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PlayStation Cloud Service Timelines

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PlayStation Now illustrated at CES 2014

Certain parts (Potentially the entire save) of other users game saves can be accessed. For now only the location of icons is known, although this may change as cloud saving is further documented and researched. There is no indication that the actual saves are stored or protected any differently than the icons, although further testing may prove otherwise. Other users may be able to access your cloud saves or data,and at the moment can access icons among some other things,provided they can correctly determine the location of your save.

US Cloud Saves Stored At:

The USERSPECIFICCODE is the same for every save the user has on the account. It's 32 digits. Based on analysis of multiple users saves, there is no noticeable patterns or formatting within these digits. Its not currently known if its completely randomly generated, or if it has any relation to username, region, ect. If you knew someones psn ID and could calculate these 32 digits, you could conceivably access there saves and cloud data, although accessing icons and configs is the only things that has currently been demonstrated and proven.


PlayStation Beta

Cloud Services

PlayStation Now

Due to any Backwards Compatibility has been removed, PlayStation Now is slated to be release in US for summer 2014 (with internal & external beta before).

The Gaikai streaming technology, using the library of PlayStation games (no titles yet announced) is supported through a PS4, PS Vita, PS3, TV, Tablets, or Smartphones.

PlayStation Now on non-PlayStation hardware, like the Bravia TV, will work with DualShock 3 controller.

It was confirmed that people owners buyers subscribers on PlayStation Now multiplayer games would be able to play with others using more reliable means (e.g.: playing the same game on a PS3 and Blu-ray disc).

Game titles

May 2015 - New titles

Fat Princess F1 2014 Sanctum 2 Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Farming Simulator


PlayStation Now subscription costs (excluding PlayStation PlusPS+ costs):

  • 1 Month : $ 19.99
  • 3 Months : $ 44.99
  • 12 Months : $ 179.96 (extrapolated)

(PlayStation Now demo - The last of us en Bravia TV)

(Hands-on with Sony's PlayStation Now feature)

Open Beta

(PlayStation Now PS4 Open Beta Walkthrough)

PlayStation Now CUSA01697

Others services

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