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Jit Code Execution on the PS3. Using Dynarec[edit]

Most dynamic recompilers are used to convert machine code between architectures at runtime, this can be done with JIT Code (Just in time) execution, is a great feature that can make possible run code from other architecture (like run mips code on PPC machine).

The are ways on lv2 to disable W^X, usermode can't generate dynamic code, ps3 lv2 don't let run any Jit code because some Htab protection with lv2 space.

Moreover there is the tipical protection on lv2 space from 0x8000000000500000 to 0x80000000007fffff because this on any 3.5+ fw you can't poke or write anything on these addresses without patch lv2.

... Work in progress, maybe some hours, sources and tools (Using pslight) are coming.

Source with codes (ASM PPC) for the patch on lv2 (3.56 offsets). it needs port to cfw 3.55, 4.21 and maybe 4.30.

This patcher (PKG but can be done on ps3mfw with lv2_kernel.self) can enable JIT Dynarec execution on LV2 PS3, maybe this can help to some emulators devs like the ones from libretro and some n64 emu.