LV2 Functions and Syscalls

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struct sys_process_info_t __attribute__ ((packed)) {
	process_id_t pid;
	uint32_t status;
	uint32_t ppu_thread_count;
	uint32_t spu_thread_count;
	uint32_t raw_spu_count;
	process_id_t parent_pid;
	char* image_file_name;
	uint32_t memory_size;
	uint8_t osabi_type;
	uint8_t pad[3];
	uint64_t param_0x28;
	uint32_t param_0x30;

struct sys_prx_load_module_option_t {
	uint64_t size;				/* sizeof(this) */

struct sys_prx_dbg_get_module_list_t {
	uint64_t size;				/* sizeof(this) *//* 8 */
	uint32_t unk0;
	uint32_t max;
	sys_prx_user_p_prx_id_t idlist;
	uint32_t count;	
	sys_prx_user_p_stop_level_t levellist;	
	uint32_t unk1;
} sys_prx_dbg_get_module_list_t;

struct sys_prx_start_t {
	uint64_t flag; // flag ?
	uint64_t mode; // mode ?
	uint64_t entry; //either first arg of pe_func or casted to sys_prx_entry_t (see sys/prx.h)
	int64_t modres;
	uint64_t pe_func; //casted to sys_prx_entry_pe_t (see sys/prx.h)



Function Notes Offset in 3.55 Offset in 3.41 Offset in 3.15 Offset in 3.10 Offset in 3.01 Offset in 2.76
char *strcpy(char *dest, const char *src) 0x4E684 0x4D2F0 0x4CDAC 0X4CDA8 0x4AAC4 0x469B8
int strlen(char *str) 0x4E6AC 0x4D318 0X4CDD4 0X4CDD0 0x4AAEC 0x469E0
char *strcat(char *destination, const char *source) 0x4E5B4 0x4D220 0x4CCDC
char *strchr(const char* str, char chr) 0x4E5EC 0x4D258 0x4CD14
char *strrchr(const char* str, char chr) 0x4CEE4
int strcmp(const char *s1, const char *s2) 0x4E630 0x4D29C 0x4CD58
int strncmp(const char *s1, const char *s2, size_t n) 0x4E6D8 0x4D344 0X4CE00 0X4CDFC 0x4AB18 0x46A0C
char *strncpy(char *destination, const char *source, size_t num) 0x4E74C 0x4D3B8 0x4CE74
int memcmp(void *v1, void *v2, size_t n) 0x4D7E8 0x4C454 0x4BF10
void *memchr(void *s, int c, size_t n) 0x4BEC0
void *memcpy(void *dest, const void *src, size_t n) 0x7C3A4 0x7C01C 0X7BE9C 0X7BE98 0x77E84 0x7395C
void *memset(void *s, int c, size_t n) 0x4E4D8 0x4D144 0X4CC00 0X4CBFC 0x4A95C 0x46850


Function Notes Offset in 3.55 Offset in 3.41 Offset in 3.15
int snprintf(char *str, size_t size, char *format, ...) 0x4F86C 0x4E4D8 0x4DF94
int sprintf(char *str, char *format, ...) 0x4F900 0x4E56C 0x4E028
int printf(char *format, ...) This prints to the serial debug console. 0x29285C 0x28A654 0x28A11C


Function Notes Offset in 4.46 Offset in 3.55 Offset in 3.41 Offset in 3.15 Offset in 3.10 Offset in 3.01 Offset in 2.76
void* alloc(size_t size, int unk) unk is possibly pool? PSGroove uses 0x27. 0x62F78 0x60b78 0x62088 0x61CF0 0x61CEC 0x5DF4C 0x59D54
void dealloc(void* ptr, int unk) unk is possibly pool? Should be the same value of unk given to alloc. 0x60fb4 0x624C8 0x62138 0x62134 0x5E38C 0x5A194
void process_utils::create_initial_system_process(). Called to start the first userspace process, which is normally "sys_init_osd.self" but it can also launch recovery mode or update mode. 0x287D50 0x287858
void Panic(int unk) This function does not return.

(It seems that the offset point to a location that will cause panic after, not the real panic function, use with caution)

0x288568 0x288070
USBGetDeviceDescriptor USB function 0xd2998 0xd3474 0xCCD2C
USBOpenEndpoint 0xd29c4 0xd34ac 0xCCD58
USBControlTransfer 0xd292c 0xd3408 0xCCCC0
USBRegisterDriver 0xd22d8 0xd2978 0xCC6A0

Lv2 System Table Offset

FW version Alloc Free Syscall
Mem_base TOC Copy
3.56 Retail 0x60b24 0x60f60 0x346570 0xef60 0x330540
3.55 Retail 0x60b78 0x60fb4 0x346570 0x0ef48 0x330540 0xf6a4
3.55 DEX 0x64464 0x648a0 0x361578 0xf590 0x34ac80 0xfcec
3.50 Retail
3.42 Retail
3.41 Retail 0x62088 0x624c8 0x2eb128 0x50b3c 0x33e720 0xe050
3.41 DEX 0x65974 0x65db4 0x303130 0x54400 0x359320 0xe698
3.41 KIOSK 0x62084 0x624c4 0x2eb128 0x50b3c
3.40 Retail 0x62084 0x624c4 0x2eb128 0x50b38
3.30 Retail 0x62080 0x624c0 0x2ea728 0xe04c
3.21 Retail 0x61cf0 0x62138 0x2ea8a0 0xe0fc
3.15 Retail 0x61cf0 0x62138 0x2ea820 0x50608 0x33da10 0xe0fc
3.15 DEX 0x65704 0x65b4c 0x302828 0x53ff4 0x3585f0 0xe748
3.10 Retail 0x61cec 0x62134 0x2ea820
3.01 Retail 0x5df4c 0x5e38c 0x2cfb40
3.00 Retail
2.85 Retail 0x5daf4 0x5df34 0x2cbec0
2.80 Retail
2.76 Retail 0x59d54 0x5a194 0x2c4318 0xe198
2.70 Retail 0x59d50 0x5a190 0x2c4318 0xe194
2.60 Retail 0x59040 0x5944c 0x2b67c0 0xdfdc
2.53 Retail 0x5903c 0x59448 0x2b5bb8 0xdfe0
2.43 Retail 0x6c2e0 0x6c708 0x2d2b18 0x1e0e0
2.43 JIG 0x31ddb0 0x371400
2.42 DEX 0x2ed980
1.92 TOOL 0x361e40
1.60 TOOL 0x36c880
1.02 Retail 0x322428
1.00 DEX 0x3206e0


LV2 Syscalls

Dec Hex fw_type needed_flags Name Notes
#sys_process Syscalls (1-31)
1 0x001  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_getpid sys_pid_t sys_process_getpid(void);
2 0x002  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_process_wait_for_child 3 params: sys_pid_t, uint32_t *status, unk=0
3 0x003  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_exit int sys_process_exit(int)
4 0x004  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_process_get_status 1 param
5 0x005  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_process_detach_child 1 param
12 0x00B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_get_number_of_object int sys_process_get_number_of_object(uint32_t object_type, uint32_t* count);
13 0x00C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_get_id int sys_process_get_id(uint32_t object, uint32_t * buff, size_t size, size_t * set_size);
14 0x00D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_is_spu_lock_line_reservation_address int sys_process_is_spu_lock_line_reservation_address(sys_addr_t addr, uint64_t flags);
18 0x012  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_getppid sys_pid_t sys_process_getppid(void);
19 0x013  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_kill int sys_process_kill(sys_pid_t pid);
21 0x015  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg _sys_process_spawn 7 param
22 0x016  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_exit void sys_process_exit(int error_code,0,0)
23 0x017  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_process_wait_for_child2 6 params
24 0x018  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg 8 params, spawns a self
25 0x019  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_get_sdk_version 2 params :sys_pid_t pid, uint8_t outbuf[4]
26 0x01A  CEX  DEX  DECR  _sys_process_exit as well 4 params (calls sys_process_exit)
27 0x01B  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg 8 params, spawns a self
28 0x01C  CEX  DEX  DECR  root _sys_process_get_number_of_object as well kinda int sys_process_get_number_of_object(uint32_t object)
29 0x01D  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_process_get_id as well same as syscall13 just with root flag check, same input etc.
30 0x01E  CEX  DEX  DECR  _sys_process_get_paramsfo int _sys_process_get_paramsfo(uint8_t buffer[0x40]);

returns infos from sfo.sample:

