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Multi-connector assumptions[edit source]

During the collecting of pinout data, some concerns has been raised regarding the actual connections and roles of some pins. In no particular order:

  • Pins 1-2 - they're obviously on the same net, that much was already known, but they differentiate from pins 17-18 in that they're connected to different IC. In this case, to a (supposedly) SN99057. But here's the catch - I can't see the label because the component is under RF shield on retail boards, and therefore verify that it does indeed connect there. I have a location of where the trace ends, and the footprint of IC - it's 40-pin QFN.
  • Pins 11-12 connect to SCEI 1148KM458 (as seen on iFixit's tear-down page) or SCEI 1141KM40L (as seen in Components table), or even SCEI 1206KM450 (our very own File:Scei_hadron_pack_shots_01.jpg), but pin 13 is connected to audio DAC WM1803E instead. This raises question as to why audio DAC controls one unused pin, but the audio pins are handled by whole another chip?
  • Pin 10 is either connected to WM1803E, or floating/grounded, can't say for certain. Trace ends right beneath RF shield, and I can see solder pads near DAC, but they look like they're joined with ground plane, judging by colour of the mask. I've left it unchanged until further analysis by a more skilled person.
  • Pins 17-18 - what even are they? The trace is long, changes width halfway through, and ends on a unknown 16-pin QFN chip, which is obscured by RF shield in iFixit's tear-down and seemingly non-present on components database. I'm at loss here.

If anybody can say what they are for certain, feel free to edit the page accordingly.

--Ivdok (talk) 21:34, 20 August 2018 (UTC)

@Ivdok you are invited to the HENkaku discord channel to talk about this:

--CelesteBlue| (|talk) 14:51, 21 August 2018 (UTC)