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put your user to user message in this section :)


Among traitors

Dear Ada,


the end.

I'll be back!lies in few weeks months.--Ada L0ve Lace (talk) 10:32, 26 February 2015 (EST)

You better come back for the semi finals, betting awaits! 22 April 2015

Adanaldo vs Meussi

22 March 2015 Barcelona vs Real Madrid

  • 2-1 - meuuuuuussi


  1. Matyrant, Seussarez, Adanaldo scored (and get false positive offside on his assist), Meussi just no.

Real notes: Meussi did the assist on the 1st goal and Meussi is the leader. Meussi 1-0 Adanaldo

cya next time for another clasico!

Ctyriano Adanaldo 38 Meussi 33 i saw it live today 9-1

  • you went to Madrid? to watch Adanaldo? if so, you are traitor and became Adanaldo fan
  • Live from Madrid on Teevee.

Fourth goal Adanaldo is wayyyyy offside. Game was rigged!

  • Meussi  : pts (not a matter) / 41 goals 18 assists / 10 (Champions League)
  • Adanaldo: pts (not a matter) / 45 goals 16 assists / 10 (Champions League)

Meussi ballon d or? Finis/the end Adanaldo is a disgrace.Costs real 2points(crucial penalty missed)