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Courtesy to Roxanne

Quotes[edit source]

While working on it ps4 Dev wiki was a lifesaver. I noticed it had a lot of the USB descriptors and such already on there.

Anonymous, 2014 Autumn, speaking about arduino (UnoJoy) / DualShock 4

centralised knowledge is better than putting all your breadcrumbs into thousands of garbage bins or forums
evolving pages are better than sinking forumpages
if you buy a Vita PCH-1x00 you are cheap, if you buy a PCH-2000 you are dumb.

2015, dumb User:Ada_L0ve_Lace

Instead of crying like a child shut up and read ps4devwiki…

AnalysOr December 26, 2015 at 1:00 pm on Wololo forum

baby child