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  • The SoftID (Syscon firmware build id) of retail chips is a 1:1 mapping to the syscon model. So each syscon model does have a unique SoftID.
  • Every syscon within a series (CXR, SW, SW2, SW3) is backwards compatible, e.g. every CXR Syscon works on the COK-001, but only 202GB and newer on a COK-002.
  • The SW and the SW2 are not interchangable (because of the CEC handling which uses hardcoded HDMI stuff).
  • The actual platform configuration which defines the board on the which Syscon resides is stored in the EEPROM (CXR) or Flash data section (SW), it can be mapped to the platform id.
  • In theory even the SW(1) chips work on Mullion boards if you adapt them.

Prototype sherwoods

The sherwood table already have a row for D79F0073, should we add a couple more rows for D79F0086 and D79F0123 ?