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Info on the talk page[edit]

Info on the talk page: please digest the info and move it here

The info on this page is an extract of conversations, forum posts and from the talk page.

Decryption of EDATS[edit]

Three ways to do it:

  • act.dat,rif,idps combo
  • rap
  • free content (npdrm1 klic)

Free Content[edit]

Simply decrypted with appldr keys and free klic

Using RAP[edit]

Overview of steps:

  • Obtain rifkey from rap (flatz's rap2rifkey)
  • Decrypt EDAT using corresponding klic (minis,psxclassics,etc) and rifkey
Structure (Encrypted Format)[edit]
Offset Name Size Type Note
0x00 magic 4 uint32 "NPD" (4E 50 44 00)
0x04 version 4 uint32
  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
0x08 License Types 4 uint32 for PS2 edat, the FW requires it to be with activation (also a.k.a. Paid content paired with your individual data)

for PS1 PKG, the FW 4.00 introduced some changes for installing them with regard to the EDAT license type.

0x0C Application Type 4 uint32
0x10 CONTENT ID 48 (0x30) uint8 Content ID
0x40 Digest 16 (0x10) uint8 QA digest (seems like to be a SHA-1 hash of the non-finalized file) : hash of the original data which is unknown until the whole file is read, can not be used as check. Can be used as watermark or zeroed on forged file.
0x50 NPD hash 1 16 (0x10) uint8 CID-FN hash (an AES CMAC hash of concatenation of Content ID and File Name using the third NPDRM OMAC key as CMAC key)
0x60 NPD hash 2 16 (0x10) uint8 header hash (an AES CMAC hash of the 0x60 bytes from the beginning of the file using xored bytes of the developer's klicensee and the second NPDRM OMAC key as CMAC key)
0x70 Activation time 8 unkn Start of the validity period, filled with 00 if not used.
0x78 Activation time 8 unkn End of the validity period, filled with 00 if not used.
0x80 NPD type 1 uint8 (Separated from Metadata type for wiki format)
  • 00 Finalized EDAT
  • 01 Finalized SDAT
  • 80 Non Finalized EDAT
  • 81 Non Finalized SDAT
0x81 Metadata type 3 uint8 (Outdated Flags description from talk page)
  • 00
  • 01 Compressed?
  • 02 Plain text?
  • 03 Compressed plain text?
  • 05 Compressed?
  • 06 Plain text?
  • 07 Compressed plain text?
  • 0C ?
  • 0D Compressed data?
  • 3C data/misc?
0x84 Segment size 4 uint8 Default block is 16 KB (16384 bytes) = 0x4000, max is 0x8000.
0x88 Data size 8 uint8 decoded data size
0x90 meta data sections hash 16 (0x10)
0xA0 extended header hash 16 (0x10) An AES CMAC hash of 160 bytes from the beginning of file). It uses the hash key as CMAC key and it depends on the file flags and keys.
0xB0 ECDSA Metadata signature 40 (0x28) Can be zeroed on forged file. curve_type is vsh type 0x02, pub is vsh public key,
0xD8 ECDSA Header signature 40 (0x28) Enabled (only?) for PS2 classic: all custom firmwares are patched to skip the ECDSA check. Can be zeroed on forged file. curve_type is vsh type 0x02, pub is vsh public key.
0x100 Encrypted file Variable The file is encrypted using an AES algorithm in CBC mode.
0x** Padding Variable
Footer Structure (Encrypted Format)[edit]
Description Size Note
Name 5 "EDATA" or "SDATA"
Space 1 0x20
Tool Version 8
  • Version 1: "packager"
  • Version 2: "2.4.0.L "
  • Version 2: "2.4.0.W "
  • Version 2: "2.7.0.L "
  • Version 3: "3.1.0.W "
  • Version 3: "3.3.0.L "
  • Version 3: "3.3.0.W "
  • Version 4: "4.0.0.L "
  • Version 4: "4.0.0.W "
End of the file 2 00 00

Note: Applied for normal ps3 edats and minis.edat