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Restore Default Settings[edit]

The Restore Default Settings feature will erase any previously saved settings and restore all of the following settings to the default:

  • Game Settings
  • Video Settings
  • Music Settings
  • Chat Settings
  • System Settings
    • This includes terms added using Settings icon (Settings) > System Settings icon (System Settings) > [Add/Edit Term], or predictive terms "learned" by the on-screen keyboard.
  • Theme Settings
    • This includes the information about the image set as wallpaper under Photo icon (Photo). Also, theme, color, background and font settings under Settings icon (Settings) > Theme Settings icon (Theme Settings).
  • Date and Time Settings
  • Power Save Settings
  • Printer Settings
  • Accessory Settings
    • This includes keyboard or mouse settings under Settings icon (Settings) > Accessory Settings icon (Accessory Settings). Also, Voice changer settings under Settings icon (Settings) > Accessory Settings icon (Accessory Settings) > [Voice Changer].
  • Display Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Remote Play Settings
  • Network Settings
  • Internet Browser Settings
    • This includes bookmarks, history, and settings added under Internet Browser icon (Internet Browser).
  • PlayStation®Network log in information
    • This will remove the PlayStation Network sign-in ID and password for the user who is currently logged in.


Unlink these files:


Remove these dirs:


Restore File System[edit]


sys_fs_mount("CELL:FS:UTILITY:HDD0", "CELL_FS_SIMPLEFS", "/dev_simple_hdd0", 0,0,0, *out); 
sys_fs_open("/dev_simple_hdd0",2, *fd, 0,0,0);
buf[0] = buf[0]  || 4 ;
sys_fs_write(fd,buf, 4, nread);