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Ernie is the codename for PSVita Syscon.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

  • Xzonnpr.png(source ifixit, denoted id 1148KM458)
  • Pmsm2bJ.jpg(denoted red)
  • FVyL18x.jpg
  • AS3Dzti.png
  • BN2JA8g.png
  • 7avGDL7.png
  • EYTpTOI.png
  • Hwzb7TN.png
  • HwCbt3f.png

SCEI 1148KM458: SCEI 1148KM458 mit20x dirty small.png

Talking to Ernie (RL78)[edit | edit source]

Connecting the tool
Tool : E2 Lite, Tool Num : 5ES000599, Interface : 1 wire UART
Emulator's supply power : OFF
Emulator's firmware version:
Connecting to the target device
Query the device information.
Device Name : R5F1ZCRK
Devcie Code : 10 00 06
Firmware Version : V3.03
Code Flash 1 (Address : 0x00000000,  Size : 384 K,  Erase Size : 1 K)
Data Flash 1 (Address : 0x000F1000,  Size : 8 K,  Erase Size : 1 K)

Disconnecting the tool
Operation completed.

Talking to Ernie (78K0R)[edit | edit source]

02 1b 10 ef 04 dc fd fd ff ff 03 44 37 39 46 30 31 30 39 20 20 f8 03 00 00 00 ff ff ff 0f 03
Device: D79F0109
STX: 0x02
LEN: 0x1B
Vendor Code: NEC (0x10)
Macro Extension Code: 0xEF
Macro Function Code: 0x04
Device Extension Codes 1 and 2: 0xDC FD
User Flash Rom Last Adress: ff ff 03 (0x40000)
Device Name (10 bytes) 44 37 39 46 30 31 30 39 20 20 (D79F0109  )
Security Flag: 0xF8
Boot Block Number: 0x03
Start Block: 00 00 
End Block : 00 ff
Reserved: FF FF 
Checksum: 0x0F
ETX: 0x03

How to talk[edit | edit source]

E1/E20/E2 Emulator, E2 Emulator Lite Syscon Notes
TOOL0 TOOL0 Pull up the signals of the TOOL0 pin at 1 kΩ and do not arrange these signal lines in parallel with or

across other high-speed signal lines.

RESET RESET When flash programming by the programming software is to be performed, the RESET# pin should be designed so that the reset signal on the user system does not conflict with the reset signal from the E1/E20/E2/E2 Lite.
GND GND The pins of the connector marked "GND" must be at the same ground level as the VSS pin of the MCU.
VDD VDD Connect the VDD of the connector to the VDD (power supply) of the user system. Use the emulator within the power supply voltage of 1.8 V to 5.5 V and within the operating voltage range of the MCU.

Identifying VDD/EVDD[edit | edit source]

killing evdd kills Tool0 but not I2C, but vdd kills both
2.5V is vdd, 1.8V is evdd0/1
evdd voltage is used for reset for some weird reason

Some RL78 pics (testpoints, layout, blank vs not blank, options)[edit | edit source]






Some 78K0R pics[edit | edit source]

  • FEBXKkk.png
  • JZgJNwF.png

Pinout[edit | edit source]

  • VDD, TOOL0 and RESET known
  • TOOL1, FLMD0 and GND Unknown
  • F9, F5, F6, J3, J10, G10, F10, H1, H4 possible
  • F9, F10, G10, J10, most likely candidates respectively to TOOL0 TOOL1 RESET FLMD0
  • F6 is VDD, F9 TOOL0, G10 RESET

Debugger Points for Glitching[edit | edit source]

J1     EVDD
C10, F6(Optional)  VDD
F11    GND
F9     TOOL0 
G10    FLMD0 (On Old 78K0R pstv/psvita 1000 boards) 
F10    RESET 

Glitch Victim Versions[edit | edit source]

Ernie version: 0x1030505
Ernie version: 0x1030511
Unknown version: 3.30
RL78 Version: 0x0303