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DEM3000H - Shipped to developers in 2011, 0.945 is its minfw.

 There are no major changes in terms of specification (functionality) between DEM-3000H
 and the older DEM-3000G. 
 In terms of the hardware, however, the following differences exist:
   - The performance of the GPU has been enhanced (approximately 10% to 20% - also
      dependent on the shader program)
   - The Bus error generated because of a hardware bug has been fixed.
           About the "SYSTEM_ERROR_BUS_ERROR" Error Message

<imgur w="600">UCDbThW.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">R3ESx6P.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">8kozL2e.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">Wd9ZSvx.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">WKNJAYk.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">NpYraXv.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">5KSjE3s.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">omaYaTx.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">oiJNWaa.jpg</imgur>

<imgur w="600">QJTXY4t.jpg</imgur>