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I was so wight all this time. "Juventus put price tag on Cristiano Ronaldo: 29 million euros" Even Lulalu is worth 5 times than that.



Among traitors 2019 Edition[edit]

Dear Ada,


the end.


weeeeeeë told ya!

Ps4 Pro[edit]

"PlayStation 4 Pro is just rhetoric. The current gen doesn't have enough power to support VR, so they're releasing it to support VR. I'm going to get in trouble again for saying this, aren't I? Microsoft and Sony are going to be on my case for saying shit like this. PS4 Pro is not really their motivation. VR, which is what the upgrade is for, requires a lot of processing power." 板垣 伴信

Ronda Roid[edit]


Ronda + Beyonce Meussi Finalista!

  • Cristina Ronalda Reussey Roid will win easily. Going to watch it. Result = the end.


Maybe you could help me[edit]

Hi Ada! I saw your photos of the DualShock4 disassembled and was wondering if you know anything about the pinout for the touchpad.

Do you think it would be possible to interface with the touchpad using a microcontroller?

If you know anything or can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! :)

Contact me at: [email protected]


The hardware pics/review of the DS4 there are from Frank Zhao for the most of it, the touchpad seems to use an 8bit Atmel mXT223? can t really said from the pic.

I have a PS4 for less than a week (and so a DS4) and ll travel for a while without it.

The touchpad on vita don t seems to be the same (2 atmel 12 bit MXT224 for the rear and front of the PCH-1000 with a die number of AT 25968, atmel MXT224S for the PCH-2000)

  • DataSheet for the MXT224 can be found here

If you get better pics or any infos , thanks to edit any pages you feel, or put it on your user page.

Among traitors[edit]

Dear Ada,


the end.

I'll be back!lies in few months weeks days.--Ada L0ve Lace (talk) 10:32, 26 February 2015 (EST)

You better come back for the semi finals, betting awaits! 22 April 2015 2015 FIFA Women World Cup: done

Adanaldo vs Meussi[edit]

22 March 2015 Barcelona vs Real Madrid

  • 2-1 - meuuuuuussi


  1. Matyrant, Seussarez, Adanaldo scored (and get false positive offside on his assist), Meussi just no.

Real notes: Meussi did the assist on the 1st goal and Meussi is the leader. Meussi 1-0 Adanaldo

cya next time for another clasico!

Ctyriano Adanaldo 38 Meussi 33 i saw it live today 9-1

  • you went to Madrid? to watch Adanaldo? if so, you are traitor and became Adanaldo fan
  • Live from Madrid on Teevee.

Fourth goal Adanaldo is wayyyyy offside. Game was rigged!

  • Meussi : Campéon de la liga española / 41 goals 18 assists / 10 (Champions League)
  • Adanaldo: Loser de la liga española < / 45 goals 16 assists / 10 (Champions League)

Meussi ballon d or Finis/the end Adanaldo is a disgracex2.Costs real la liga (crucial penalty missed)Didnt score to qualify real to the champions league final. Endanaldo


Meussi all-time top scorer in La Liga history with 444 goals.

All time rape 2-8

Ocho, que nos coman el chocho.

El Clásico Part Two 2015/2016[edit]

Date Time / TV Spain.png Time / TV Japan.png Stadium Referee Home Away Result Ada Ezio NiceShot sandungas Tyrant xerpi vapour
April 2, 2016 20:30 04:30 Estadio Camp Nou PUNIETA FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid C.F. 1-2 1-3 3-0 fa:L 2-0 3-2 0-2 3-1

Winners get 4 PsTv 4free 4ever.