00000000  01 42 4C 45 53 38 30 36 30 38 00 00 00 00 00 00  �BLES80608......
31 0x01F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_process_get_ppu_guid sys_addr_t sys_process_get_ppu_guid(void);
#sys_ppu_thread Syscalls (40-58)
41 0x029  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_exit int sys_ppu_thread_exit(int errorcode)
43 0x02B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_yield void sys_ppu_thread_yield(void);
44 0x02C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_join int sys_ppu_thread_join(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id, uint64_t * vptr);
45 0x02D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_detach int sys_ppu_thread_detach(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id);
46 0x02E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_get_join_state void sys_ppu_thread_get_join_state(int *isjoinable);
47 0x02F  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_ppu_thread_set_priority int sys_ppu_thread_set_priority(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id, int prio);
Flags are checked when 3071 > prio < 3199
48 0x030  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_get_priority int sys_ppu_thread_get_priority(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id, int *prio);
49 0x031  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_get_stack_information int sys_ppu_thread_get_stack_information(sys_ppu_thread_stack_t * info);
50 0x032  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_ppu_thread_stop int sys_ppu_thread_stop(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id);
51 0x033  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_ppu_thread_restart int sys_ppu_thread_restart(void);
52 0x034  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_ppu_thread_create int sys_ppu_thread_create(sys_ppu_thread_t *thread_id, & void (*entry)(uint64_t), uint64_t arg, 0, int prio, size_t stacksize, uint64_t flags, const char *threadname);
53 0x035  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_start int sys_ppu_thread_start(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id);
54 0x036  CEX  DEX  DECR  root syscall(0x036, 0x109/0x111, out: uint8[4]), pu_thread get (kernel) allocation information
55 0x037  CEX  DEX  DECR  root syscall(0x037, 0x111, 0> int <0x100), pu_thread set (kernel) allocation? information
56 0x038  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_rename int sys_ppu_thread_rename(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id, const char *name);
57 0x039  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_recover_page_fault int sys_ppu_thread_recover_page_fault(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id);
58 0x03A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ppu_thread_get_page_fault_context int sys_ppu_thread_get_page_fault_context(sys_ppu_thread_t thread_id, sys_ppu_thread_icontext_t * ctxp);
#sys_trace Syscalls (67-69+77)
60 0x03C  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_create
61 0x03D  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_start
62 0x03E  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_stop
63 0x03F  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_update_top_index
64 0x040  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_destroy
65 0x041  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_drain
66 0x042  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_attach_process
67 0x043  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_allocate_buffer
68 0x044  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_free_buffer
69 0x045  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_create2
#sys_timer Syscalls (70-76+141+142)
70 0x046  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_create int sys_timer_create(sys_timer_t * timer_id);
71 0x047  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_destroy int sys_timer_destroy(sys_timer_t timer_id);
72 0x048  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_get_information int sys_timer_get_information(sys_timer_t timer_id, sys_timer_information_t * info);
73 0x049  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_start int sys_timer_start(sys_timer_t timer_id, system_time_t base_time, usecond_t period);
74 0x04A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_stop int sys_timer_stop(sys_timer_t timer_id);
75 0x04B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_connect_event_queue int sys_timer_connect_event_queue(sys_timer_t timer_id, sys_event_queue_t queue_id, uint64_t name, uint64_t data1, uint64_t data2);
76 0x04C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_disconnect_event_queue int sys_timer_disconnect_event_queue(sys_timer_t timer_id);
#sys_trace Syscalls (67-69+77)
77 0x04D  DEX   DECR  sys_trace_create2_in_cbepm
78 0x04E  DECR  sys_trace_
#sys_interrupt Syscalls (80+81+84+88+89)
80 0x050  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_interrupt_tag_create int sys_interrupt_tag_create(sys_interrupt_tag_t * intrtag, sys_irqoutlet_id_t irq, sys_hw_thread_t hwthread);
81 0x051  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_interrupt_tag_destroy int sys_interrupt_tag_destroy(sys_interrupt_tag_t intrtag);
#sys_event Syscalls (82+83+85-87+118+128-140)
82 0x052  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_create int sys_event_flag_create(sys_event_flag_t * id, sys_event_flag_attribute_t * attr, uint64_t init);
83 0x053  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_destroy int sys_event_flag_destroy(sys_event_flag_t id);
#sys_interrupt Syscalls (80+81+84+88+89)
84 0x054  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_interrupt_thread_establish int sys_interrupt_thread_establish(sys_interrupt_thread_handle_t * ih, sys_interrupt_tag_t intrtag, uint64_t intrthread, uint64_t arg1, uint64_t arg2);
#sys_event Syscalls (82+83+85-87+118+128-140)
85 0x055  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_wait int sys_event_flag_wait(sys_event_flag_t id, uint64_t bitptn, uint32_t mode, uint64_t * result, usecond_t timeout);
86 0x056  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_trywait int sys_event_flag_trywait(sys_event_flag_t id, uint64_t bitptn, uint32_t mode, uint64_t * result);
87 0x057  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_set int sys_event_flag_set(sys_event_flag_t id, uint64_t bitptn);
#sys_interrupt Syscalls (80+81+84+88+89)
88 0x058  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_interrupt_thread_eoi void sys_interrupt_thread_eoi(void);
89 0x059  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_interrupt_thread_disestablish int sys_interrupt_thread_disestablish(sys_interrupt_thread_handle_t ih);
#sys_semaphore Syscalls (90-94+114)
90 0x05A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_semaphore_create int sys_semaphore_create(sys_semaphore_t * sem, sys_semaphore_attribute_t * attr, sys_semaphore_value_t initial_val, sys_semaphore_value_t max_val);
91 0x05B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_semaphore_destroy int sys_semaphore_destroy(sys_semaphore_t sem);
92 0x05C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_semaphore_wait int sys_semaphore_wait(sys_semaphore_t sem, usecond_t timeout);
93 0x05D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_semaphore_trywait int sys_semaphore_trywait(sys_semaphore_t sem);
94 0x05E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_semaphore_post int sys_semaphore_post(sys_semaphore_t sem, sys_semaphore_value_t val);
#sys_lwmutex Syscalls (95-99)
95 0x05F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwmutex_create int sys_lwmutex_create(sys_lwmutex_t *lwmutex, sys_lwmutex_attribute_t *attr)
96 0x060  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwmutex_destroy int sys_lwmutex_destroy(sys_lwmutex_t *lwmutex)
97 0x061  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwmutex_lock int sys_lwmutex_lock(sys_lwmutex_t *lwmutex, usecond_t timeout)
98 0x062  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwmutex_trylock int sys_lwmutex_trylock(sys_lwmutex_t *lwmutex)
99 0x063  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwmutex_unlock int sys_lwmutex_unlock(sys_lwmutex_t *lwmutex)
#sys_mutex Syscalls (100-104)
100 0x064  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mutex_create int sys_mutex_create(sys_mutex_t * mutex_id, sys_mutex_attribute_t * attr);
101 0x065  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mutex_destroy int sys_mutex_destroy(sys_mutex_t mutex_id);
102 0x066  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mutex_lock int sys_mutex_lock(sys_mutex_t mutex_id, usecond_t timeout);
103 0x067  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mutex_trylock int sys_mutex_trylock(sys_mutex_t mutex_id);
104 0x068  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mutex_unlock int sys_mutex_unlock(sys_mutex_t mutex_id);
#sys_cond Syscalls (105-110)
105 0x069  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_cond_create int sys_cond_create(sys_cond_t * cond_id, sys_mutex_t mutex_id, sys_cond_attribute_t * attr);
106 0x06A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_cond_destroy int sys_cond_destroy(sys_cond_t cond_id);
107 0x06B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_cond_wait int sys_cond_wait(sys_cond_t cond_id, usecond_t timeout);
108 0x06C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_cond_signal int sys_cond_signal(sys_cond_t cond_id);
109 0x06D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_cond_signal_all int sys_cond_signal_all(sys_cond_t cond_id);
110 0x06E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_cond_signal_to int sys_cond_signal_to(sys_cond_t cond_id, sys_ppu_thread_t thread);
#sys_lwcond Syscalls (111+112)
111 0x06F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwcond_create int sys_lwcond_create(sys_lwcond_t *lwcond, sys_lwmutex_t *lwmutex, sys_lwcond_attribute_t *attr)
112 0x070  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwcond_destroy int sys_lwcond_destroy(sys_lwcond_t *lwcond)
113 0x071  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_lwcond_queue_wait 3 params
#sys_semaphore Syscalls (90-94+114)
114 0x072  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_semaphore_get_value int sys_semaphore_get_value(sys_semaphore_t sem, sys_semaphore_value_t * val);
115 0x073  CEX  DEX  DECR  4 params
116 0x074  CEX  DEX  DECR  3 params
117 0x075  CEX  DEX  DECR  1 params : sys_lwmutex_t *lwmutex
#sys_event Syscalls (82+83+85-87+118+128-140)
118 0x076  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_clear int sys_event_flag_clear(sys_event_flag_t id, uint64_t bitptn);
119 0x077  CEX  DEX  DECR  root int syscall(119, uint64_t *real_time_clock); Gets ps3 real time clock value, hvsc232
#sys_rwlock Syscalls (120-127+148)
120 0x078  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_create int sys_rwlock_create(sys_rwlock_t * rw_lock_id, sys_rwlock_attribute_t * attr);
121 0x079  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_destroy int sys_rwlock_destroy(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id);
122 0x07A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_rlock int sys_rwlock_rlock(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id, usecond_t timeout);
123 0x07B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_tryrlock int sys_rwlock_tryrlock(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id);
124 0x07C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_runlock int sys_rwlock_runlock(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id);
125 0x07D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_wlock int sys_rwlock_wlock(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id, usecond_t timeout);
126 0x07E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_trywlock int sys_rwlock_trywlock(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id);
127 0x07F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_wunlock int sys_rwlock_wunlock(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id);
#sys_event Syscalls (82+83+85-87+118+128-140)
128 0x080  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_queue_create int sys_event_queue_create(sys_event_queue_t * equeue_id, sys_event_queue_attribute_t * attr, sys_ipc_key_t event_queue_key, int size);
129 0x081  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_queue_destroy int sys_event_queue_destroy(sys_event_queue_t equeue_id, int mode);
130 0x082  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_queue_receive int sys_event_queue_receive(sys_event_queue_t equeue_id, sys_event_t * event, usecond_t timeout);
131 0x083  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_queue_tryreceive int sys_event_queue_tryreceive(sys_event_queue_t equeue_id, sys_event_t * event_array, int size, int *number);
132 0x084  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_cancel int sys_event_flag_cancel(sys_event_flag_t id, int *num);
133 0x085  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_queue_drain int sys_event_queue_drain(sys_event_queue_t equeue_id);
134 0x086  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_port_create int sys_event_port_create(sys_event_port_t * eport_id, int port_type, uint64_t name);
135 0x087  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_port_destroy int sys_event_port_destroy(sys_event_port_t eport_id);
136 0x088  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_port_connect_local int sys_event_port_connect_local(sys_event_port_t event_port_id, sys_event_queue_t event_queue_id);
137 0x089  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_port_disconnect int sys_event_port_disconnect(sys_event_port_t event_port_id);
138 0x08A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_port_send int sys_event_port_send(sys_event_port_t eport_id, unint64_t data1, uint64_t data2, uint64_t data3);
139 0x08B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_flag_get int sys_event_flag_get(sys_event_flag_t id, uint64_t * bitptn);
140 0x08C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_event_port_connect_ipc int sys_event_port_connect_ipc(sys_event_port_t eport_id, sys_ipc_key_t event_queue_key);
#sys_timer Syscalls (70-76+141+142)
141 0x08D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_usleep int sys_timer_usleep(usecond_t sleep_time);
142 0x08E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_timer_sleep int sys_timer_sleep(second_t sleep_time);
#sys_time Syscalls (143-147)
143 0x08F  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_time_set_timezone int sys_time_set_timezone(int timezone, int summertime)
144 0x090  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_time_get_timezone int sys_time_get_timezone(int *timezone, int *summertime)
145 0x091  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_time_get_current_time int sys_time_get_current_time(sys_time_sec_t * sec, sys_time_nsec_t * nsec);
146 0x092  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_time_set_current_time int sys_time_set_current_time(uint64_t sec, uint64_t nsec);
147 0x093  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_time_get_timebase_frequency uint64_t sys_time_get_timebase_frequency(void);
#sys_rwlock Syscalls (120-127+148)
148 0x094  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rwlock_trywlock int sys_rwlock_trywlock(sys_rwlock_t rw_lock_id);
#sys_spu/sys_raw_spu Syscalls (150-260)
150 0x096  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_create_interrupt_tag int sys_raw_spu_create_interrupt_tag(sys_raw_spu_t id,sys_class_id_t class_id, sys_hw_thread_t hwthread, sys_interrupt_tag_t *intrtag)
151 0x097  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_set_int_mask int sys_raw_spu_set_int_mask(sys_raw_spu_t id, sys_class_id_t class_id, uint64_t mask)
152 0x098  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_get_int_mask int sys_raw_spu_get_int_mask(sys_raw_spu_t id, sys_class_id_t class_id, uint64_t *mask)
153 0x099  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_set_int_stat int sys_raw_spu_set_int_stat(sys_raw_spu_t id, sys_class_id_t class_id, uint64_t stat)
154 0x09A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_get_int_stat int sys_raw_spu_get_int_stat(sys_raw_spu_t id, sys_class_id_t class_id, uint64_t *stat)
155 0x09B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_image_get_information? int sys_spu_image_get_information?(sys_spu_image_t *img, out:uint[4],out:uint[4])
156 0x09C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_image_open int sys_spu_image_open(sys_spu_image_t *img, const char *path)
157 0x09D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_image_import int sys_spu_image_import(sys_spu_image_t *img, const void *src, uint32_t type)
158 0x09E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_image_close int sys_spu_image_close(sys_spu_image_t *img);
159 0x09F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_load 3 Params ( sys_spu_image_t * img, sys_addr_t alloc_addr, int size? ), needs much more proper information
160 0x0A0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_create int sys_raw_spu_create(sys_raw_spu_t *id, sys_raw_spu_attribute_t *attr)
161 0x0A1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_destroy int sys_raw_spu_destroy(sys_raw_spu_t id)
163 0x0A3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_read_puint_mb int sys_raw_spu_read_puint_mb(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t *value)
165 0x0A5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_get_exit_status int sys_spu_thread_get_exit_status(sys_spu_thread_t id, int *status)
166 0x0A6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_set_argument int sys_spu_thread_set_argument(sys_spu_thread_t id, sys_spu_thread_argument_t *arg)
