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Direct Rambus Technology[edit source]

A PDF from Stanford explains this very well.

Direct Rambus Technology

K4Y50164UE-JCB3 Datasheet[edit source]

A very helpful PDF explaining everything there is to know about this chip.

Backdoor?[edit source]

According to a tweet by (already deleted, source), there is a backdoor in XDR Ram that allows the attacker to write to any place in the memory. 16:40, 27 August 2014‎ User:Zecoxao

without actual tweet hard to discuss... It is in the nature of /XDR/ RAM to be Random Accessable Memory in the first place ;) As long as you stick to that one module at a time. There is no HV/W^X etc on that hardware level (which takes place in the CPU / OS instead) Euss (talk) 12:13, 27 August 2014 (EDT)
sorry about that, should've taken a picture :P i'm not as fast as you when you're awake :) 17:36, 27 August 2014 User:Zecoxao
According to wikipedia: each chip has a low-speed serial bus used to determine its capabilities and configure its interface. This consists of three shared inputs: a reset line (RST), a serial command input (CMD) and a serial clock (SCK), and serial data in/out lines (SDI and SDO) that are daisy-chained together and eventually connect to a single pin on the memory controller. Source 19:25, 27 August 2014 User:NiceShot