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<eussNL_> fishlim ftw <eussNL_> everybody knows only the real one can do this ;) lmao <eussNL_>

Messages Board[edit source]

Dr Euss,

  • should the die mark pic (for now 2, e.g. File:PM8028_HG11-VK495-200_diemrk.jpg) be as category hardware & components or only components? thank
  • should the gigantic table of Components page be splitted by Parent component? thank again

--ADA Love Lace (talk) 15:34, 24 March 2015 (MDT)

PSN Online Store[edit source]

Status :

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59 countries, divided into 4 storefronts * 152 application rows (* 4 targetHW: PSP/PSVita/PS3/PS4):

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