Graces F Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30903
Tales of Xillia Yes Yes Yes BLJS-10120 Yes
Tekken Hybrid Yes Yes Yes BLES-01454, BLUS-30892
The Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn Yes Yes Yes BLES-01306
The Cursed Crusade Yes Yes Yes BLES-01299
The Darkness 2 Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30743, BLES-01388
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (+update) Yes Yes Yes BLES-01330, BLUS-30778
The Idolmaster 2 Yes Yes Yes
The King of Fighters 13 Yes Yes Yes BLUS30845
Thor God of Thunder Yes Yes Yes BLES-01069, BLUS-30539 Yes DUPLEX
Tiger Woods PGA Tour '13 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01490, BLUS-30854 Yes DUPLEX
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30521, BLES-00924
Top Gun Hard Lock Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30858 Yes N0DRM
(Le) Tour De France 2011 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01296
Twisted Metal Yes Yes Yes BCES-01010, BCUS-98106 Yes DUPLEX
UFC Personal Trainer Yes Yes Yes BLES-01170, BLUS-30693
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01355, BLUS-30787
Uncharted 3 No No Yes Yes BCES01175 Yes
Under Defeat HD Yes Yes Yes BLJM-60448
Warhammer 40000 Space Marine Yes Yes Yes BLES-01347, BLUS-30432
Warriors Orochi 3 Yes Yes Yes BLES-01588
White Knight Chronicles II Yes Yes Yes BCES-01085, BLUS-30784
WWE '12 Yes Yes Yes BLES-1439, BLUS-30841 Yes
X-Man Destiny Yes Yes Yes BLUS-30746
Yakuza Dead Souls Yes Yes Yes BLES-01399

Files to strip[edit]

rootfolder, LICDIR + content, TROPDIR + content, USRDIR (EBOOT.BIN + other signed binaries like .SPRX, .sdat)

example (portal_2_BLUS30732) :

|   `-- LIC.DAT
|-- PIC0.PNG
|-- PIC1.PNG
|-- PIC2.PNG
|-- SND0.AT3
|   `-- NPWR01719_00
|       `-- TROPHY.TRP
    |-- EBOOT.BIN
    |-- bin
    |   |-- datacache_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- engine_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- filesystem_stdio_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- inputsystem_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- launcher_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- localize_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- materialsystem_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- scenefilecache_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- soundemittersystem_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- steam_api_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- steam_config.sdat
    |   |-- steam_resources.sdat
    |   |-- steamclient_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- studiorender_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- tier0_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- vgui2_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- vguimatsurface_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- vjobs_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- vphysics_ps3.sprx
    |   |-- vscript_ps3.sprx
    |   `-- vstdlib_ps3.sprx
    `-- portal2
        `-- bin
            |-- client_ps3.sprx
            |-- matchmaking_ps3.sprx
            `-- server_ps3.sprx

About USB descriptors[edit]

FAKE troll BS[edit]

00:27:50 <openTB> Get TB payload.bin 2.3 from wiki dev
00:27:55 <openTB> Get TB dongle-updater.pkg.out
00:28:02 <openTB> Create folder /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/payload
00:28:10 <openTB> Copy payload.bin in /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/payload
00:28:17 <openTB> Copy TB EBOOT.BIN.elf , EBOOT.bin /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/payload
00:28:23 <openTB> EDIT multiman options_default.ini 
00:28:30 <openTB> # Load payload (FW 3.55)
00:28:39 <openTB> load_custom_payload=1
00:28:47 <openTB> LOAD Multiman and enjoy TB Games
00:30:02 <McLamer> working on kmeaw or tbfw needed ?
00:31:06 <openTB> normal,, rebug 3.55.2, 
00:32:24 <McLamer> done by you or found in somewhere in web ?
00:32:31 <openTB> non need tbfw
00:33:14 <openTB> made by me
00:33:35 <McLamer> sounds great :-)
00:33:43 <McLamer> for what is the updater ?
00:35:37 <openTB> EBOOT.BIN.elf , EBOOT.bin ,, on dongle-updater.pkg.out

Fake proof:

  1. Though the 2.3 payload upon execution does relocate itself to 0x80000000007f0000 then continue execution, the USB descriptor is still present, at minimum those 0x20 bytes would need to be removed, or accounted for during the initial execute. multiMan has no facility for this.
  2. The initial EBOOT.BIN.elf does contain the 2MB flash contents for the dongle, BUT that would need to be carefully extracted (and has been, it too is available on the psdevwiki), again multiMan has no facility for this.
  3. The creating of the folder and copying the files into it was just to make this fake seem more real with additional steps. multiMan has no code to ever look inside that directory.
  4. The fact of the matter is that the source code for multiMan was available, and there is NO provisioning in multiMan for "additional" payloads of any kind, the values possible in the .ini file are hard-coded. It is well documented what payloads work with multiMan, and multiMan will only work with those payloads.

