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Information was restored, as it is part of main categories, modeable by PS3 MFW Builder where this documentation was based on. Information was not splitted, thus restore was chosen.


  • It's still completely unrelated to the PSN category regardless if the PS3 MFW builder treats it as such or not. But if you want a 'split' rather than 'remove', I'll do that. I'll revamp the XMB Section. --Ps3hen 04:50, 10 November 2012 (MSK)
  • good to see things work out together with sandugas in the XMB section :) if you have questions/run into problems on wiki, dont hesitate to ask either of us Euss

All this pages are dependant of XMB and uses the same naming convention XMB-Users, XMB-Settings, XMB-Photo, etc...

The problematic .xml files are 4 specific for shop firmware, there are anothers specific for debug firmware

I suggest to split the "firmware specific" xml files in his own pages... but this needs another naming convention to include the firmware, e.g: XMB-CEX-Users, XMB-DEX-Users, XMB-CEX-Settings, XMB-DEX-Settings, etc...

Other related pages/suggestions: VSH, VSH Modules (SPRX), VSH resources (RCO), VSH Config Files (XML)