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Setup Buildroot[edit]

First thing we need to do is setup our buildroot. Most of this is ripped from how-to's around the nets.

  1. Install Dependencies:
    Type This
    $ sudo apt-get install quilt build-essential subversion libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev gawk flex
  2. Clone Gits:
    Type This
    $ mkdir petitboot
    $ cd petitboot
    $ git clone git://
    $ git clone git://
  3. Link packages:
    Type This
    packages to link are in the file ps3_petitboot_howto
  4. Copy the configuration:
    Type This
    $ cp ps3_petitboot_config .config
  5. Build:
    The first time you build, a cross-compiling toolchain will be downloaded and built. This takes a very long time. Subsequent builds are much quicker (~10 minutes).
    Type This
    $ make V=99



you can use / to search in menuconfig (thanks jevin)

  1. cd into package folder
  2. clone my ps3-jupiter fork on github
  3. enable base system -> wireless-tools, kernel modules-> wireless drivers -> kmod-ps3-jupiter, and Network -> wpa-supplicant(if needed see WPA below) as builtin (*) in menuconfig
  4. enable networking support->wireless -> wireless-extensions as builtin (*) in kernel_menuconfig (you should highlight wireless to make all the other options appear)
  5. modify kexec to unmount the new modules also (ps3_jupiter_sta ps3_jupiter)

(If you choose (M) it will be compiled but not included in the dtbImage. Useful for debugging a module that hangs the kernel :D)

Type This
$ cd package
$ git clone git://
$ cd ..
$ make menuconfig
$ make kernel_menuconfig
$ cd target/linux/ps3/petitboot/base-files/etc/init.d
$ nano kexec --modify MODULES="ps3_jupiter_sta ps3_jupiter.."


If you use WPA2 as I do, you can apply these patchs to package/base-files to enable a the generation of a wpa_supplicant.conf file. It will also add 2 lines to rc.local to automatically connect to your router on boot.

  Makefile.patch - -

put those files in package/base-files and apply the patches with

Type This
$ patch < Makefile.patch
$ patch <

you can now enter your SSID and wpa2 PSK in menuconfig and wpa_supplicant.conf will be added to /etc in petitboot.

Compiling petitboot (graf's method)[edit]

  • I use petitboot to install and boot Linux from internal HDD of my PS3.
  • With petitboot, you will be able to install/boot a Linux kernel from USB, HDD, BD or network.
  • Compiling petitboot takes a very long time ( actually, it take a long time during the very first compilation, because it compile the powerpc64 toolchain too, but after that, is you re-launch another compilation, it's "fast" )
  • On my Arch Linux x86 it doesn't build without patches
  • I created a new openwrt git repository which contains my patches and PS3 NOR and VFLASH block device drivers

At this moment, the official GIT server is down :

Type This
$ git clone git://
git clone git://
Type This
$ cd openwrt/package
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/libs/jpeg jpeg
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/libs/libpng libpng
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/libs/libtwin libtwin
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/utils/ps3-utils ps3-utils
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/utils/petitboot petitboot
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/utils/bzip2 bzip2
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/utils/sed sed
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/utils/tar tar
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/utils/less less
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/net/dhcpcd dhcpcd
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/net/wget wget
ln -s ../../openwrt_packages/utils/coreutils coreutils

# link here more packages if you want to

Type This
$ ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/utils/bc bc
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/utils/sg3-utils sg3-utils
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/utils/cifsmount cifsmount
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/net/nmap nmap
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/net/ncftp ncftp
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/mail/mutt mutt
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/devel/make make
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/devel/patch patch
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/libs/db47 db47
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/libs/gdbm gdbm
ln -sf ../../openwrt_packages/libs/libxml2 libxml2
Type This
$ cd ..
cp ps3_petitboot_config_minimal .config
make menuconfig # optional
make kernel_menuconfig # optional
make V=99

Old Source: graf_chokolo @