167 0x0A7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_start_on_exit
169 0x0A9  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_initialize int sys_spu_initialize(unsigned int max_usable_spu, unsigned int max_raw_spu)
170 0x0AA  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_create int sys_spu_thread_group_create(sys_spu_thread_group_t *id, unsigned int num, int prio, sys_spu_thread_group_attribute_t *attr)
171 0x0AB  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_destroy int sys_spu_thread_group_destroy(sys_spu_thread_group_t id)
172 0x0AC  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_initialize int sys_spu_thread_initialize(sys_spu_thread_t *thread,sys_spu_thread_group_t group,uint spu_num,sys_spu_image_t *img,sys_spu_thread_attribute_t *attr,sys_spu_thread_argument_t *arg)
173 0x0AD  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_start int sys_spu_thread_group_start(sys_spu_thread_group_t id)
174 0x0AE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_suspend int sys_spu_thread_group_suspend(sys_spu_thread_group_t id)
175 0x0AF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_resume int sys_spu_thread_group_resume(sys_spu_thread_group_t id)
176 0x0B0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_yield int sys_spu_thread_group_yield(sys_spu_thread_group_t id)
177 0x0B1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_terminate int sys_spu_thread_group_terminate(sys_spu_thread_group_t id, int value)
178 0x0B2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_join int sys_spu_thread_group_join(sys_spu_thread_group_t gid, int *cause, int *status)
179 0x0B3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_set_priority int sys_spu_thread_group_set_priority(sys_spu_thread_group_t id, int priority)
180 0x0B4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_get_priority int sys_spu_thread_group_get_priority(sys_spu_thread_group_t id, int *priority)
181 0x0B5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_write_ls int sys_spu_thread_write_ls(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint32_t address, uint64_t value, size_t type)
182 0x0B6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_read_ls int sys_spu_thread_read_ls(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint32_t address, uint64_t *value, size_t type)
184 0x0B8  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_write_snr int sys_spu_thread_write_snr(sys_spu_thread_t id, int number, uint32_t value)
185 0x0B9  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_connect_event int sys_spu_thread_group_connect_event(sys_spu_thread_group_t id, sys_event_queue_t eq, sys_event_type_t et)
186 0x0BA  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_disconnect_event int sys_spu_thread_group_disconnect_event(sys_spu_thread_group_t id, sys_event_type_t et)
187 0x0BB  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_set_spu_cfg int sys_spu_thread_set_spu_cfg(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint64_t value)
188 0x0BC  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_get_spu_cfg int sys_spu_thread_get_spu_cfg(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint64_t *value)
190 0x0BE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_write_spu_mb int sys_spu_thread_write_spu_mb(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint32_t value);
191 0x0BF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_connect_event int sys_spu_thread_connect_event(sys_spu_thread_t id, sys_event_queue_t eq, sys_event_type_t et, uint8_t spup)
192 0x0C0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_disconnect_event int sys_spu_thread_disconnect_event(sys_spu_thread_t id, sys_event_type_t et, uint8_t spup)
193 0x0C1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_bind_queue int sys_spu_thread_bind_queue(sys_spu_thread_t id,sys_event_queue_t spuq,uint32_t spuq_num)
194 0x0C2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_unbind_queue int sys_spu_thread_unbind_queue(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint32_t spuq_num)
196 0x0C4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_set_spu_cfg int sys_raw_spu_set_spu_cfg(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t value)
197 0x0C5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_get_spu_cfg int sys_raw_spu_get_spu_cfg(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t *value)
198 0x0C6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_recover_page_fault int sys_spu_thread_recover_page_fault(sys_spu_thread_t id)
199 0x0C7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_raw_spu_recover_page_fault int sys_raw_spu_recover_page_fault(sys_raw_spu_t id)
200 0x0C8
201 0x0C9
202 0x0CA
203 0x0CB
209 0x0D1
210 0x0D2
211 0x0D3
212 0x0D4
213 0x0D5
214 0x0D6
215 0x0D7  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_mat_set_condition int sys_dbg_mat_set_condition(sys_addr_t,int)
216 0x0D8  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_mat_get_condition int sys_dbg_mat_get_condition(sys_addr_t,int*)
217 0x0D9  DECR  dbg
218 0x0DA  DECR  dbg
219 0x0DB  DECR  dbg
226 0x0E2
230 0x0E6  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_create int sys_isolated_spu_create(sys_raw_spu_t *id, uint8_t *source_spe, in?: args?,0,0,0)
231 0x0E7  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_destroy int sys_isolated_spu_destroy(sys_raw_spu_t id)
232 0x0E8  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_start int sys_isolated_spu_start(sys_raw_spu_t id)
233 0x0E9  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_create_interrupt_tag int sys_isolated_spu_create_interrupt_tag(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t class_id, uint32_t hwthread, sys_interrupt_tag_t *intrtag)
234 0x0EA  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_set_int_mask int sys_isolated_spu_set_int_mask(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t class_id, uint64_t mask)
235 0x0EB  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_get_int_mask int sys_isolated_spu_get_int_mask(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t class_id, uint64_t *mask)
236 0x0EC  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_set_int_stat int sys_isolated_spu_set_int_stat(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t class_id, uint64_t stat)
237 0x0ED  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_get_int_stat int sys_isolated_spu_get_int_stat(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t class_id, uint64_t * stat)
238 0x0EE  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_set_spu_cfg int sys_isolated_spu_set_spu_cfg(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint64_t value)
239 0x0EF  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_get_spu_cfg int sys_isolated_spu_get_spu_cfg(sys_spu_thread_t id, uint64_t * value)
240 0x0F0  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_isolated_spu_read_puint_mb int sys_isolated_spu_read_puint_mb(sys_raw_spu_t id, uint32_t * value)
244 0x0F4  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_spu_thread_group_system_set_next_group int sys_spu_thread_group_system_set_next_group(void)
245 0x0F5  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_spu_thread_group_system_unset_next_group int sys_spu_thread_group_system_unset_next_group(void)
246 0x0F6  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_spu_thread_group_system_set_switch_group int sys_spu_thread_group_system_set_switch_group(void)
247 0x0F7  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_spu_thread_group_system_unset_switch_group int sys_spu_thread_group_system_unset_switch_group(void)
248 0x0F8  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_spu_thread_group.... 5 Params: sys_spu_thread_group_t group,.....
249 0x0F9  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_spu_thread_group.... int sc249(sys_spu_thread_group_t group)
250 0x0FA  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_set_cooperative_victims 2 Params
251 0x0FB  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_connect_event_all_threads int sys_spu_thread_group_connect_event_all_threads(sys_spu_thread_group_t id, sys_event_queue_t eq, uint64_t req, uint8_t *spup)
252 0x0FC  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_disconnect_event_all_threads int sys_spu_thread_group_disconnect_event_all_threads(sys_spu_thread_group_t id, uint8_t spup)
253 0x0FD  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group.. 2 Params( sys_spu_thread_group_t id, out:uint8[0x40])
254 0x0FE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_thread_group_log int sys_spu_thread_group_log(int command, int *stat)
260 0x104  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_spu_image_open_by_fd int sys_spu_image_open_by_fd(sys_spu_image_t *img, int fd, off64_t offset)
#sys_vm/sys_memory/sys_mmapper Syscalls (300-352)
300 0x12C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_memory_map int sys_vm_memory_map(size_t vsize, size_t psize, sys_memory_container_t container, uint64_t flag, uint64_t policy, sys_addr_t * addr);
301 0x12D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_unmap int sys_vm_unmap(sys_addr_t addr);
302 0x12E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_append_memory int sys_vm_append_memory(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
303 0x12F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_return_memory int sys_vm_return_memory(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
304 0x130  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_lock int sys_vm_lock(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
305 0x131  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_unlock int sys_vm_unlock(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
306 0x132  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_touch int sys_vm_touch(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
307 0x133  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_flush int sys_vm_flush(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
308 0x134  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_invalidate int sys_vm_invalidate(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
309 0x135  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_store int sys_vm_store(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
310 0x136  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_sync int sys_vm_sync(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size);
311 0x137  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_test int sys_vm_test(sys_addr_t addr, size_t size, uint64_t * result);
312 0x138  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_vm_get_statistics int sys_vm_get_statistics(sys_addr_t addr, sys_vm_statistics_t * stat);
313 0x139  CEX  DEX  DECR  diff sys_vm_memory_map same Params (size_t vsize, size_t psize, sys_memory_container_t container, uint64_t flag, uint64_t policy, sys_addr_t * addr); apperently maps different vm memory area
314 0x13A  CEX  DEX  DECR  2 Params
315 0x13B  CEX  DEX  DECR  1 Param
324 0x144  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_memory_container_create int sys_memory_container_create(sys_memory_container_t * cid, size_t yield_size);
325 0x145  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_memory_container_destroy int sys_memory_container_destroy(sys_memory_container_t cid);
326 0x146  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_allocate_fixed_address int sys_mmapper_allocate_fixed_address(void);
327 0x147  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_enable_page_fault_notification int sys_mmapper_enable_page_fault_notification(sys_addr_t start_addr, sys_event_queue_t queue_id);
328 0x148  CEX  DEX  DECR  7 Params
329 0x149  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_free_shared_memory int sys_mmapper_free_shared_memory(sys_addr_t start_addr);
330 0x14A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_allocate_address int sys_mmapper_allocate_address(size_t size, uint64_t flags, size_t alignment, sys_addr_t * alloc_addr);
331 0x14B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_free_address int sys_mmapper_free_address(sys_addr_t start_addr);
332 0x14C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_allocate_shared_memory 4 Params: (size_t size, uint64_t flags, size_t alignment, sys_addr_t * alloc_addr) ?
333 0x14D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_set_shared_memory_flag int sys_mmapper_set_shared_memory_flag(sys_addr_t, flags) ?;
334 0x14E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_map_shared_memory 3 Params: (sys_addr_t start_addr, sys_memory_t mem_id, uint64_t flags) ?
335 0x14F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_unmap_shared_memory 2 Params: (sys_addr_t start_addr,sys_memory_t *mem_id ) ?
336 0x150  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_change_address_access_right int sys_mmapper_change_address_access_right(sys_addr_t start_addr, uint64_t flags);
337 0x151  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_search_and_map int sys_mmapper_search_and_map(sys_addr_t start_addr, sys_memory_t mem_id, uint64_t flags, sys_addr_t * alloc_addr);
338 0x152  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_get_shared_memory_attribute 2 Params:
339 0x153  CEX  DEX  DECR  5 Params
340 0x154  CEX  DEX  DECR  2 Params
341 0x155  CEX  DEX  DECR  _sys_memory_container_create2 ? int _sys_memory_container_create2(sys_memory_container_t * cid, size_t yield_size);
342 0x156  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_container_destroy? int sys_memory_container_destroy? (sys_memory_container_t cid);
343 0x157  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_container_get_size int sys_memory_container_get_size(sys_memory_info_t * mem_info, sys_memory_container_t cid);
344 0x158 sys_memory_budget_set
345 0x159  CEX  DEX  DECR  3 Params, a variation of sys_memory_container_destroy (sys_memory_container_t cid, int, &out)
346 0x15A  CEX  DEX  DECR 
348 0x15C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_allocate int sys_memory_allocate(size_t size, uint64_t flags, sys_addr_t * alloc_addr);
349 0x15D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_free int sys_memory_free(sys_addr_t start_addr);
350 0x15E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_allocate_from_container int sys_memory_allocate_from_container(size_t size, sys_memory_container_t container, uint64_t flags, sys_addr_t * alloc_addr);
351 0x15F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_get_page_attribute int sys_memory_get_page_attribute(sys_addr_t addr, sys_page_attr_t * attr);
352 0x160  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_get_user_memory_size int sys_memory_get_user_memory_size(sys_memory_info_t * mem_info);
353 0x161  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_get_user_memory_stat int sys_memory_get_user_memory_stat(out:uint8[0x1C])
354 0x162  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 3 Params
355 0x163  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 2 Param: uint32_t *, uint32_t * (set 0, reset memory stats?)
356 0x164  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_allocate_colored 4 Params
357 0x165  CEX  DEX  DECR  2 Params
358 0x166  CEX  DEX  DECR  5 Params
359 0x167  CEX  DEX  DECR  2 Params
360 0x168  CEX  DEX  DECR  7 Params
361 0x169  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_memory_allocate_from_container_colored 5 Params
362 0x16A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_mmapper_allocate_memory_from_container sys_mmapper_allocate_memory_from_container(size_t size, sys_memory_container_t container, uint64_t flags, sys_memory_t *mem_id)
363 0x16B  CEX  DEX  DECR  6 Params
364 0x16C  DECR 
#sys_uart Syscalls (367-370)
367 0x16F  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_uart_initialize syscall(367, void)
368 0x170  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_uart_receive sys_uart_receive(out: uint8_t buffer[SizeToReceive], int SizeToReceive (0x400/0x800), 0/1)
369 0x171  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_uart_send sys_uart_send(const void *buf, uint64_t size, uint64_t flags)
370 0x172  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_uart_get_params int sys_uart_get_params(out:buffer[0x10])
#sys_game Syscalls (372-376+410-412)
372 0x174  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_game_watchdog_start 1 param: int time(r)
373 0x175  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_game_watchdog_stop int sys_game_watchdog_stop(void)
374 0x176  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_game_watchdog_clear int sys_game_watchdog_clear(void)
375 0x177  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_game_set_system_sw_version int sys_game_set_system_sw_version(uint64_t version)
376 0x178  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_game_get_system_sw_version int sys_game_get_system_sw_version(void)
#sys_sm/sys_ctrl Syscalls (378-396)
377 0x179  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_set_shop_mode int sys_sm_set_shop_mode(int mode (0/1)) ( HV System Manager access - ServiceID 39 (SET_SHOP_DEMO_MODE))
378 0x17A  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_get_ext_event2 4 Param, sc378(uint64_t * v1,uint64_t * v2, uint64_t * v3, 0=receive buffer/1=get queuing events), v1==7 -> yesHOT
379 0x17B  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_shutdown int sys_sm_shutdown(uint16_t op, const void * lpar_parameter, uint64_t parameter_size )
0x1100/0x100 = turn off,
0x1200 = Lv2 Hard Reboot, 
0x200 = Lv2 Soft Reboot,
0x8201 = load lpar id 1
0x8202 = load lpar id 2
0x8204 = load lpar id 3

