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==Multiboot PS3 Game Discs==
There is an special type of PS3 game disc that contains 2 EBOOT.BIN with 2 LIC.DAT. This LIC.DAT files are a bit special because they contains the TITLE_ID of both EBOOT.BIN. The first game using this disc structure was: Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection (BLJM91001 on PS3_DISC.SFB)
**ending (beginning of chunks + chunk amounts * chunk size ) at 0x0A00, chunk amounts: 2, title id (BLJM61001) of PS3_GAME at 0x800, title id (BLJM60351)of PS3_GM01 at 0x900.
**debug flag, ending at 0x0A00, title id of PS3_GAME at 0x800, title id of PS3_GM01 at 0x900.

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