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Files[edit | edit source]

  • MPEG-4 Simple Profile Level 6, Maximum 1280 x 720 pixels, AAC
  • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Baseline/Main/High Profile Level 4.0, Maximum 1080p, AAC
it might not be possible to play some files of supported types or 
to use some of the controls on the control panel.

You can save up to 1,000 files.

Of the video that is downloaded from PS Store or PlayStation®Store for PS3™ systems, only SD video content can be played.

Adjusting video settings and the screen mode[edit | edit source]

While the video is playing, select In option button.png (Options) > [Settings]. The settings displayed vary based on the video content.

Settings Notes
Screen Mode Select the screen mode to use when watching the video.

You can switch between Normal display, which fits the image to the size of the screen, and Zoom display, which expands the width by eliminating the side margins or expands the height by eliminating the top and bottom margins. This setting is saved separately for each video.

Audio Language Select the audio language to use when watching the video.

This setting is saved separately for each video.

Audio Options Select the audio output to use when watching the video.

This setting is reset to [Left + Right] the next time you start to watch the video.

Subtitle Language Select the subtitle language to use when watching the video.

This setting is saved separately for each video.

Accessibility* Specify whether to display closed captions while playing a video.

Closed captioning is a type of subtitling that describes all sounds in a currently playing video (such as music, sound effects, and conversation) with symbols and letters. You can adjust advanced settings for how the captions are displayed by selecting the [Display Closed Captions as Specified by Content] checkbox to remove the checkmark.

Skip with L/R buttons Specify whether to skip a chapter while playing a video (backward with L button and forward with the R button).

Continuous Playback || Specify whether to play videos continuously.

Repeat Specify whether to repeat playback.

When [Continuous Playback] is turned on, playback will return to the first content item after all content has been played in order.

My Language Preference Select your preferred (default) [Audio Language] and [Subtitle Language] for watching videos.

These settings apply when you watch a video but have not specified [Audio Language] and [Subtitle Language] for that video.

Deinterlacing Method Select the display method for video recorded in the interlace format.

The default setting is [Type 1]. If you experience flickering that makes the video difficult to watch, it may be reduced by changing the setting to [Type 2]. Set this option according to your preference.

  • This feature is not available for some models sold in specific countries and regions.
You can switch the screen mode while watching a video by double tapping the screen.