HV System Manager access - ServiceID 1 (REQUEST)+ 10 (DELIVER INTER LPAR PARAMETER)

380 0x17C  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_sm_get_params alias sys_get_system_parameter, 4 Params: uint64_t * unknown1, uint64_t * unknown2, uint64_t * unknown3, uint64_t * unknown4
381 0x17D  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_get_inter_lpar_parameter? 2Params: syscall(381,uint8_t lpar_parameter[param_size], int param_size (0x600));
382 0x17E  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_ int syscall(382, void); - prevents ps3 lpar shutdown ?
383 0x17F  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_game_get_temperature int sys_game_get_temperature(0=CELL/1=RSX,uint32_t *temperature) ( HV System Manager access - ServiceID 13 (TEMPERATURE))

2nd Byte conversion: r.shift (second_byte * 0x64 ) by 8
Example: 195 = 0xC3 -> 0xC3 * 0x64 -> 0x4C2C ->> shift -> 0x4C -> XX.76°C

384 0x180  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_get_tzpb 1 Param: syscall(384,uint64_t *tzpb); (uint8_t [0x20]) Get TimeZone Presence
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 15
385 0x181  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_request_led int sys_sm_request_led( int led_id(1=power,2=status or 3=disk), out:uint8_t led_action[1] ) HV System Manager access - ServiceID 17
386 0x182  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_control_led int sys_sm_control_led(uint8_t led_id, uint8_t led_action)
led_id = 0,1 (POWER),2 (STATUS)(red, green, red+green combined: looks like yellow);
led_action = 0,1,2,3 (off,on,blink fast, blink slow)
387 0x183  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_sm_get_platform_info? syscall(387, uint8_t platform_info[0x18]) / OS Version, Revision, System Software Version?
388 0x184  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_ring_buzzer_too 2 Params,HV System Manager access - ServiceID 21 (RING_BUZZER)
389 0x185  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM sys_sm_set_fan_policy int sys_sm_set_fan_policy (in:uint8, in:uint8, in:uint8)
390 0x186  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_request_error_log 4 Params, uint8_t offset (0-0x20), uint8_t *, uint32_t *, uint32_t *
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 26 (REQUEST_ERROR_LOG)
391 0x187  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_request_be_count 4 Params
uint8_t *,
uint32_t* total_time_in_seconds,
uint32_t* power_on_counter,
uint32_t* power_off_counter 
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 28 (REQUEST_BE_COUNT): 
392 0x188  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_ring_buzzer 3 Params: PacketID=0x1004, field2, field4 Hypervisor_Reverse_Engineering#Parameters_6 Parameters
393 0x189  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_get_hw_config gets hardware configuration: syscall(393,uint8_t * res, uint64_t * hw_config)
394 0x18A  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_request_scversion uint8_t SoftID[8],old_PatchID[8],new_PatchID[8]; lv2syscall3(394, (uint64_t)SoftID, (uint64_t)old_PatchID, (uint64_t)new_PatchID);
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 30 (REQUEST_SC_VERSION) System_Controller_Firmware#.27info0.27 SC Firmware
395 0x18B  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM sys_sm_request_system_event_log int sys_sm_request_system_event_log(int offset(0 - 5),uint64_t *out,uint64_t *out,uint64_t *out,uint8_t buf[0x20], int flag ), 6 Params, HV System Manager access - ServiceID 32 (REQUEST_SYSTEM_EVENT_LOG)
396 0x18C  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_set_rtc_alarm 1 Param, HV System Manager access - ServiceID 34+38 (RTC_ALARM)
397 0x18D  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_sm_get_rtc_alarm 1 Param, HV System Manager access - ServiceID 36
398 0x18E  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_console_write int sys_console_write(const char *s, unsigned int len)(lv2,lv1::console::write_async
400 0x190  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM int sys_request_system_event_log(int offset(0 - 5),uint64_t *out, int flag ) , HV System Manager access - ServiceID 32 (REQUEST_SYSTEM_EVENT_LOG)
sys_sm_request_system_event_log too
401 0x191  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 2 Params: uint64_t param,uint8_t * st (status?/state?)
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 40 (BOOT_PARAMETER)
also sends the param to syscon
related to 404
#sys_tty Syscalls (402-403)
402 0x192  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_tty_read int sys_tty_read(unsigned int ch, void *buf, unsigned int len, unsigned int *preadlen);
403 0x193  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_tty_write int sys_tty_write(unsigned int ch, const void *buf, unsigned int len, unsigned int *pwritelen);
404 0x194  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 2 Params: uint64_t * param, uint8_t * st
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 42 (BOOT_PARAMETER)
[Network Settings for Debug] related, returns single/dual setting flag?
405 0x195  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM 2 Params: uint16_t * comp?, uint8_t * st (status?/state?)
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 44 
factory_process_comp (0,0),  dbg_printf comp value
406 0x196  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM 2 Params: uint32_t comp? ,uint8_t * st
comp? = 0x01,0x02,0x04,0x08,0x10,0x20,0x40,0x80,0x100
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 46 
factory_process_comp (1,x) -> OR-Operation with comp
407 0x197  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM 1 Param: uint8_t * st
HV System Manager access - ServiceID 48
factory_process_comp (2,0) -> ANDC-Operation with comp=0
408 0x198  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM sys_sm_get_tzpb too 1 Param: out:uint8_t [0x20]
same as 384 just requires PM
409 0x199  CEX  DEX  DECR  PM sys_sm_get_fan_policy int sys_sm_get_fan_policy(uint8_t id, uint8_t *st (status? state?), uint8_t *policy (mode), uint8_t * mode (speed), uint8_t *duty)
#sys_game Syscalls (372-376+410-412)
410 0x19A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_game_board_storage_read 2 Params,out:uint8_t[0x10], uint8_t[1], HV System Manager access - ServiceID 54
411 0x19B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_game_board_storage_write 2 Params,in:uint8_t[0x10],uint8_t[1], HV System Manager access - ServiceID 52
412 0x19C  DEX   DECR  sys_game_get_rtc_status
413 0x19D  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 3 Params, HV System Manager access - ServiceID 56: out:uint8_t[1],out:uint8_t[1],out:uint8_t[1]
414 0x19E  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 3 Params,in:packetid ,in:uint8_t[0x20],out:uint8_t[1], HV System Manager access - ServiceID 58
415 0x19F  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 3 Params,in:packetid,out:uint8_t[0x20],out:uint8_t[1], HV System Manager access - ServiceID 60
#sys_overlay Syscalls (450-457)
450 0x1C2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_load_module int sys_overlay_load_module(sys_overlay_t * ovlmid, const char *path, uint64_t flags, sys_addr_t * entry)
451 0x1C3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_unload_module int sys_overlay_unload_module(sys_overlay_t ovlmid)
452 0x1C4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_get_module_list int sys_overlay_get_module_list(sys_pid_t pid, size_t ovlmids_num, sys_overlay_t * ovlmids, size_t * num_of_modules)
453 0x1C5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_get_module_info int sys_overlay_get_module_info(sys_pid_t pid,sys_overlay_t ovlmid, sys_overlay_module_info_t * info)
454 0x1C6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_load_module_by_fd int sys_overlay_load_module_by_fd(sys_overlay_t * ovlmid, int fd, off64_t offset, uint64_t flags, sys_addr_t * entry)
455 0x1C7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_get_module_info2 int sys_overlay_get_module_info2(sys_pid_t pid, sys_overlay_t ovlmid, sys_overlay_module_info2_t * info)
456 0x1C8  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_get_sdk_version 2 Params
457 0x1C9  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_get_module_dbg_info 3 Params: (sys_pid_t pid, sys_overlay_t ovlmid, sys_overlay_module_dbg_t * info) ?
458 0x1CA  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_overlay_get_module_dbg_info too 3 Params:
#sys_prx Syscalls (460-499)
460 0x1CC  DEX   DECR  root sys_prx_dbg_get_module_id_list sys_prx_dbg_get_module_id_list(sys_pid_t pid, sys_prx_dbg_get_module_list_t *pInfo)
461 0x1CD  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_get_module_id_by_address sys_prx_id_t sys_prx_get_module_id_by_address(void* addr)
462 0x1CE  DEX  DECR  1 Param: uint8_t [0x50]
463 0x1CF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_load_module_by_fd sys_prx_id_t sys_prx_load_module_by_fd(int fd, off64_t offset, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_load_module_option_t pOpt)
464 0x1D0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_load_module_on_memcontainer_by_fd sys_prx_id_t sys_prx_load_module_on_memcontainer_by_fd(int fd,off64_t offset,sys_memory_container_t mem_container,sys_prx_flags_t flags,sys_prx_load_module_option_t pOpt)
465 0x1D1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_load_module_list int sys_prx_load_module_list(int n, const char **path_list, uint64_t flags, sys_prx_load_module_list_option_t * pOpt, sys_prx_id_t * idlist)
466 0x1D2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_load_module_list_on_memcontainer sys_prx_id_t sys_prx_load_module_by_fd(int fd, off64_t offset, uint64_t flags, sys_prx_load_module_option_t * pOpt)
467 0x1D3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_get_ppu_guid sys_addr_t sys_prx_get_ppu_guid(sys_prx_id_t id)
468 0x1D4  DEX   DECR  root
470 0x1D6  CEX  DEX  DECR  root int syscall 470 (uint32_t type?, void* npd? [0x60])
471 0x1D7  CEX  DEX  DECR  root int syscall_471(uint32_t type, char* titleID, void* klicensee, uint8_t* actdat, uint8_t* rif, int32_t licenseType, uint8_t* magicVersion);
472 0x1D8  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 2 Params:
473 0x1D9  CEX  DEX  DECR 
474 0x1DA  CEX  DEX  DECR 
475 0x1DB  CEX  DEX  DECR  root int syscall_475(uint32_t type, void* npd?, void* klicensee, uint8_t* actdat, uint8_t* rif, uint8_t magicVersion)
476 0x1DC  CEX  DEX  DECR  root can only be either syscall476 (1,0) or syscall476 (0,1)
480 0x1E0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_load_module sys_prx_id_t sys_prx_load_module(const char* path, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_load_module_option_t* pOpt)
481 0x1E1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_start_module int sys_prx_start_module(sys_prx_id_t id, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_start_t* pOpt)
482 0x1E2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_stop_module int sys_prx_stop_module(sys_prx_id_t id, size_t args, void *argp, int *modres, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_stop_module_option_t pOpt)
483 0x1E3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_unload_module int sys_prx_unload_module(sys_prx_id_t id, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_unload_module_option_t pOpt);
484 0x1E4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_register_module int sys_prx_register_module(char * name, const sys_prx_register_module_option_t * pOpt)
485 0x1E5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_query_module int sys_prx_query_module(void) // only returns 0
486 0x1E6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_register_library int sys_prx_register_library(void* library)
487 0x1E7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_unregister_library int sys_prx_unregister_library(void* library) // only returns 0
488 0x1E8  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_link_library int sys_prx_link_library(void) // only returns 0
489 0x1E9  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_unlink_library int sys_prx_unlink_library(void) // only returns 0
490 0x1EA  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_query_library int sys_prx_query_library(void) // only returns 0
492 0x1EC  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg 4 Params:
493 0x1ED  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_prx_dbg_get_module_info int sys_prx_dbg_get_module_info(sys_pid_t pid, sys_prx_id_t id, sys_prx_dbg_module_info* info)
494 0x1EE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_get_module_list int sys_prx_get_module_list(sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_get_module_list_t *pInfo);
495 0x1EF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_get_module_info int sys_prx_get_module_info(sys_prx_id_t id, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_module_info_t *pInfo)
496 0x1F0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name sys_prx_id_t sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name(const char* name, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name_option_t *pOpt)
497 0x1F1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_load_module_on_memcontainer sys_prx_id_t sys_prx_load_module_on_memcontainer(const char* path, sys_memory_container_t mem_container, sys_prx_flags_t flags, sys_prx_load_module_option_t pOpt)
498 0x1F2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_start int sys_prx_start (void) // only returns 0
499 0x1F3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_prx_stop int sys_prx_stop(void)
#sys_hid_manager Syscalls
500 0x1F4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_hid_manager_open 2 Params
501 0x1F5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_hid_manager_close 1 Param: uint32_t port_no
502 0x1F6  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_read 4 Params: uint32_t port_no,uint32_t packet_id, uint8_t[size], uint32_t size
503 0x1F7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_hid_manager_ioctl 4 Params: uint32_t port_no,uint32_t packet_id, uint8_t[size], uint32_t size
504 0x1F8  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_map_logical_id_to_port_id param 1: device_type, 1 = pad, 2 = kb, 3 = mouse

int sc(int device_type, int device_no, int port_no)

