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My To Do wiki pages

To fill (by me :P)... list of pages i started or i helped improving them but are not finished yet, with a temporal layout, needs a cleanup, or abandoned temporally for some reason.


Neverending oddisey


Dunno how


I will make a better list when i find some time, sorry

  • About changes in CXML decompiler: yes, correct.

--Flatz (talk) 16:26, 17 November 2014 (EST)

Users suggestions, brainstormings, help, etc...

HDD regions table

ps3dd HDD region is between 8 sectors of padding, in the space leaved empty by resizing ps3da, see how:
The script is a facility to create a next region on free (from regions) space on HDD, with GameOS rights: same script for ALL models, it needs new drivers and new ps3sed.

ps3disk sb_03: accessible region 0 start 0 size 1250263728		//ps3da
ps3disk sb_03: accessible region 1 start 32 size 1212515008		//ps3db
ps3disk sb_03: accessible region 2 start 1212515040 size 4194296	//ps3dc
ps3disk sb_03: accessible region 3 start 1216709344 size 33554376	//ps3dd
ps3disk sb_03: ps3stor_probe_access:132: 4 accessible regions found

32 + 1212515008 = 1212515040		//ps3db end sector
1212515040 + 4194296 = 1216709336	//ps3dc end sector
1216709344 - 1216709336 = 8		//ps3dd begin pad
1216709344 + 33554376 = 1250263720	//ps3dd end sector
1250263728 - 1250263720 = 8		//ps3dd ending pad

note: no gap between GameOS regions
  • I added the padding you point of 0x8 sectors at the end of the table, and i also added some notes out of the table about the differences of padding between official layout and other methods (and maybe differences between NAND/NOR models)... is hard to know or represent in the table because there are differeces in the info people posted (included your displacement of 0x20 sectors before ps3db in your NAND console, that doesnt seems to match the total displacement of 0x18 sectors in graf NOR notes). By now for me this "small" problem with innacurate paddings in the table is fine (no idea if can be solved by modding an script of driver config), overall it looks the whole hdd is mapped so i finished with the table by now, the most important think to know about this areas out of the regions was to be sure if are padding (not other important data) --Sandungas (talk) 19:00, 1 April 2014 (EDT)

This table is copyed from: Hypervisor_Reverse_Engineering#HDD_device (i added the grey rows and usage column). The console was a NOR model (because it has vflash region) and in a firmware under 3.21 (because it has otheros region)

Region Index Start sector Number of sectors Usage
0 0x0 0x950F8B0 whole hdd
0x8 HDD Partition table
1 0x8 0x80000 vflash
0x10 Padding ? (0x80018 - 0x80000 - 0x8 = 0x10)
2 0x80018 0x7C8F898 gameos
0x8 Padding (0x7D0F8B8 - 0x7C8F898 - 0x80018 = 0x8)
3 0x7D0F8B8 0x3FFFF8 gameos cache
0x8 Padding (0x810F8B8 - 0x3FFFF8 - 0x7D0F8B8 = 0x8)
4 0x810F8B8 0x13FFFF8 otheros
5 - - -
6 - - -
7 - - -