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An acknowledgment to GregoryRasputin - Owner of PlayStationHaX, Former PS3Hax Moderator and owner of PSP, PS Vita and PS5 Developer Wiki


Dear Gregory,

I think I can not only speak for myself, but for many others in our community as well,

that we are losing not only a great contributor to this scene, but also a great friend.

Personally we would like to thank you for all your support throughout the years,

especially for the wikis. Without you, we couldn't maintain it as we did.

We are sad to read about your health issues but we also hope and we wish you

everything best for the future that both you and your family will get better soon.

You will agree that we had both good times, but also bad times. Nevertheless,

our discussions where always constructive and we could rely on you.

Our doors for you are always open and you are always welcome for a visit

here at PS3 and PS4 Developer Wiki, even for just a small talk.

Thanks again Greg'. You will be missed from everyone!