505 0x1F9  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_unmap_logical_id_to_port_id int sc(int device_type, int device_no, int port_no)
506 0x1FA  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_add_hot_key_observer 2 Params
507 0x1FB  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_remove_hot_key_observer 2 Params
508 0x1FC  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_grab_focus 1 Param: sys_pid_t pid (for example current pid)
509 0x1FD  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_release_focus 1 Param
510 0x1FE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_hid_manager_... int syscall(510, void);
511 0x1FF  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_hid_manager_set_... 1 Param
512 0x200  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 1 Param : int syscall(512,sys_pid_t pid), simple root-flag check?;
513 0x201  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_hid_manager_... 4 Params
514 0x202  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_hid_manager_... 3 Params
#sys_config Syscalls
516 0x204  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_open 2 Params : (sys_event_queue_t * equeue_id, uint64_t *out)
517 0x205  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_close sys_config_close(sys_event_queue_t * equeue_id);
518 0x206  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_get_service_event 4 Params:
519 0x207  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_add_service_listener 6 Params
520 0x208  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_remove_service_listener 2 Params
521 0x209  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_register_service 7 Params
522 0x20A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_unregister_service 2 Params
523 0x20B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_io_event
524 0x20C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_
525 0x20D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_config_
#sys_usbd Syscalls
530 0x212  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_initialize 1 Param, out: *uint32_t
531 0x213  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_finalize 1 Param, in: handle/id
532 0x214  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_get_device_list 3 Params
533 0x215  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_get_descriptor_size 2 Params
534 0x216  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_get_descriptor 3 Params
535 0x217  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_register_ldd 3 Params
536 0x218  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_unregister_ldd 3 Params
537 0x219  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_open_pipe 7 Params
538 0x21A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_open_default_pipe 2 Params
539 0x21B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_close_pipe 2 Params
540 0x21C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_receive_event 4 Params
541 0x21D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_detect_event void
542 0x21E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_attach 4 Params
543 0x21F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_transfer_data 6 Params
544 0x220  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_isochronous_transfer_data 3 Params
545 0x221  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_get_transfer_status 5 Params
546 0x222  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_get_isochronous_transfer_status 5 Params
547 0x223  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_get_device_location 3 Params
548 0x224  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_send_event 2 Params
549 0x225  CEX  DEX  DECR  4 Params
550 0x226  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_allocate_memory 3 Params
551 0x227  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_free_memory 2 Params
552 0x228  CEX  DEX  DECR  1 Param
553 0x229  CEX  DEX  DECR  void
554 0x22A  CEX  DEX  DECR  void
555 0x22B  CEX  DEX  DECR  void
556 0x22C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_get_device_speed 3 Params, , , out:uint8_t[1]
557 0x22D  CEX  DEX  DECR  5 Params
558 0x22E  CEX  DEX  DECR  3 Params
559 0x22F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_usbd_register_extra_ldd 6 Params
#sys_gl819 Syscalls Cardcontroller cf/sd/mmc/sm/ms
560 0x230  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
561 0x231  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 1 Param: out:uint8_t [4] (cf/sd/mmc/sm/ms flag availability from hw config)
562 0x232  CEX  DEX  DECR  root gets MultiCardReader Firmware Version: syscall(0x232, out:uint8_t [2])
563 0x233  CEX  DEX  DECR 
564 0x234  CEX  DEX  DECR 
565 0x235  CEX  DEX  DECR 
566 0x236  CEX  DEX  DECR 
567 0x237  CEX  DEX  DECR 
568 0x238  CEX  DEX  DECR 
569 0x239  CEX  DEX  DECR 
#PAD Manager Syscalls PAD related
570 0x23A  CEX  DEX  DECR 
571 0x23B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_pad_ldd_unregister_controller int sys_pad_ldd_unregister_controller ( int32_t handle)
572 0x23C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_pad_ldd_data_insert int sys_pad_ldd_data_insert (int32_t handle, cellpaddata* data /* uint8_t[0x84] */)
573 0x23D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_pad_dbg_ldd_set_data_insert_mode int sys_pad_dbg_ldd_set_data_insert_mode ( int32_t handle, 0x100, uint32_t* mode , 4)
574 0x23E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_pad_ldd_register_controller int sys_pad_ldd_register_controller/sys_pad_dbg_ldd_register_controller ( uint8_t[0x114] /* struct */, int32_t* out, 5, uint32_t device_capability<<1)
575 0x23F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_pad_ldd_get_port_no int sys_pad_ldd_get_port_no (int32_t handle)
577 0x241  CEX  DEX  DECR  root PM sys_pad_manager_.... int sys_pad_manager_.... (int8_t device_number?)
#sys_bluetooth Syscalls
578 0x242  CEX  DEX  DECR 
579 0x243  CEX  DEX  DECR 
580 0x244  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
581 0x245  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
582 0x246  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
583 0x247  CEX  DEX  DECR  root gets Bluetooth Firmware Version: syscall(0x247, out:uint8_t [2])
584 0x248  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
585 0x249  CEX  DEX  DECR 
586 0x24A  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0x80010003
587 0x24B  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
588 0x24C  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0x80010003
589 0x24D  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0x80010003
590 0x24E  CEX  DEX  DECR  root bt_set_device_info()
591 0x24F  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0
592 0x250  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0
593 0x251  CEX  DEX  DECR  root getting bluetooth address
594 0x252  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0x80010003
595 0x253  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0x80010003
596 0x254  CEX  DEX  DECR  return 0x80010003
597 0x255  CEX  DEX  DECR  bt_cancel_connect_accept_controller(),deprecated
598 0x256  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 0 Param
599 0x257  CEX  DEX  DECR  root 2 Params: out:uint8_t[2], out:uint8_t[2]
#sys_storage Syscalls (600-623+837+838)
600 0x258  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_storage_open int sys_storage_open(uint64_t id, int mode, int *fd, int flags) mode=0,flags=0
601 0x259  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_close int sys_storage_close(int fd)
602 0x25A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_read int sys_storage_read(int fd, int mode?, uint32_t start_sector, uint32_t sectors, uint8_t *bounce_buf, uint32_t *sectors_read, uint64_t flags) mode?=0
603 0x25B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_write
604 0x25C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_send_device_command 6 Params:
605 0x25D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_async_configure int sys_storage_async_configure(uint32_t fd, sys_io_buffer_t io_buffer, sys_event_queue_t equeue_id, int *unknown)
606 0x25E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_async_read int sys_storage_async_read(int fd, int unknown_1, uint32_t start_sector, uint32_t sectors, sys_io_block_t bounce_buf, uint64_t user_data, int unknown_2) unknown_1=0, unknown_2=0
607 0x25F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_async_write 7 Params:
608 0x260  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_async_cancel 2 Params
609 0x261  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_storage_get_device_info int sys_storage_get_device_info(uint64_t device, uint8_t *buffer), buffer[40]=total sectors,buffer[48]=sector size,buffer[53]=writable
610 0x262  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_storage_get_device_config 2 Params: int sys_storage_get_device_config(uint64_t device, uint8_t *config) ?
611 0x263  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_storage_report_devices 4 Params:
612 0x264  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_storage_configure_medium_event 3 Params
613 0x265  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_set_medium_polling_interval 2 Params
614 0x266  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_create_region
615 0x267  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_delete_region int sys_storage_delete_region(uint32_t dev_id,uint64_t index);
616 0x268  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_execute_device_command sys_storage_execute_device_command(uint32_t dev_handle, uint64_t cmd, const void *cmdbuf, uint64_t cmdbuf_size, void *databuf, uint64_t databuf_size, uint64_t *unknown)
617 0x269  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_check_region_acl alias int sys_storage_get_region_acl(device_id, region_id, index, authority, mask);
618 0x26A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_set_region_acl int sys_storage_set_region_acl(device_id, region_id, authority, permission);
619 0x26B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_async_send_device_command sys_storage_async_send_device_command(uint32_t dev_handle, uint64_t cmd, const void *cmdbuf, uint64_t cmdbuf_size, void *databuf, uint64_t databuf_size, uint64_t *unknown)
620 0x26C  CEX  DEX  DECR  root hid ldd if, kb/mouse/pad.... (param1: ?,0,1,2 or 3;param2;param3;param4;param5)
621 0x26D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_gamepad_ycon_if syscall(621,packet_id,uint8_t *in,uint8_t *out) Talk:LV2_Functions_and_Syscalls#Syscall_621_.280x26D.29 gamepad_if usage
622 0x26E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_storage_get_region_offset
623 0x26F  DECR  sys_storage_set_emulated_speed
#sys_io Syscalls (624-627)
624 0x270  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_io_buffer_create int sys_io_buffer_create(int io_block_count, int block_size, int blocks, int unknown_3, sys_io_buffer_t *io_buffer)
625 0x271  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_io_buffer_destroy int sys_io_buffer_destroy(sys_io_buffer_t io_buffer)
626 0x272  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_io_buffer_allocate int sys_io_buffer_allocate(sys_io_buffer_t io_buffer, sys_io_block_t *block)
627 0x273  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_io_buffer_free int sys_io_buffer_free(sys_io_buffer_t io_buffer, sys_io_block_t block)
#sys_gpio Syscalls (630-631)
630 0x276  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_gpio_set int sys_gpio_set (uint64_t device_id, uint64_t mask, uint64_t value)
631 0x277  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_gpio_get int sys_gpio_get (uint64_t device_id, uint64_t *value)
#sys_fsw Syscalls (633-634)
633 0x279  DECR  sys_fsw_connect_event int sys_fsw_connect_event(sys_event_queue_t eq_id)
634 0x27A  DECR  sys_fsw_disconnect_event int sys_fsw_disconnect_event(void)
#Bluetooth Syscalls
635 0x27B  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_btsetting_if? 2 Params: uint64_t packet_id (0=init,1=finalize,....27) , uint8_t buffer
636 0x27C  CEX  DEX  DECR  root (BT Database Lookup)
637 0x27D  CEX  DEX  DECR  root BT dev list related, syscall(0x27d, out:uint8_t[0x100])
638 0x27E  CEX  DEX  DECR  root BT related, 3 Params: packet_id (<7), input, output?
#USB Bluetooth Audio Syscalls (639-649)
639 0x27F  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!" (seems Sony doesnt want/like USB Bluetooth Audio transmitter/receiver)
640 0x280  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
641 0x281  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
642 0x282  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
643 0x283  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
644 0x284  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
645 0x285  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
646 0x286  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
647 0x287  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
648 0x288  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
649 0x289  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!"
#RSX Audio Syscalls (650-x)
650 0x28A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_initialize int sys_rsxaudio_initialize(out:uint8[4])
651 0x28B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_finalize 1 Params
652 0x28C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_import_shared_memory 2 Params
653 0x28D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_unimport_shared_memory 2 Params
