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Ireland.png This user lives in Northern Ireland.
This user is male
en This user is a native speaker of English.
Wireless Keyboard This user uses Wireless Keyboard.
Wireless Mouse This user uses Wireless Mouse.
HDMI Cable This user uses HDMI Cable.
1 PS3 Slim This user owns 1 PS3 Slim.
2 PS3 DualShock3's This user owns 2 PS3 DualShock3's.
1 PS3 Sixaxis This user owns 1 PS3 Sixaxis.
2 Move Motion Controller's This user owns 2 Move Motion Controller's.
1 PlayStation Eye This user owns 1 PlayStation Eye.
1 PS2 This user owns 1 PS2 .
1 PS2 DualShock2 This user owns 1 PS2 DualShock2.
1 PS Vita This user owns 1 PS Vita.
4 GB PS Vita Memorycard's This user owns 4 GB PS Vita Memorycard's.
1 PS Vita Gamecard This user owns 1 PS Vita Gamecard.
Userbox beta.png
This user beta tests homebrew.
This user believes in freedom of all types of information for all.
This user provides generic help.