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{{playable}} Playable The Game works perfect without any noticeable errors.
It works exactly like when you play it on real Sega Saturn Hardware.
{{minorissues}} Minor Issues The Game has some small issues like small flickering, frame drops or glitching graphics.
But the Game itself works fine and you are able to complete the Game successfully without any huge disadvantages for your in-game-progress.
{{majorissues}} Major Issues The Game has several stronger issues like stronger flickering, massive frame drops and not only the graphics are glitching, but the Game itself too.
It works, but it will be a pain for both of your Gaming experience, as probably for your PS4 itself.
{{unplayable}} Unplayable The Game crashes after some in-game-progress (randomly), you can't change Discs when prompted, the screen keeps black or you can't even start the Game at all.
You can't complete the Game successfully to the end even when both the Graphics and Framerates working fine and/or the PS4 will freeze/shutdown by itself.
{{notavailable}} Not Available Only for those Game Titles, which weren't released in certain Regions (for example: Games for the Japanese Market [NTSC-J], which didn't saw a "Western Release").
{{officialsega}} Official The Game has been released from Sony available at the PlayStation Store using the "Sega Saturn SSF Emulator" as a base.
Emulation (talk) Sega Saturn Emulation (talk) [list]
Total Games = 10: 3 Games are "Playable" · 2 Games have "Minor Issues" · 1 Games have "Major Issues" · 1 Games are "Unplayable" · 3 Games are "officially emulated by Sony"