654 0x28E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_create_connection 1 Params
655 0x28F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_close_connection 1 Params
656 0x290  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_prepare_process 1 Params
657 0x291  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_start_process 1 Params
658 0x292  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_ 1 Params
659 0x293  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsxaudio_ 3 Params
#sys_rsx Syscalls (666-667)
666 0x29A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_device_open 1 Param
667 0x29B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_device_close
668 0x29C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_memory_allocate
669 0x29D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_memory_free
670 0x29E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_context_allocate
671 0x29F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_context_free
672 0x2A0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_context_iomap
673 0x2A1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_context_iounmap
674 0x2A2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_context_attribute
675 0x2A3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_device_map
676 0x2A4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_device_unmap
677 0x2A5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_rsx_attribute
678 0x2A6  DEX   DECR 
679 0x2A7  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
#Bluetooth USB Audio Syscalls (680-696)
680 0x2A8  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
681 0x2A9  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
682 0x2AA  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
683 0x2AB  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
684 0x2AC  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
685 0x2AD  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
686 0x2AE  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
687 0x2AF  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
688 0x2B0  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
689 0x2B1  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
690 0x2B2  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
691 0x2B3  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
692 0x2B4  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
693 0x2B5  CEX  DEX  DECR  root
694 0x2B6  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!" (usbbtaudio)
695 0x2B7  CEX  DEX  DECR  "deprecated!" (usbbtaudio)
696 0x2B8  CEX  DEX  DECR  root bt audio interface, packetid 0-4 (0= GetSinkConfig)
#sys_bdemu Syscalls (699)
699 0x2BB  DEX   DECR  sys_bdemu_send_command sys_bdemu_send_command(cmd, unused, unk1, result_buffer, result_buffer_len)
cmd 0: returns BDemu usb DeviceID
cmd 1: eject image (unk1 and result_buffer must be 0)
cmd 2: format bdemu hdd?
#sys_net Syscalls (700-726)
700 0x2BC  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_accept int sys_net_bnet_accept (int s, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t *paddrlen ) // s = socket descriptor
701 0x2BD  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_bind int sys_net_bnet_bind ( int s, const struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addrlen )
702 0x2BE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_connect int sys_net_bnet_connect ( int s, const struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addrlen )
703 0x2BF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_getpeername int sys_net_bnet_getpeername ( int s, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t *paddrlen )
704 0x2C0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_getsockname int sys_net_bnet_getsockname ( int s, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t *paddrlen )
705 0x2C1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_getsockopt int sys_net_bnet_getsockopt ( int s, int level, int optname, void *optval, socklen_t *optlen )
706 0x2C2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_listen int sys_net_bnet_listen ( int s, int backlog )
707 0x2C3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_recvfrom int sys_net_bnet_recvfrom ( int s, void *buf, size_t len, int flags, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t *paddrlen )
708 0x2C4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_recvmsg int sys_net_bnet_recvmsg ( int s, struct msghdr *msg, int flags )
709 0x2C5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_sendmsg int sys_net_bnet_sendmsg ( int s, const struct msghdr *msg, int flags )
710 0x2C6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_sendto int sys_net_bnet_sendto ( int s, const void *buf, size_t len, int flags, const struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addrlen )
711 0x2C7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_setsockop int sys_net_bnet_setsockop ( int s, int level, int optname, const void *optval, socklen_t optlen )
712 0x2C8  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_shutdown int sys_net_bnet_shutdown ( int s, int how )
713 0x2C9  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_socket int sys_net_bnet_socket ( int family, int type, int protocol )
714 0x2CA  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_close int sys_net_bnet_close ( int fd )
715 0x2CB  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_poll
716 0x2CC  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_select
717 0x2CD  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_open_dump int sys_net_open_dump ( int len, int flags )
718 0x2CE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_read_dump int sys_net_read_dump ( int id, void *buf, int len, int *pflags )
719 0x2CF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_close_dump int sys_net_close_dump ( int id, int *pflags )
720 0x2D0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_write_dump int sys_net_write_dump ( char *buf )
721 0x2D1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_abort int sys_net_abort (packet id <5: 0=abort socket,1=abort resolver ), sys_net_thread_id_t tid/int socket_descriptor, int flags )
722 0x2D2  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_infoctl
723 0x2D3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_control
724 0x2D4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_ioctl
725 0x2D5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_bnet_sysctl
726 0x2D6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_net_eurus_post_command int sys_net_eurus_post_command(uint16_t cmd, uint8_t *cmdbuf, uint64_t cmdbuf_size) Hypervisor_Reverse_Engineering#Commands_2 Commands
#lv2Fs Syscalls (801-834)
800 0x320  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_test int sys_fs_test(packetid < 7 (6 tests) ,0,*deviceid,4,uint8* out[0x420],0x420)
801 0x321  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_open CellFsErrno sys_fs_open(const char *path, int flags, int *fd, uint64_t mode, const void *arg, uint64_t size);
802 0x322  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_read CellFsErrno sys_fs_read(int fd, void *buf, uint64_t nbytes, uint64_t *nread);
803 0x323  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_write CellFsErrno sys_fs_write(int fd, const void *buf, uint64_t nbytes, uint64_t *nwrite);
804 0x324  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_close CellFsErrno sys_fs_close(int fd);
805 0x325  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_opendir CellFsErrno sys_fs_opendir(const char *path, int *fd);
806 0x326  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_readdir CellFsErrno sys_fs_readdir(int fd, CellFsDirent *dir, uint64_t *nread);
807 0x327  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_closedir CellFsErrno sys_fs_closedir(int fd);
808 0x328  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_stat CellFsErrno sys_fs_stat(const char *path, CellFsStat *sb);
809 0x329  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_fstat CellFsErrno sys_fs_fstat(int fd, CellFsStat *sb);
810 0x32A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_link int sys_fs_link(char const*, char const*)
811 0x32B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_mkdir CellFsErrno sys_fs_mkdir(const char *path, CellFsMode mode);
812 0x32C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_rename CellFsErrno sys_fs_rename(const char *from, const char *to);
813 0x32D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_rmdir CellFsErrno sys_fs_rmdir(const char *path);
814 0x32E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_unlink CellFsErrno sys_fs_unlink(const char *path);
815 0x32F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_utime CellFsErrno sys_fs_utime(const char *path, const CellFsUtimbuf *timep);
816 0x330  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_access int sys_fs_access(char cont*, int)
817 0x331  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_fcntl int sys_fs_fcntl(int, int, void *, unsigned long)
818 0x332  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_lseek CellFsErrno sys_fs_lseek(int fd, int64_t offset, int whence, uint64_t *pos);
819 0x333  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_fdatasync int sys_fs_datasync(int)
820 0x334  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_fsync CellFsErrno sys_fs_fsync(int fd);
821 0x335  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_fget_block_size int sys_fs_fget_block_size(int, unsigned long *, unsigned long *, unsigned long *, int *)
822 0x336  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_get_block_size int sys_fs_get_block_size(char const*, unsigned long *, unsigned long *, unsigned long *)
823 0x337  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_acl_read int sys_fs_acl_read(char const*, CellFsAcl *)
824 0x338  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_acl_write int sys_fs_acl_read(char const*, CellFsAcl *)
825 0x339  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_lsn_get_cda_size int sys_fs_lsn_get_cda_size(int, unsigned long *)
826 0x33A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_lsn_get_cda int sys_fs_lsn_get_cda(int, CellFsCda *, unsigned long, unsigned long *)
827 0x33B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_lsn_lock int sys_fs_lsn_lock(int)
828 0x33C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_lsn_unlock int sys_fs_lsn_unlock(int)
829 0x33D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_lsn_read int sys_fs_lsn_read(int, CellFsCda const*, unsigned long)
830 0x33E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_lsn_write int sys_fs_lsn_write(int, CellFsCda const*, unsigned long)
831 0x33F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_truncate CellFsErrno sys_fs_truncate(const char *path, uint64_t size);
832 0x340  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_ftruncate CellFsErrno sys_fs_ftruncate(int fd, uint64_t size);
833 0x341  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_symbolic_link int sys_fs_symbolic_link(char const*, char const*)
834 0x342  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_chmod CellFsErrno sys_fs_chmod(const char *path, CellFsMode mode);
835 0x343  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_chown int sys_fs_chown(char const*, int, int)
836 0x344  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_newfs int sys_fs_newfs(char const* deviceName, char const*, int, char const**)
837 0x345  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_mount int sys_fs_mount(char const* deviceName, char const*, char const*, int, int, int, char const**)
Example: Device Name (e.g CELL_FS_IOS:BUILTIN_FLSH1), Device File System (e.g CELL_FS_FAT), Device Path (e.g. /dev_flash), 0, Write Protection (0 or 1), 0, 0, 0
838 0x346  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_unmount int sys_fs_unmount(char const*, int, int)
Parameters: Device Path (e.g. /dev_flash)
839 0x347  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_sync int sys_fs_sync(const char *dir) Parameter: Device Path (e.g. /dev_hdd0)
840 0x348  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_disk_free int sys_fs_disk_free(char const*, unsigned long *, unsigned long *)
841 0x349  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_get_mount_info_size int sys_fs_get_mount_info_size(unsigned long *)
842 0x34A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_get_mount_info int sys_fs_get_mount_info(CellFsMountInformation *, unsigned long, unsigned long *)
843 0x34B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_get_fs_info_size int sys_fs_get_fs_info_size(unsigned long *)
844 0x34C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_get_fs_info int sys_fs_get_fs_info(ulong, ulong*, CellFsInfo *)
845 0x34D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_mapped_allocate int sys_fs_mapped_allocate(int, unsigned long, void **)
846 0x34E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_mapped_free int sys_fs_mapped_free(int, void *)
847 0x34F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_fs_truncate2 int sys_fs_ftruncate2(int fd, uint64_t size);
#process socket service syscalls (861-864)
860 0x35C  CEX  DEX  DECR  AuthID syscall_sys_ss_get_cache_of_analog_sunset_flag int syscall_sys_ss_get_cache_of_analog_sunset_flag(out:uint8_t[1])
861 0x35D  CEX  DEX  DECR  root gamesave_storage_manager_if(uint32_t packetid (0-0x13), uint8_t buf[0xB8], const char* path, int32_t len, int32_t unk2, int32_t unk3, 0, 0);