You have as much chance loading Windows 9 on the PS3 by using ntldr as payload renamed...

stupid newssites[edit]

For some reason newssites ([1]/[2] like to be trolled or troll themselves (maybe because they profit from selling these IP-stealing reDRM dongles):

How to use it:
If you attend to downgrade 3.56+ console and use TB dongle after that then 
use this steps (if you already at Rogero CFW V2.0 do the same steps also):
- Dump your NOR flash using Progskeet first if you didn't have a good dump from your console.
- Download patch file attached to this thread.
- Extract this file and you will get 4 folders use patch in folder "Coba_2" to patch your dump using WinSkeet.
- Apply this patch to your dump then flash it to your console.
- Enter a Factory Service Mode using any method you like.
- Use TB CFW with Lv2diag.self to flash your TB CFW in FSM.
- Start your console normally, if it brick just dump this NOR flash again then patch again using "Coba_2" patch.
- If it still bricked use "Coba_3" patch to patch your dump again then flash it back to your console.
- Start console normally, now your console can run TB CFW on downgraded console.
- Power off your console, plug your TB Dongle then power it on again and enjoy . 

Credit goes to Kado for this patch
Also a very big thanks goes to:
Abkarino (Me kado gives me this not me),nice69, uf6667, rogero,muggi, eusnl, ago, and all ppl.

Hot Tip:
For every one interested just look at patch2 file it is and empty coreos file with only part of lv0 modified to do this trick 

There are many wrongs in above statements:

  • It is not related to TrueBlue/Cobra, but to installing unmodified (no downgrader patched lv1.self) firmwares on downgraded consoles (which thus have syscon hashes at 3.56+)
  • There is no lv0 modified in the patch files, the data still there is just author lazyness
  • It can be done so much simpler by just using 3 files and even less stages (mentioned on Downgrader talkpage)
<eussNL> kado ?? <eussNL> ROS empty until 366770 <Abkarino> yea, this is what kado said to me : this is an offset for a modified lv0
<kado> eussNL: yes thats not lv0, thats lv2kernel took from rogero 
<eussNL> ok, so leftover from FSM
<kado> yup
<eussNL> in that case I was correct in my assumption "<eussNL> btw the unreferenced ros area is not lv0, but leftover from lv2_kernel.self"

So much for the trial to make the world believe the lie that they pwned lv0 ;)

old talk[edit]

(seems obsolete and incorrect in many ways)

It seems the ps3jb2 loads masterdiscs with fself, with the algo provided and the right key (which is not provided) you can decrypt said masterdiscs images right on pc and grab the fself files.

   // do crypt
   unsigned char sector_key[16];
   memset(sector_key, 0, 16);
   sector_key[12] = (sector_num & 0xFF000000)>>24;
   sector_key[13] = (sector_num & 0x00FF0000)>>16;
   sector_key[14] = (sector_num & 0x0000FF00)>> 8;
   sector_key[15] = (sector_num & 0x000000FF)>> 0;
   // encrypt sector
   aes_context aes_ctx;
   aes_setkey_enc(&aes_ctx, G_DEBUG_KEY, 128);
   aes_crypt_cbc(&aes_ctx, AES_ENCRYPT, aligned_size, sector_key, buff, buff);
   // decrypt
   aes_context aes_ctx;
   aes_setkey_dec(&aes_ctx, G_DEBUG_KEY, 128);
   aes_crypt_cbc(&aes_ctx, AES_DECRYPT, aligned_size, sector_key, buff, buff);

that's the algo for masterdiscs
ps3gen dll has the static keys for masterdiscs
you can also get it from sv_iso
the crappy sdk tool that generates masterdisc images for dex

more talk:

  I looked a little more
  and it seems the psjb2 just runs masterdiscs
  with fself
  kinda lame
  very lame
  npdrm encrypted but labeled as fself
  it's a fself but I dunno what it does
  I never looked at it
  I don't really care on doing more
  if you use the masterdisc algo I provided
  and the proper key
  which I am not supplying
  you can decrypt all the psjb2 disc images
  right on pc
  grab the fself
  and use them to run them on a regular 3.55 fw
  basically security == LAME
  still interesting to see how they patched the firmware to allow masterdiscs
  they also do some auth with the dongle
  which involves crypto
  to make sure the firmware does not load without it
  but if you don't need the firmware to load the games...
  they could have added some extra keys in appldr and encrypted the damn eboots at least
  I guess they didn't have enough time or enough spu skills

Regarding FSELF from "RikuKH3":

  Real FSELFs are never encrypted. You can extract it with official unfself tool from SDK.
  But, in this FSELF I looked into (driver sf) ELF inside IS encrypted. You can say this because it's masterdisc fself, but I really doubt it.
  It doesn't look like a proper fself to me at all, in header it says that sections unecrypted, but it's not true.
  Another thing - Masterdisc Generator tool from Sony gives errors with this EBOOT (if it's a masterdisc eboot as stated, why?).

Seems the above from mathieulh may be incorrect and the eboots ARE encrypted. So much for lame security, maybe this wont be so trivial?