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Hardware Flashers


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Changed the capcha to simple and added this: Let me know if there are any other extensions that could be handy - defyboy

Thanks - euss


Template:Timeline template


  • Templates

Something looks broken in some templates (e.g. the ones that are using this image:, and some others that are using the other icons that appears at the bottom of ^ those are imports from wikipedia or others.

After looking at most of them... i think all the templates needs a revision/update, i imagine you or other members of the staff are aware of it (there are logs of changes in lot of them), and also i imagine is not an easy task, but there are some easy to fix:

^ all above are new 'experimental' formatted using templates to make sure page structure stays uniform while making auto menus more easier

Some icon templates has been replaced by a new ones with better resolution icons, and the names of the files/templates follows a new "naming convention", the new ones are "icon category xxx"

Also, the names for "icon content xxx" templates has been changed, but not the names of the files (can be erased and uploaded again but this is for paranoid ordering)

Another templates for icons that can follow this "naming convention" are the "icon media xxx" (the 4 templates with tiny disc icons used in emulation page mostly)... and "icon controller xxx" (the dualshock and move buttons that are a lot, but are not used too much in other pages)


Uncomfirmed Filesystem mountpoints

Hi euss.. i found these FS supported by the PS3 on the net. they aren't listed on the wiki:

CELL_FS_DUMMYFS , /host_root , /app_home

CELL_FS_EFAT, /dev_usb000 (what is the difference between this and CELL_FS_FAT?)
CELL_FS_PFAT, /dev_usb000 (what is the difference between this and CELL_FS_FAT?)


Listed on the wiki

i only need to know if they are real or not and what they do.
Here are the Mountpoints that are listed on the wiki maybe a new page with them can be really useful!
Deroad 16:07, 28 June 2012 (MSK)

shop firmware

Euss, have you used 4.3X shop firmware before? As the 4.3X still uses the same method that pre 4.3X firmwares to stub all XMB items except those "sel://" calls, stubbing those is done by the modules which prevent them from working.--Ps3hen 15:34, 19 November 2012 (MSK)

Actually I was referring to CEX/Retail and the default MFW tasks used to add Install Packages. Didnt look far into it, was just glad to see wiki was up, saw your edit and it reminded me of something in my backlog of that day, so I thought, lets add that note before I forget Euss

About the naming of Shop FW. Terms like "SEX" are just pseudonyms, shop firmwares are technically CEX firmwares, they only work on ps3s with a retail (CEX) Target IDs, and the term "shop" is only mentioned in the index.dat, version.txt, vsh.self(update URL). The term "SEX" is never mentioned in Shop FWs. In the UPL.xml, shop FW uses the same <Product> value as retail FW (CEX-ww). I personally think it is incorrect to exclusively refer to retail FW as CEX FW, and then to say shop FW is SEX firmware as if it is SEX is another kind of target ID. It's more correct to say Retail FWand Shop FW and class them both under CEX Firmware, or Firmwares made for CEX consoles. And as a side note, because they are both made for CEX PS3s, it is relatively easy to install either retail or shop fw on a CEX PS3 regardless of which one is already installed. Just generally, naming FWs after target IDs is incorrect, it just so happens that for all PS3 types (except CEX) there is only one FW type which can be used with it.--Ps3hen 09:18, 22 November 2012 (MSK)

The SEX shortcode is just a made up name. It saves you from writing "CEX/Retail patched to Shop/Kiosk/Demonstration by adding promo_flags in root of PUP or a firmware officially downloaded from Shop updater server which updates independant from normal CEX/Retail server" - see also Target ID Euss
I see, well perhaps having a note next to SEX Firmware in the software settings table, just so people understand it's a CEX firmware too. Yes I have seen the Target ID page recently.--Ps3hen 10:18, 22 November 2012 (MSK)


if you have a NAND-Dump of this console, try to get the auth-id's of some selfs, then compare them with the auth-id's of the installed FW (original PUP/ROM), then you know which FW is installed. (e.g vsh (DEX): 10700003FF000001; vsh (CEX): 10700005FF000001)
Regards, Strike Venom 16:25, 16 December 2012 (CET)

Havent looked at authIDs, but I know both ROS where filled with 0.85.009 which is a DEX preretail FW - thus I assumed it was the DEH/cookie13 (it is a cookie13 for sure). But looking at the TargetID 83 made me doubt and it seemed a CEX preretail. Perhaps it is a CEX QA flagged, capable of runnning DEX - like that CBEH.
It could be a special QA Token Flag that allows installing of FW for other Target-IDs or the FW just doesn't check the Target ID. (Or: Maybe it's a preretail CEX FW?; The CBEH (CECH Prototypes) that I know do have CEX Target ID)
Strike Venom
These are the 085.009 AuthIDs
OK, it's the "normal" 085.009 ROM -> Either it's not checking the Target-ID (If you look at the ebootrom structure, there's no way for the installer to determine for which Target ID this Update is) or a special QA-Flag is required.
Update: I asked someone who owns a DEH-H1001-D and he says that the PS3 accepts only DEX Updates (even 4.30+!), so if this is a valid dump from a DEH-H1001-D, there must be something else that allows installing DEX FW on CEX.
Strike Venom

Is it me or DEH-H1001-D (COOKIE-13) 0x1 metldr revision key just changed ? O_o


This is how I have it:
Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
00000000  00 00 2A 7F 12 1D 73 39 4A F2 98 81 F8 D6 B1 8C  ..*...s9Jò˜.øÖ±Œ
00000010  00 00 2A 7F                                      ..*.
00040840  00 00 0E C0 66 45 66 FA 77 88 F8 43 2F B7 AA 62  ...ÀfEfúwˆøC/·ªb
00040850  00 00 0E C0                                      ...À
00080870  00 00 00 01 00 83 00 01                          .....ƒ..
0F000000  00 00 2A 7F 12 1D 73 39 4A F2 98 81 F8 D6 B1 8C  ..*...s9Jò˜.øÖ±Œ
0F000010  00 00 2A 7F                                      ..*.

which is that COOKIE-13 board with  CEX  tid added in [1] Euss br />Euss

OK, it's the "normal" 085.009 ROM -> Either it's not checking the Target-ID (If you look at the ebootrom structure, there's no way for the installer to determine for which Target ID this Update is) or a special QA-Flag is required.

CEB-2030 board pictures MPU-501 / 0-985-062-03

I added some new motherboard pictures (DECR/DEH/CEB), would you be so kind as to create the appropriate motherboard pages for those ?

If you need additional pictures please let me know.

- Mathieulh

done CEB-2030 MPU-501
thanks Euss

Console information template

Hi Euss,
could you add COK-001 (Prototype) to the Console Template?
Strike Venom

Added... Like this? Euss

Yes, thanks :) Strike Venom

maybe if not already working (working on new shared server)




Hello Euss , I want to know from where did you get those , I think it's very interesting and how can we install it ?