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Introduction User:ConradPino[edit]

Reply User:Roxanne[edit]

Hello Roxanne,

  • I see from the Special:RecentChanges page you are one of the powers that be.
  • I want to contribute more to this community and I was hoping you could direct me to:
    • Where this community has meta talks like the Wikipedia:Village pump.
      • there isn't such a "village pump" on this wiki. For Discussions and Beta testing about new techniques for this wiki, I prefer that you use your own User talk page like a Sandbox. For General Discussion about the wiki itself, I prefer to use IRC (Efnet: #ps3dev).
    • Where I can get privilege elevation to skip the SPAM robot checks when editing with this account.
      • Only those who have minimum Administrator Rights (or higher) can skip the Captcha phrases. This is a main function to avoid Spam users and other automatic Spambots.
    • Where this community discusses article reorganization proposals.
      • Either on the talk page from the article itself or on IRC (Efnet: #ps3dev)
  • Thanks in advance,

ConradPino (talk) 23:53, 25 October 2015 (UTC)

Reply User:Sandungas[edit]

Hi conrad, and welcome to the wiki

  • Im not the most experienced user on wiki so i cant answer some of your questions, but i guess my oppinion counts as i have some admin powers here
    • We dont use any kind of interactive discussion talk as you suggested, there are a few chaotic things we do here in wiki, 99% of the pages cant be considered completed and is near imposible to clean them up right now, but we need to live with this because is a consequence of the thematic of the wiki, half of it is not documented, confusing or speculative. What we do is to use the talk and user pages to discuss
    • Time ago i suggested some kind of interactive feature to make discussions more fluid (something like a blog or forum thread associated with each wiki page) but this needs to be made with a wikimedia plugin, it needs to be easy to learn how to use it, and no needed additionally account registration
    • The spam carnage is another thing it seems we need to live with it, has been like that years ago, users with admin privileges needs to see the spam registrations/edits/blocks because the bans are not made automatically, some users has scripts though but not all
    • Wiki privileges are given based on merits, basically what counts is the dedication working in wiki, and the proved skills reversing, discovering, or documenting new PS3 features. Personally i think you seem skilled in several areas and serious enought to have more privileges but be patient and continue improving wiki and i think it will be given to you
    • It seem you are experienced with wikis and there are lot of improvements that can be made here, but dont start a revolution with huge changes before advising/discussing, people will need some time to get used to your new ideas, also always take a look at the history of each page to see how many users edited that page... the wiki belongs to everyone and the pages too so everyone is free to edit them but some of the pages needed lot of work and whoever that did that work will not be much happy to see how the page is messed up by other user (the golden rule is to never delete info, all edits needs to be made to improve the info or the readability of the page)

--Sandungas (talk) 01:42, 27 October 2015 (UTC)

To User:Roxeanne[edit]

Thank you! – Conrad T. Pino (talk) 03:03, 27 October 2015 (UTC)

To User:Sandungas[edit]

  • Interactive is fine but that wasn't my question; Wikipedia's village pump is not interactive, it's just another wiki page where Wikipedians discuss process. Roxanne's suggestion (above) works for me.
  • While I have deep expertise in many technical areas, my PS3 (OK, both) and PS Vita will always be toys. I find the surrounding community entertaining.
  • I agree trust takes mutual experience which takes time. I hoped only for another MediaWiki could grant SPAM check relief but no more.
  • You'll find my fingerprints at Wikipedia doing visual and grammar touch ups since March 2004. I took interest in Templates, learned them well, and contributed.
  • I have installed and operated MediaWiki on Debian hosts. I can hack PHP (holds nose), the MediaWiki implementation language.
  • My primary interest is recreational education and then once learned updating the wiki facilitate faster learning by those who follow.
  • IMO the biggest challenge this community has is keeping documentation current often gets scant attention. This is where I aspire to contribute.

Conrad T. Pino (talk) 03:09, 27 October 2015 (UTC)