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Ambox speedy deletion.png Wrong Usage, read Template:flag2

flag2 Usage[edit]

{{flag2|JP}} = Japan (Japanese)
{{flag2|US}} = United States (English)
{{flag2|FR}} = France (French)
{{flag2|ES}} = Spain (Spanish) {{flag2|ES|country=yes}} = Spain (Spanish) Spain {{flag2|ES|language=yes}} = Spain (Spanish) (Spanish) {{flag2|ES|country=yes|language=yes}} = Spain (Spanish) Spain (Spanish)
{{flag2|DE}} = Germany (German)
{{flag2|IT}} = Italy (Italian)
{{flag2|NL}} = Netherlands (Dutch)
{{flag2|PT}} = Portugal (Portuguese)
{{flag2|RU}} = Russia (Russian)
{{flag2|FI}} = Finland (Finnish)
{{flag2|SE}} = Sweden (Swedish)
{{flag2|DK}} = Denmark (Danish)
{{flag2|NO}} = Norway (Norwegian)
{{flag2|GB}} = United Kingdom (English)
{{flag2|IE}} = Ireland (Irish)
{{flag2|AU}} = Australia (English)

Notes for wiki editors[edit]

This template is a wayaround because the template {{flag}} doesnt works very well (cant be used inline, it forces a text to be displayed, etc...). Eventually this template could be ported to template {{flag}}
In the meantime this template only have a few of the PlayStation supported Languages