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"Playing games on your PlayStation is fine, but we want to deliver additional features even Sony can't give it to you. This is why we are here and why all this exists." — Roxanne

Reverse Engineering the PlayStation 3 was one of the main goals to create a "PlayStation Developer Wiki"

The goal of is to build an open-collaborative online encyclopedia around the whole PlayStation brand through voluntary authors.

The name PSDevWiki is a portmanteau word of "PlayStation Development" (as with the officially abbreviated "PS" from the company behind the brand, namely Sony)

- standing for all Hackers and Developers around the community tinkering with both Hardware and Software through various PlayStation products - and the word "Wiki",

which is common usage for websites offering an online encyclopedia, where everyone can easily edit articles directly within the webbrowser without the need of any technical knowledge.

Since 2011 - beginning with a wiki created for the PlayStation 3 home console (formely available under - this wiki saw 1,567 articles, 6,101 pages and 78,112 edits contributed from 4,518 users around the world.

While you might want to become an editor today, please note that all textual contents of this wiki, unless explicitly marked otherwise, are released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2.

For newcomers, we also have wikis for other products from the PlayStation family as well. But if you wish to stay here at first, please take also a look at the following important pages, such as at our

Community portal, our Current events for this wiki, addtional informations such as the Privacy policy for using your data while maintaining on your wiki or the General disclaimer and about Copyrights for your edits here on this wiki.

And if you are familiar with editing on a wiki or needing some help, you can always get a good overview at MediaWiki, since all our wikis here are running with their software.

Welcome to, we wish you happy wikify'ing :)