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8-pin TSSOP
Winbond 25X16A
SOIC-8 pinout

W - Winbond
25X - SPI Flash with 4KB sectors/64Kbyte blocks, dual output
16A - 16Mbit / 2M-byte
V - Supply Voltage 2.7 to 3.6V
S - Package Type : 8pin SOIC 150-mil
I - Temperature Range: Industrial (-40'C ~ 85'C)
G - Environment: Green Package (Lead-free, RoHS Compliant, Halogen-free (TBBA), Antimony-Oxie-free)

datasheet: W25X16A.pdf (1.3 MB) / http://www.ps3devwiki.com/files/reDRM/TrueBlue/Datasheets/W25X16A.pdf
Note: can use Bus Ninja or Bus Pirate and FlashROM - ISP is possible, so long as no other devices on the SPI bus are trying to access the device (in that case, you might want to cut Vcc to the FPGA or the regulator for it).

Pin Usage I/O Remarks
1 /CS I Chip Select (high=deselect, low=select)
2 DO O Data output
3 /WP I Write Protect (active low)
4 GND Ground
5 DIO I/O Serial data input/output
6 CLK I Serial Clock
7 /HOLD I Hold (high=normal/resume, low=hold/pause)
8 VCC Vcc (min 2.7-max 3.6V @ Fr0 75MHz / min 3.0-max 3.6V @ Fastread Fr1 100MHz)