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In Memoriam: bitsbubba - Super Moderator at PSX-Place and well-known PS3 Developer of various Homwbrew Applications

RIP bitsbubba.jpg

We from the PlayStation Developer Wiki are deeply saddened by the news that our long-time community member

from the very first days of both PSX-Scene.com and PSX-Place.com, but also our long-time friend


passed away from a long battle of his illness against cancer.

Most of you will remember him for his various Homebrew Apps he developed such as his famous

COBRA CFW TOOLS, XMB Mod Collection, tons of different NFW Repos, REBUG Updater and more.

You will agree that to list all of them already deserves its own wiki for that purpose.

But that wasn't the only thing why he was such a highly-valued friend for us. His perspicacity but also

calmly behaviour in the Forums even on highly contentious matters together that he was one of the first members

registered for the Forum to build PSX-Place as it is today after the shutdown of PSX-Scene showed us that he was a

valuable member for the whole community you was always able to rely on in both good times, but also in difficult times.

But nothing above mentioned matters the most since he was also a great and helpful person both for our community, but also in private!

We will definitely miss him. Our late but deepest condolences goes to his family and his friends.

Rest in Peace 'bubba. Without your hard work, the whole community wouldn't be such superior as it became today!