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This "Release Note" is a general overview what has been both changed and improved in the latest maintenance for both PS3 Developer wiki and PS4 Developer Wiki, which got maintained between 05th January and 11th January 2019. This maintenance work is still in process so this means that some improvements are still in work which can take a few hours/days longer (especially for PS4 Developer Wiki) but this overview will kept updated when some work is finished etc. If you find any uncommon Errors - especially when they didn't appeared before the maintenance - then feel free to add them at the Talk page.


  • Both wikis where moved to newer and faster servers with ...
    • More Bandwith
    • More Capacity (although the old server had already enough space)
    • https:// enabled (SSL is forced now)
    • MediaWiki getting updated to the latest Version
    • And boy we have a new <favicon> :P
  • To Do
    • We plan to bring back the (daily) "Backup Function"
    • "Downloads" Section keeps closed
    • Fixing WhosOnline

PS3 Developer wiki

  • New Features
    • With the newer and faster Hardware, the PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List has been fully restored to it's normal status where everyone can add/edit their Game Titles without any Error Outputs as before
      • Previous, you was forced to edit each Template for each Letter separately but those are now obsolete now and deleted
    • Templates are getting updated nearly immediately after a edit, so both registered and un-registered Users will see the same Content (this was very problematic, as you can see here)
      • But if this will happen again Administrators and higher can Clear the Cache for each Page
    • Template:Navbox subgroup has been fixed to avoid Problems with editing Articles within Templates, who uses this Template due to the new MediaWiki update
  • To Do
    • Removing the "Downloads" section by replacing it with the "Backup"-Function, when available
    • (Maybe) Some work is needed with Defective Pages or Files etc. but it seems that after the update from MediaWiki, it needs to check those at first at the background
    • Creating/Editing various Sites such as: Community Portal, Copyrights and Terms of Service
    • News needs to be updated regulary, maybe with results from

PS4 Developer wiki

  • To Do