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<!-- Add News Below -->
<!-- Add News Below -->
* 01/02/2014 - <abbr title="Reason for this is with over 850 articles pages they have become to deeply buried and correlation/binding between them is becoming vague. Testing ground is the [[Talk:Main Page]] for now, the current mainpage should not be changed until work is complete (and archived for people still wanting to use that instead)">After experience with [http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/ PS4] start converting PS3 to same templated system</abbr> - [[User:Euss|euss]]
* 31/12/2020 - Ending maintenance duties for all wikis by [[User:Roxanne|Roxanne]].
* 16/01/2012 - Started adding Homebrew to the wiki.
* 09/10/2020 - [https://playstationdev.wiki/ps5devwiki/ PS5 Developer Wiki] created and hosted by [[User:GregoryRasputin|GregoryRasputin]].
* 11/01/2012 - Started working on Experimental Main Page
* 11/01/2019 - Moving both PS3 and PS4 Wiki to a [[PS3 Developer wiki:Current events|new Server]] with https:// enforced.

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Welcome to the news section! This page lists current news within the PS3 Development scene aswell as new articles on the wiki. Please see Adding an Article For information on adding articles to the news section.

Current News

  • 31/12/2020 - Ending maintenance duties for all wikis by Roxanne.
  • 11/01/2019 - Moving both PS3 and PS4 Wiki to a new Server with https:// enforced.


  • 13 Janurary - Archives added

Adding an Article


  • Format your item as such: dd mmmm - subject line
  • E.g: 01 Janurary - Added News Section
  • Do not make the subject line too large, external links are OK


  • Edit this page
  • Add your item to the top of the "Add News Below" section
  • Cut and paste the last item on this list and place it at the top of the "Add to archives below" section
  • Save your edit, and make sure that it appears fine on the main page