862 0x35E  CEX  DEX  DECR  root vtrm_manager_if (Interface)
863 0x35F  CEX  DEX  DECR  root update_manager_if (Interface)
864 0x360  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg storage_manager_if (Interface)
#sys_ss/sys_get Syscalls (865-879)
865 0x361  CEX  DEX  DECR  root AuthID sys_ss_random_number_generator int sys_ss_random_number_generator(id,buffer,size), alias sys_get_random_number
866 0x362  CEX  DEX  DECR  root secure_rtc_manager_if (Interface)
867 0x363  CEX  DEX  DECR  root aim_manager_if (Interface)
868 0x364  CEX  DEX  DECR  root / dbg AuthID indi_info_manager_if (Interface)
869 0x365  CEX  DEX  DECR  root fdm_manager_if ?
870 0x366  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_get_console_id int sys_ss_get_console_id(uint8_t *buf) //returns IDPS in buf
871 0x367  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_ss_access_control_engine 3 params (1,sys_pid_t,out:uint8_t [8]) / (2 or 3,out:uint8_t [8],0)
872 0x368  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_get_open_psid int sys_ss_get_open_psid(CellSsOpenPSID *ptr) ; typedef struct CellSsOpenPSID { uint64_t high; uint64_t low;}
873 0x369  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_get_cache_of_product_mode int sys_ss_get_cache_of_product_mode(uint8_t *ptr [1]);
874 0x36A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_get_cache_of_flash_ext_flag int sys_ss_get_cache_of_flash_ext_flag(uint8_t *flag [1])
875 0x36B  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_get_boot_device int sys_ss_get_boot_device(uint8_t * buf [8]);
876 0x36C  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_disc_access_control 2Params: 0x20000(=get_disc_access_control),uint32_t * disc_access / 0x20001(=set_disc_access_control),1
877 0x36D  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_ss_~utoken_if syscall(877,0x25003=Decrypt or 0x25004 or 0x25005=Encrypt or 0x25006=(copy syscall table to user), uint8_t *token, 0xC50 (size)), user_token_manager_if
878 0x36E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_ad_sign syscall(878, 0x26001, in_buffer[0x14], out_buffer[0x80])
879 0x36F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_ss_media_id syscall(879, 0x10001, out_buffer[0x10])
#sys_deci3 Syscalls (880-884)
880 0x370  DEX   DECR  sys_deci3_open int sys_deci3_open(sys_deci3_protocol_t protocol, sys_deci3_port_t port, void *option, sys_deci3_session_t * session_id);
881 0x371  DEX   DECR  sys_deci3_create_event_path int sys_deci3_create_event_path(sys_deci3_session_t session_id, size_t bufsize, sys_event_queue_t event_queue_id);
882 0x372  DEX   DECR  sys_deci3_close int sys_deci3_close(sys_deci3_session_t session_id);
883 0x373  DEX   DECR  sys_deci3_send int sys_deci3_send(sys_deci3_session_t session_id, uint8_t * buf, __CSTD size_t size);
884 0x374  DEX   DECR  sys_deci3_receive int sys_deci3_receive(sys_deci3_session_t session_id, uint8_t * buf, __CSTD size_t size);
885 0x375  DECR  sys_deci3_open2
889 0x379  DECR  root sys_
890 0x37A sys_deci3_initialize
891 0x37B sys_deci3_terminate
892 0x37C sys_deci3_debug_mode
893 0x37D sys_deci3_show_status
894 0x37E sys_deci3_echo_test
895 0x37F sys_deci3_send_dcmp_packet
896 0x380 sys_deci3_dump_cp_register
897 0x381 sys_deci3_dump_cp_buffer
899 0x383 sys_deci3_test
#sys_dbg Syscalls (900-970)
900 0x384  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_stop_processes 2 params: sys_pid_t pid, 1
901 0x385  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_continue_processes
902 0x386  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_stop_threads 2 params: in/out, len
903 0x387  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_continue_threads 2 params: uint64_t *inbuff, int length(0 or ... or 8)
904 0x388  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_read_process_memory int sys_dbg_read_process_memory(sys_pid_t pid, uint64_t process_ea, uint32_t size, void* data)
905 0x389  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_write_process_memory int sys_dbg_write_process_memory(sys_pid_t pid, uint64_t process_ea, uint32_t size, const void* data)
906 0x38A  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_read_thread_register 3 Params: uint8_t [0x10], uint64_t *, uint8_t[0x10]
907 0x38B  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_write_thread_register
908 0x38C  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_process_list int sys_dbg_get_process_list(sys_pid_t* pids, uint64_t* max, uint64_t* count)
909 0x38D  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_thread_list int sys_dbg_get_thread_list( sys_pid_t pid, sys_ppu_thread_t* ids, uint64_t* ids_num, uint64_t* all_ids_num)
910 0x38E  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_thread_info 2 Params: uint8_t * [0x10] {type,thread id?}, uint8_t [0x80]
1 spu_thread
2 spu_thread_group
0 ppu_thread
911 0x38F  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_spu_thread_read_from_ls 4 Params: spu thread id,, size, uint8_t[size]
912 0x390  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_spu_thread_write_to_ls
913 0x391  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_kill_process int sys_dbg_kill_process(sys_pid_t pid)
914 0x392  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_process_info int sys_dbg_get_process_info(sys_pid_t pid, sys_process_info_t* info)
915 0x393  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_set_run_control_bit_to_spu
916 0x394  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_spu_thread_get_exception_cause
917 0x395  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_create_kernel_event_queue
918 0x396  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_read_kernel_event_queue
919 0x397  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_destroy_kernel_event_queue
920 0x398  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_process_event_ctrl_flag
921 0x399  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_set_process_event_cntl_flag
922 0x39A  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_spu_thread_group_event_cntl_flag
923 0x39B  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_set_spu_thread_group_event_cntl_flag
924 0x39C  DEX   DECR 
925 0x39D  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_raw_spu_list
926 0x39E  DEX   DECR 
927 0x3A0  DEX   DECR 
928 0x3A1  DEX   DECR 
929 0x3A2  DEX   DECR 
930 0x3A3  DEX   DECR 
931 0x3A4  DEX   DECR 
932 0x3A4  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_mutex_list
933 0x3A5  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_mutex_information int sys_dbg_get_mutex_information(sys_pid_t id, sys_mutex_t id, sys_dbg_mutex_information_t* info )
934 0x3A6  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_cond_list
935 0x3A7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_cond_information int sys_dbg_get_cond_information ( sys_pid_t id, sys_cond_t id, sys_dbg_cond_information_t* info )
936 0x3A8  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_rwlock_list
937 0x3A9  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_rwlock_information int sys_dbg_get_rwlock_information ( sys_pid_t id, sys_rwlock_t id, sys_dbg_rwlock_information_t* info )
938 0x3AA  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_lwmutex_list
939 0x3AB  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_address_from_dabr int sys_dbg_get_address_from_dabr ( sys_pid_t id, uint64_t* addr, uint64_t* ctrl_flag )
940 0x3AC  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_set_address_to_dabr int sys_dbg_set_address_to_dabr ( sys_pid_t id, uint64_t addr, uint64_t ctrl_flag )
941 0x3AD  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_lwmutex_information int sys_dbg_get_lwmutex_information ( sys_pid_t id, sys_lwmutex_pseudo_id_t id, sys_dbg_lwmutex_information_t* info )
942 0x3AE  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_event_queue_list
943 0x3AF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_event_queue_information int sys_dbg_get_event_queue_information ( sys_pid_t id, sys_event_queue_t id, sys_dbg_event_queue_information_t* info )
944 0x3B0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_initialize_ppu_exception_handler int sys_dbg_initialize_ppu_exception_handler( sys_event_queue_t * equeue_id)
945 0x3B1  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg sys_dbg_finalize_ppu_exception_handler int sys_dbg_finalize_ppu_exception_handler ( sys_event_queue_t equeue_id )
946 0x3B2  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_semaphore_list
947 0x3B3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_semaphore_information int sys_dbg_get_semaphore_information (sys_pid_t id, sys_semaphore_t id, sys_dbg_semaphore_information_t* info )
948 0x3B4  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_kernel_thread_list
949 0x3B5  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_kernel_thread_info
950 0x3B6  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_lwcond_list
951 0x3B7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_lwcond_information int sys_dbg_get_lwcond_information (sys_pid_t id, sys_lwcond_pseudo_id_t id, sys_dbg_lwcond_information_t* info )
952 0x3B8  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_create_scratch_data_area_ext
953 0x3B9  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_vm_get_page_information int sys_dbg_vm_get_page_information (sys_pid_t id, sys_addr_t addr, unsigned int num, sys_vm_page_information_t *pageinfo )
954 0x3BA  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_vm_get_info
955 0x3BB  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_enable_floating_point_enabled_exception int sys_dbg_enable_floating_point_enabled_exception ( sys_ppu_thread_t id )
956 0x3BC  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_disable_floating_point_enabled_exception int sys_dbg_disable_floating_point_enabled_exception ( sys_ppu_thread_t id )
957 0x3BD  CEX  DEX  DECR  dbg 3 Params: sys_pid_t?, uint8_t [ *0x10 ], uint32_t * out_count
959 0x3BF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_(send event flags?) 4 Params: id, uint64_t,uint64_t,uint64_t
960 0x3C0  DECR  sys_control_performance_monitor? int sys_control_performance_monitor? (int id, 0 / *out ) - Controls Performance Monitor on the Cell Broadband Engine syscall
961 0x3C1  DECR 
962 0x3C2  DECR 
963 0x3C3  DECR 
964 0x3C4  DECR 
965 0x3C5  DECR 
966 0x3C6  DECR 
967 0x3C7  DECR 
968 0x3C8  DECR 
969 0x3C9  DECR 
970 0x3CA  DEX   DECR  sys_dbg_get_event_flag_list
971 0x3CB  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_get_event_flag_information int sys_dbg_get_event_flag_information ( sys_pid_t id, sys_event_flag_t id, sys_dbg_event_flag_information_t* info )
972 0x3CC  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_(send event flags?) 1 Param: uint8_t [0x48]
973 0x3CD  DEX   DECR 
974 0x3CE  CEX  DEX  DECR  sc(0x3CE, in:(ppu)thread_id, out:uint8_t[0x440])
975 0x3CF  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_dbg_read_spu_thread_context2 int sys_dbg_read_spu_thread_context2( sys_spu_thread_t id, sys_dbg_spu_thread_context2_t* spu_context )
976 0x3D0  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_crypto_engine_create int sys_crypto_engine_create(sys_pid_t* id);
977 0x3D1  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_crypto_engine_destroy int sys_crypto_engine_destroy(sys_pid_t id);
978 0x3D2  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_crypto_engine_hasher_prepare int sys_crypto_engine_hasher_prepare(sys_pid_t id, int32_t hash_key_index); /* uses HMAC-SHA1 with key size of 0x14 bytes, keys are generated by VTRM (master) */
979 0x3D3  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_crypto_engine_hasher_run int sys_crypto_engine_hasher_run(sys_pid_t id, const void* data, uint32_t data size); /* splits data by chunks of 0x400 bytes max */
980 0x3D4  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_crypto_engine_hasher_get_hash int sys_crypto_engine_hasher_get_hash(sys_pid_t id, void* buffer, uint32_t max_buffer_size /* >= 0x14 */);
981 0x3D5  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_crypto_engine_cipher_prepare int sys_crypto_engine_cipher_prepare(sys_pid_t id, int32_t hash_key_index, int32_t mode /* 1:encrypt, 2:decrypt */, int32_t cipher_key_index, const void* iv, uint32_t iv_size); /* uses AES-CBC-128, keys are generated by VTRM (master) */
982 0x3D6  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_crypto_engine_cipher_run int sys_crypto_engine_cipher_run(sys_pid_t id, const void* input, void* output, uint32_t data_size); /* splits data by chunks of 0x400 bytes max */
983 0x3D7  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_crypto_engine_cipher_get_hash int sys_crypto_engine_cipher_get_hash(sys_pid_t id, void* buffer, uint32_t max_buffer_size /* >= 0x14 */);
984 0x3D8  CEX  DEX  DECR  sys_crypto_engine_random_generate int sys_crypto_engine_random_generate(void* buffer, uint32_t max_buffer_size /* >= 0x10 */);
985 0x3D9  CEX  DEX  DECR  root sys_dbg_get_console_type? returns Console Type, syscall(985,uint64_t * type)
986 0x3DA  CEX  DEX  DECR  root dbg seems to return Game Application Title ID , syscall(986,out:uint8[0x40])
987 0x3DB  CEX  DEX  DECR  root syscall(987,0 or 1, uint64_t data), example: 0, 0x8000100000020000 (no root flags required)
example: 1, uint64_t data (requires root flags AND QA-Enabled, sends data to vsh process)
988 0x3DC  CEX  sys_dbg_(something)_ppu_exception_handler 2 Params: syscall(988,int i,0) , i <0x10 (1 or 4 or 8 or 0x10)
989 0x3DD  CEX  DEX  DECR  2 Params: syscall(989, (spu) thread_id ,out:uint8[0x20])

