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[edit] Template documentation

This template adds a non-breaking space followed by a pipe (|) character. It is useful in lists where a line break is only wanted after the pipe. For example, in the string "Item1 | Item2 | Item3" one probably does not want a line break between each pipe and its preceding space. This could be used to fix it: "Item1{{-!}} Item2{{-!}} Item3".

This template's use for piped lists is now deprecated. use {{Flatlist}} or class="hlist" instead; see WP:HLIST.

See also[edit source]

There are several similar templates:

  • Template:Tlg – a "wrap" version of spaced pipe that makes item nowrap and wraps just after the pipe
  • Template:Tlg – Bullet "•" is mostly used for dotted lists that use small font sizes.
  • Template:Tlg – bold middot or (·)
  • Template:Tlg – Ndash "–" is a short dash.
  • Template:Tlg – For the occasional slash "/" in lists.