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Informational Tip
Arcade motherboards have the same hardware as retail units, the only thing's that differ are the missing WiFi/BT subboard and the BD Drive.
Family Model Type SKU
Board CELL BE RSX Notes
Namco System 357A GECR-1100 0x4 2007 COK-002
without WiFi/BT
90nm 90nm Tekken 铁拳
Namco System 357B GECR-1500 0x8 2008 VER-00x
without WiFi/BT
90nm 90nm Consoles Namco uses in their Arcade machines.
Namco System 357C GECR-1500 0x8? 2010 (Japan?)
/ 2011 (Europe?)
without WiFi/BT
90nm? 90nm?
Namco System 369 GECR-2500 0xB 2011 JTP-001
45nm 40nm Also available as GECR-2500CU1
  • Arcade machines don't have a WiFi/BT subboard (The controller is only used wired to USB)
  • Arcade machines do not have a BD Drive (The games are installed via USB )
  • They do have 1x HDMI, 1x VGA & 1x JAMMA (JVS) output
    • "can use HDMI and multiAV out at the same time"
  • The case is a big clunky square box
  • Product Code is 0xA0 /  ARC 
  • GECR model numbers are mentioned in license @ http://www.bandainamcogames.co.jp/am/vg/s357-license/license.php
  • Chassis numbers (system_number-year+region): S357-07J Assy, S357B-08J / E Assy, S357C-10J Assy, S357C-11E Assy, or S369C-11J / E Assy