131.002 DECR

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PUP hashes

CRC32     : c9a64c93
MD5       : 970efbf5248c5b652378bc32b3bde396
SHA-1     : 8b39bb1c2dc90a3ccf73f018a92bb32668eeeb73
SHA-256   : 743801a8d110a7c9f99855f9c0a6def1082022c7715dc5b94eeac3a3a7a324e7
SHA-384   : b209e4ed7055467ee0913234a1ddc779b012f9303b8b15817abaaac5b4ad9a37978b1577bb90256a8f64d8d841dae85e
SHA-512   : 83f4e82ab39f99166209d0ea898540710bb0f8457730d0563788b1709099dcdabd5ada5080dc8feeb338e57ce6639bd09366bc1278733a7e97901c7bfe341a34

PUP information

PUP file information
Package version: 1
Image version: 2492
File count: 5
Header length: 400
Data length: 67953136
PUP file hash : 69C87F7D2ECAE317B2856CC0FBE4075D113EA656
        File 0
        Entry id: 0x100
        Filename : version.txt
        Data offset: 0x190
        Data length: 5
File hash : 205E7E6B66E1EE0442FFA415C3A70FE45BAC8678
        File 1
        Entry id: 0x101
        Filename : license.xml
        Data offset: 0x195
        Data length: 3
File hash : 1AA4749D0EE0D0AE937FBF73BC4B9ACD352F732A
        File 2
        Entry id: 0x200
        Filename : ps3swu.self
        Data offset: 0x198
        Data length: 5540328
File hash : CEC05B390868FCE669E8AA7AEAA7E342784598FF
        File 3
        Entry id: 0x201
        Filename : vsh.tar
        Data offset: 0x548B80
        Data length: 624640
File hash : BD5C9D48280569F69EB1E84761AA455A2D082948
        File 4
        Entry id: 0x300
        Filename : update_files.tar
        Data offset: 0x5E1380
        Data length: 61788160
File hash : 7F7F228E9DD6A3EB9D28C7B183EDAF124A1899FF