Network Syscalls

Networking uses LV2_Functions_and_Syscalls#sys_net_Syscalls syscalls 700-726

File Syscalls


Name Value


Name Structure Packed
cellFsStat s32 st_mode; s32 st_uid; s32 st_gid; u64 st_access_time; u64 st_modify_time; u64 st_create_time; u64 st_size; u64 st_blksize; yes
cellFsUtimbuf u64 access_time; u64 modify_time; no
cellFsDirent u8 d_type; u8 d_namlen; char d_name[256]; no

Filesystem Syscalls

Filesystem uses LV2_Functions_and_Syscalls#lv2Fs_Syscalls syscalls 700-726

Unofficial Syscalls added

See also : Syscalls, what they mean for you and for multiMAN

since 3.55 Sony fixed memory region restrictions and Write and Execute access permissions so that's why lv1 peek (lv2_lv1_peek - graf_chokolo) and lv1 poke (lv2_lv1_poke - graf_chokolo) were created.

Number Function - Added by Notes
6 lv2_peek - PL3-DEV, PSGroove v1.1, Payloader3 / (4.2x peek) r3 is a 64 bit address to read. A 64 bit value will be returned in r3
7 lv2_poke - PL3-DEV, PSGroove v1.1, Payloader3 / (4.2x poke) r4 is a 64 bit value. r3 is the address to write that value to.
8 lv2_lv1_peek - graf_chokolo / (4.3x peek) r3 is a 64 bit address to read. A 64 bit value will be returned in r3
8 Peek - ps3cobra r3 is a 64 bit address to read. A 64 bit value will be returned in r3
8 Remapper - Hermes4 redirections of any paths, including /dev_usb for AVCHD HDD
9 lv2_lv1_poke - graf_chokolo / (4.3x poke) r4 is a 64 bit value. r3 is the address to write that value to.
10 lv2_lv1_peek - jfw 'bad idea' r3 is a 64 bit address to read. A 64 bit value will be returned in r3
10 lv2_lv1_call - rebug r10 is the lv1 syscall number. The registers r3 - r9 are arguments.
11 lv2_lv1_poke - jfw 'bad idea' r4 is a 64 bit value. r3 is the address to write that value to.
35 Remapper - PL3, PSGroove, PSFreedom syscall_35 (char *old_path, char *new_path);
36 Remapper - Hermes, PSJailbreak / (4.2x BD-Emulator) hardcoded /dev_bdvd & /app_home remapping
200 Run_Payload - Payloader3
201 Alloc - Payloader3
200 sys_dbg_read_process_memory - CCAPI
201 sys_dbg_write_process_memory - CCAPI
202 Free - Payloader3
203 lv2_peek - CCAPI
204 lv2_poke - CCAPI

Note: LV1: Peek and Poke support uses unused LV1 call 182 and 183

See also: